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  1. Love topic starts at 9 mins in
  2. @Leo Gura Haha don t know if this is cult-like or just childish. You can play but only by my rules. Fuckin hell! what a narcissistic comment, Leo I have been watching your videos for the past 5 years, I have learnt a lot from you and you helped me hugely on my spiritual journey and I'm very grateful for that, but over the last year, you are getting harder to watch. You go around these forms attacking people and defending yourself and also you generalise people in your videos, I think this form was very helpful and you have just hijacked it. I have learnt a lot from Winterknight and I have progressed hugely on my spiritual path. I find his teachings very easy to follow and practical.
  3. @ahmad ibdah I don't think he was on 5 MEO DMT in that Video, He was on something else.
  4. Reading this now. Great Book, Only came in contact with David R Hawkins recently through youtube. and it was just the right time. Through my whole spiritual journey for the past 5 years, books and content always come into my life just at the right time. Does this happen to Ye? I will have questions about things or I will be confused about something and every time some teacher or lesson just pops out of nowhere and my questions are answered. Of all the spiritual teachers out there I have never even heard of his name or seen a video or anything about him. he is not even on Leo`s book list and then one day he appears into my life and his teaching is in perfect alignment with what I need. It's really magical. Also what happens a lot is I will be following a spiritual teacher and I will get confused with what they are saying and every week when I watch Leo video that topic or confusion will come up and Leo will explain it and I will get insight and have lots of ah-ha moments. Anyways sorry for rant Great book
  5. @Neorez I wouldn't even put her in Green. If you just spend a little time checking out her content on youtube you can clearly see that she has psychological issues, she spent 13 years in an abusive cult before she escaped. You don't just leave a cult like that and have no issues, There are lots of allegations against her. If you just spend a small bit time doing research on her you can see she is a Fake. she has all the spiritual lingo to impress but she probably learned all of this when she was in her cult. She might not have Cult yet but its heading that way or maybe its already happening. These Types of Fake spiritual teachers are very dangerous because they can confuse people and lead them off the path and can cause a lot of damage. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Teal_Swan
  6. I see a lot of people put in Teal Swan Videos. She is not Turquoise. She should be put into the Cult Thread.
  7. @martins name Yes but only in her Cult
  8. @kieranperez is This Topic your egoic hangup
  9. Sadhguru talked about this on a youtube video i saw a while back. cannot remember title of video I think society has created a Idea of what we should look like, but it is just an idea created by the marketing to sell. Your body naturally starts to carry more weight on the front of your body to protect your organs has you get older. If you see old Pictures of Sadhguru he is thin, but he is now in his 60`s he has more weight. Sadhguru is very active and looks like he eats healthy. Sadhguru looks very healthy to me. For Mooji i dont know him that much, Didn't really watch or listen to much of his stuff. The one or 2 videos i saw a few years back i didn't relate too. I felt he wasn't Genuine and felt he was lying so dont know how concise he is, But i remember thinking when i saw him, why is he Fat and unhealthy looking.
  10. Found this really interesting. Thought i would share. It goods to get a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist view on consciousness and what he thinks happens when we Die from there research Sounds very similar to what a lot of spiritual Masters have talked about for 1000`s of years
  11. Galway Ireland