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  1. while i'm all for psychedelics, I also judge these types of people (high level meditators, gurus, teachers, whatevers) by their actions, to glean an idea of whether what they are doing seems to be working. And Culadasa was recently stood down because he was banging hookers and some students who were not his wife... many of his actions were against the most simplest morals that Buddhists (and all spiritual systems really) hold
  2. There is an Australian botanist and entheogen explorer, Julian Palmer. He believes he has found the plant that was refered to as Soma in the Rig Veda. When testing it he found it has high levels of 5meo. Its called Phyllodium Pulchellum. Its only really just picking up interest (since he only recently talked about it). A few guys on the forums about growing entheogens have only just started with the seeds, so its gonna be a while before much real info starts coming out here is the video where he first mentions it, most of it is kina boring (unless your a botanist), but somewhere in there he does talk about his trip reports with it. he is still looking into it, but its obviously a slow process for 1 person so info is slow.
  3. Anyone used The Monroe Insititute programs with their Hemi-Sync technology (binaural beats). There is a lot of good reviews out there (for their online programs and their 5 day intensives) There is even declassified CiA papers about how they used this for remote viewing and PSI in government projects (which apparently are still going on) also a guy called Tom Campbell and his 'my big TOE' (theory of everything). apparently it is the best explanation of simulation theory currently around. (he was involved with the founder of Monroe institute)
  4. this thing is pretty expensive (but you could probably make your own if your handy), but it uses solar evaporation to obtain your purified water, which is the actual process water gets evaporated in nature (not by boiling the water, which is very violent to the molecules, which is why it comes out 'dead' and unnatural) if you want health, be in and/or replicate nature
  5. i'm not willing to try it because I don't have access to a guru who has mastered the sungazing sadhana who can guide me to do it correctly myself. The best anyone can do is read all the info on the internet, then take the gamble (and i'm not a gambler) I mean yeah, looking at the very very morning sun for like 30 seconds would obviously be fine. but thats not really what we are talking about when discussing the full sungazing protocol (sinces its supposed to be worked up to like an hour).
  6. cancer cells are also a part of us, doesn't stop the cancer from spreading to the point of killing the host altogether (if they get out of hand... managed they don't cause any meaningful damage...)
  7. psychedelics are made from earth elements (they grow in the ground), so they are actually much more grounded than you think (yet people still have trouble with them, SOMETIMES). also, everything you consume is just a stepdown of prana (which Is why we need to consume food. we are consuming a grosser form of prana life energy because we can't handle the more finer/subtler forms of it... that's why eating tons of meat is really bad for you coz the animals eat the plants and the prana is then flesh which is the grossest form, then we eat that... that is only the very basics of it.) that's why only very few actually advanced yogis can actually sungaze and do specific pranayamas, and live mostly off of that (combined that they are in meditation 90% of their time which uses less energy). basically, people claiming to have transcended the need for food are just trying to imply "my shit doesn't stink. infact I don't shit at all, i'm so pure and have a pure bumhole,
  8. I used to be really interested in sungazing (never tired it tho), but I concluded that you have to 'purify' your subtle body channels (or whatever its properly called in the yogas) otherwise your system will get fried (the eyes being on the frontlines, go first). obviously its not some quick process, it of course would take years (it most likely would involve some sort of surya namaskara and candle trataka sadhana for several years. that is only a guess btw). that's why you can't do this shit without a proper guru (of which there are none remaining that any of us would have access to). you would have to learn to properly ground yourself into the earth (however that's done. most likely very similar to qigong techniques). remember the sun is a celestial body, and man is a balance of earth and cosmos so you can't just take in pure cosmic energy without being connected to the earth (of which you are made up of) to give an outlet to dissipate the excess energy. (its obviously not as easy as just standing barefoot on the earth, that is suuuch a misunderstood and underemphasized part of sungazing) its wayyy to complex for us to just read of a few people doing it and then trying to do it outselves.
  9. most the students that actually become enlightened continue on "chopping wood, carrying water". so obviously you never hear that xyz amount of xzy practitioners become enlightened. People have became enlightened thru every religion and sects of those religions. People have even became enlightened thru sports (rarely these days, due to huge egos created by being broadcasted on tv, and everything else involved with being a 'modern' athlete that keeps them bound to the world) zen is certainly one of the more effective systems
  10. your ayurvedic 'doctor' is BS. If you want to learn real Ayurveda, read this blog. but be warned, once you start digging into it, you will be very frustrated with the lack of real knowledge available to you start with the earlier articles (otherwise you will be completely lost) this also isn't just about Ayurveda, but 'yoga' and even astrology as well. Most posts are very hard to digest, but if you want the real info, then this is where you need to be looking.
  11. everything is just energy that is sensed with your sense organs then decoded in your brain?
  12. how many times have you used this substance? does it give the same effects everytime you use it? is it something that other people have taken or are you the first? when will you name it?
  13. its definitely attachement, my man. Which is a hinderance along the path, unfortunately. That is why most yogis have long beards, the original intention of growing their beards long was to make themselves look unattractive (coz if you know your unattractive, then its easier to stop thinking about looks)… But nowadays that gurus are becoming a 'thing' people are associating long beards with wisdom (sadhguru doesn't help ). Its starting to have the opposite effect. many are trying to grow long beards to 'fit the image', which is completely against what was intended. Also, it kinda ties into hippy culture as well: I have a long beard, people will know "I've done lots of psychedelics and experienced crazy states they cannot imagine". also, that's why buddhist monks have to shave their head, because hair is a big symbol of someones beauty. so they must shave it all off, so they all look the same, "i'm not a snowflake". And that once in 12 year ceremony in India where the cave yogis come down, they come down completely naked. they have no shame if people see their thumb tac sized willy, they do not give a fuck. (and its got nothing to do with nudist philosophy) saying that, I have both a long beard and long hair (but not a thumbtack sized willy ) but I am nowhere near any impressive spiritual 'level' at all, and I admit I have a very heavy attachement to my looks
  14. @Jordan94 find the Trataka sections in the index of this online book, then find those pages. It contains more info on trataka than anywhere you will find online
  15. thousands upon thousands of people have taken psyches (and that's just people who talk about it on the internet), and none of them have ever reported that. it has to be something else. You should get your diet and sleep in check first and foremost. if its true your a vegan, then you might wanna consider eating meat a few times a week. maybe see a reputable Chinese Traditional Medecine practitioner and acupuncturist in your area