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  1. These are my top questions, and also a VIDEO REQUEST: -- What is Mind? -- also: -- How does Mind (and awareness) manifest physical reality from human imagination?
  2. Bashar is a very fascinating kind of channeling. Do you guys think that he's some kind of ethereal entity from Darryl's mind or a "true entity"?
  3. I have experienced divine Love and noticed the dreamy texture of reality, but never experienced the Void. I'm going to work on this relentlessly Do you mean that the experience of nothingness holds the answer to the dreamed POVs? What's the answer to this dillemma in your experience?
  4. This guy seems to grasp the dilemma of the POVs inside the dream. We all get it that in ONENESS there's no perspective and there's no separation. I have had direct experience of that, yet I still don't understand how POV works inside the dream, in the world of illusory forms.
  5. @Galyna thanks for the explanation I've had some small awakening experiences, but still I can't solve the POV dilemma discussed by other users here. Everything is a dream, except for Awareness, which is is the actual Reality. So every person is dreamed and painted by the mind, like in an imaginary painting. Yet, INSIDE THE DREAM, are there multiple perspectives/POV? I still don't understand whether the DREAMED perspective of billiesimon is the only one or all the others dreamed people have their dreamed perspectives or not. This is the dilemma. Did you find a solution to it? If you notice, we are all discussing this matter inside a dream where we seem to be separate. This must mean that inside the illusion of the dream there must be countless dreamed perspectives/POV. Or is there just one? Do you get what's the dilemma?
  6. @Galyna Amazing insights! Congratulations ??? What kind of formal practices/techniques did you use to reach this knowing? And how often do you use them?
  7. This video is amazing. A great summary and documentary about the evolution of Advaita Vedanta and nonduality in India
  8. Well, reality is actually continually shaped by your level of awareness and your vibration. Which means that if you consistently observe negative situations, you tend to manifest them again. That's also why your shadows tend to attract similar bad situations. Psychedelics boost your awareness and vibration to the roof, so you can experience for a few hours a more flexible and ethereal reality. But generally speaking, normal awareness creates a slowly changing and very solid reality. But you are actually influencing it all the time.
  9. Amazing footage. But why is it that some stage purple communities cover their sexual organs and others don't? Isn't the protection/guardianship of sexuality something that comes from red and blue?
  10. Isn't it that tribal rules and oppressive traditions become too nonsensical for them? Stage red hates being forced into tradition by others, and aims to become free and self centered. Isn't this one the reasons why red despises purple? The tradition/superstition paralysis? Red strives for "improvement" while purple is obsessed with the past and heritage.
  11. Yes. But this makes absolute sense, since the core value of red is power and domination, and not wealth. Wealth is a core orange value, that's why this stage is the best at exploiting the economy for profits. Red has lost its hystorical meaning since we are way past the classic antiquity, and have several industrial revolutions on our shoulders
  12. I've had this MASSIVE fear for years Leo.... And the last girl I've dated has seen me cry and seen my soft side, and still she liked me the same and hugged me. She was disturbed by my self hate and self doubt at the time, but not by the genuine display of soft emotions. Shadow work has healed a lot of this inside of me, but I still have some shadow left. In your experience, do women prefer the grounded stoic man or the grounded empath/emotional man?
  13. Well, simply amazing
  14. I completely agree, based on my glimpses of awakening. It is a dream, but it is so damn clever and well directed that I competely fall back into Mind and believe in the story of my life again. What I don't understand is... why is there a call to awaken? If god wants to play the game without knowing it is a game, why am I (and you too Leo) attracted to spiritual awakening? In fact, I'm so attracted to it that I find satisfaction in dissolving the illusion of suffering and mind. Why is that?
  15. I'm pretty sure that deep sleep is a mental concept. We experience the day, we experience falling asleep, we experience dreams, we experience waking up. There may be no actual deep sleep.
  16. I never said that I said the reverse. Negative and arrogant women tend to always get abusive relationships. I never said that girls in abusive relationships are all arrogant. I was just talking about the arrogant/bitchy type. Of course nice girls get bad/abusive relationships when they are inexperienced. It's very common. I was just saying that the bitchy type can't get an actualized and positive man. ??
  17. Dating is strictly related to the level of consciousness and the level of shadow work done. At low levels girls are attracted to money, status and power because they are ego driven, which is survival. The more developed a girl, the more she seeks emotional intimacy and authentic sex and vibing ? Girls who act bitchy and arrogant are horrible girlfriends and generally get abusive guys. Survival. A girlfriend I had in the past was still damaged by her abusive exes but she was absolutely in love with me when I met her, because I was both determined and empathetic. She even told me that she's never been so in love, and after our relationship she never dated assholes again. It's just low consciousness and absence of healing. Give love to the girls ???
  18. In the beginning I thought you meant the criminal ignorant type of macho ? The description you gave is actually a very stage green macho. It's an empowered version of the classic stage green man. I actually like it, as the very spiritual guy I am ?? But Awakened men are the absolute best ?️?
  19. Yes, you can't "sell yourself" into a relationship. But if you act unavailable and you are an ungrounded and directionless guy, you will get no women. They are attracted to the masculine polarity of direction and confidence, not the emotional avoidance. Emotional avoidance is not value, just dysfunction. Value = masculine energy/willpower/direction. There are a lot of PUAs who play "direct game" and show absolute authentic interest in the woman, they even ask for instant dates, and they have massive success. There's no evolutionary reason to be attracted to avoidant behaviour, since you can be totally avoidant but weak and non-confident at the same time I was totally emotionally unavailable in high school and no girl wanted me. Because I was not confident and not determined in interacting with them. But that's just my 2 cents.
  20. From what I see girls are attracted to grounded and determined men, not avoidant men, unless these women are dysfunctional. So how would it be possible for a man to get a girlfriend if he had to be constantly unavailable? The best couples are the ones where both are emotionally open.
  21. Very interesting! I need to go deeper Right now I have still not experience absolute infinity, but just timeless/eternal awareness, formless attention, and ego death. With ego death I mean "this body is the same as this floor, sky, objects, sounds etc". I clearly understand that the body is just a dream image. There's also the clear sensation of timelessness and eternity. It's basically realizing that I am an eternal Eye who watches reality forever and ever. I can also distort the images of reality on my will, when I have awakenings. I see houses and cars and streets distort on my decision. They are my first awakenings. I've had only three. * 1st with 4-HO-MET (tryptamine), 13 mg plugged (medium-light) - This one was just a raw and powerful explosion of unconditional Love, where I also saw reality turn into fractals while crying of absolute happiness and love. * 2nd with LSD, 160 ug plugged - This one was deeper and I could SENSE the quest for awakening that consciousness was having through my human life. * 3rd with 4-HO-MET, 16 mg plugged. - This is the most powerful thus far. I've clearly felt that I could be killed at any moment and my awareness of existing would have remained the same, and only the body would have died. I've also deconstructed the Mind as total illusion and a tool to navigate the world of forms. Amazing feeling of being invicible and being this floating formless entity, the Watcher, as Eckhart calls it.
  22. Yes, this is exactly my direct experience with awakening. It's all just a dream texture, where objects exist only when observed. That's because attention on something, manifests that thing. But reality is structured in a way where the mind can operate without freaking out. If there was no consistency, the mind would become insane. But it's just a dream, a videogame world, so to speak. When you play the videogame, the map gets rendered on screen as you move on. Apart from this, consciousness is still a huge mystery with lots of unknown areas.
  23. Absolutely So you can have an actual experience of God different from the sense of being eternal awareness?
  24. What I don't understand is that I keep having awakenings in my trips, but they all point to the same revelation: I am not a human but a formless "attention/awareness". Everything else feels like a dream I am having. But I feel no God. Just "I". And this "I" is as clueless as my human form, but it is perfectly conscious of living a dream and that there's no death, just eternity. Isn't it awakening?