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  1. most the students that actually become enlightened continue on "chopping wood, carrying water". so obviously you never hear that xyz amount of xzy practitioners become enlightened. People have became enlightened thru every religion and sects of those religions. People have even became enlightened thru sports (rarely these days, due to huge egos created by being broadcasted on tv, and everything else involved with being a 'modern' athlete that keeps them bound to the world) zen is certainly one of the more effective systems
  2. your ayurvedic 'doctor' is BS. If you want to learn real Ayurveda, read this blog. but be warned, once you start digging into it, you will be very frustrated with the lack of real knowledge available to you start with the earlier articles (otherwise you will be completely lost) this also isn't just about Ayurveda, but 'yoga' and even astrology as well. Most posts are very hard to digest, but if you want the real info, then this is where you need to be looking.
  3. everything is just energy that is sensed with your sense organs then decoded in your brain?
  4. how many times have you used this substance? does it give the same effects everytime you use it? is it something that other people have taken or are you the first? when will you name it?
  5. its definitely attachement, my man. Which is a hinderance along the path, unfortunately. That is why most yogis have long beards, the original intention of growing their beards long was to make themselves look unattractive (coz if you know your unattractive, then its easier to stop thinking about looks)… But nowadays that gurus are becoming a 'thing' people are associating long beards with wisdom (sadhguru doesn't help ). Its starting to have the opposite effect. many are trying to grow long beards to 'fit the image', which is completely against what was intended. Also, it kinda ties into hippy culture as well: I have a long beard, people will know "I've done lots of psychedelics and experienced crazy states they cannot imagine". also, that's why buddhist monks have to shave their head, because hair is a big symbol of someones beauty. so they must shave it all off, so they all look the same, "i'm not a snowflake". And that once in 12 year ceremony in India where the cave yogis come down, they come down completely naked. they have no shame if people see their thumb tac sized willy, they do not give a fuck. (and its got nothing to do with nudist philosophy) saying that, I have both a long beard and long hair (but not a thumbtack sized willy ) but I am nowhere near any impressive spiritual 'level' at all, and I admit I have a very heavy attachement to my looks
  6. @Jordan94 find the Trataka sections in the index of this online book, then find those pages. It contains more info on trataka than anywhere you will find online
  7. thousands upon thousands of people have taken psyches (and that's just people who talk about it on the internet), and none of them have ever reported that. it has to be something else. You should get your diet and sleep in check first and foremost. if its true your a vegan, then you might wanna consider eating meat a few times a week. maybe see a reputable Chinese Traditional Medecine practitioner and acupuncturist in your area
  8. if your getting interested in Ayurveda, then you should see this blog 'true ayurveda' (the WordPress blog, not the website under the same name). the Ayurveda that is being put out there is SEVERELY distorted. so far as 'body type and dosha types' aren't even a real thing. its just some horseshit in a shiny package trying to cater to the westerners desire to have access to the ancient knowledge. spend a few hours on that blog, you will have saved yourself hundreds of hours in the long run from reading (and worse, applying) bullshit knowledge heres a list of his earlier articles, which will give you an idea of the depth of this:
  9. Check out the reddit r/streamentry and r/themindilluminated Culadasa was recently (like over the last week) stood down due to it coming out hes been having sexual relations with many people who are not his wife. I don't know too much about it, but it was a big thing over on those sub reddits during the past week. another guru scandal btw, this shouldn't deter you from his book, the techniques are still solid. but once again, don't forget to "kill the buddha" heres the link to the one in the streamentry sub:
  10. if you can't see a teacher in real life (btw, taichi/chigong is starting to go the way of yoga, in that it is mostly being taught as the superficial physical movements with little knowledge of the deeper esoteric/metaphysical. its not as bad as yoga, but its starting to get that way, simply due to increased interest. you know how us westerners destroy everything) Anyway. there are obviously lots of videos, but i'll recommend this guy, Stephen procter, I believe him to have some degree of enlightenment, and he is a very kind and generous person, he has basically put all his knowledge out there for free. I seriously doubt his name would ever be involved in a 'guru scandal' which is so popular nowadays. He has a step by step video series to begin a particular form of tai chi, I think it would be great for anyone to build their foundation: 108 1.html he also has a 1 year step by step course on the satipatthana sutra (mindfulness in everyday life): all for free again
  11. have you done psychedelics? do you think they really have their own 'spirit' edit: I just read you have done psychedelics in another thread haha. Still interested in the 2nd question
  12. fuck, i can't believe how many woke AF teenagers there are on this site. its like the small step in human evolution or something, imagine in 20 years, theres literally gonna be 12 yearolds already doing self inquiry and achieving samadhi states and shit. good on you guys! the future seems a bit brighter if there is more of you guys to come.
  13. I think the only way to resolve this is if @Leo Gura and @winterknight agree that they will dedicate 1 year of their life to expore the others perspective. by leo doing a year of analysis, and knight doing moderate to large doses of psychedelics periodically for a year. Then after 1 year they can to a talk together for us and tell us what they think then. But that probably won't happen so I think this would just be a never ending back and forth. I think we should all just agree that both are helpful and that ideally both should be done, but either one on their own has its pros (psychedelics: more direct, and faster. Analysis: sober, and more integrated) and cons (psychedelics: more chaotic, less clarity. Analysis: slower, varying skills of practitioners) maybe leo, you should pick 1 or 2 of your videos that you thik knight should watch, and knight can then have a better understanding of your point of view, then he can respond or post 1 or 2 of his videos as contrast (since lots can get misunderstood in a text back and forth)
  14. @winterknight Do you think that one of psychedelics main usefulness is in complete beginners? because myself and my 'spiritual sidekick' (best friend) when we both decided to start meditating, we didn't really benefit from it at all for like 6 months, then one day, we both took some shrooms, and boom its like it all just clicked and now we are so much farther then where we were before. (its like we received out Personalized meditation guidance downloaded directly into our brains. better than listening to all the teachers in the world) Like some people say, psychedelics can give you the first glimpse of the direction you need to go, then you can go there yourself, and maybe take more glimpses when you need them?
  15. lol dude vaping aint gonna do shit to you, your fine bro! I was talking about myself being exposed to industrial grade pollution due to my previous job. even then, last year I did a lung function test and it came back normal (but that doesn't include imaging which would show if there is cancer or glass like particles in the lungs). I wanna get ct scan as well but apparently getting ct scan gives you a 5 percent chance of getting cancer, so I don't really wanna do it. its gotta be a psychological thing (same with me, as my lung function test was normal). I remember reading that if you focus on shit like this then you end up causing your own issues (like the lung issue). I guess it could be called blocked energy. You should see a reputable traditional acupuncturist (i'm looking into one myself) and then maybe also doing qigong as well.