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  1. I'm really interested in Hindu spiritual culture, your argument caught my attention Aren't sadhus generally less wise than hindu monks and rishis? I'm european but I've read that monks and rishis are generally exceptionally educated people, while sadhus are "homeless" gurus, not necessarily intellectuals. A lot of great Hindu teachers were monks and high intellectuals; Vivekananda is one good example of a top notch monk trained in metaphysics, languages and also skeptic thinking. Aren't sadhus generally a lot lower-level than that? I'm asking since you're indian
  2. Lifeforms have an ego, because ego is a limited imaginary structure inside the Absolute which enables survival of the Form. Formless Absolute can experience living in Form with the egoic structure. This can range from a virus/basic cells to a complex human nation with its collective egoic structures. Even viruses have egos, since they try to reproduce and attack other forms to stay "alive".
  3. This person is a troll Just block the thread and the account already. Out of divine love of course.
  4. Amazing birthday to you, Leo We deeply appreciate your work!
  5. That's so accurate. Thanks for pointing it out. This is one of my major concerns when helping other people healing their polarities. And one of my life missions, especially for men. Men are still very incomplete and damaged in their masculine and feminine sides (both). They have been like this for millennia. This is also the cause of female oppression. Since men need to be in touch with their feminine side, but were taught not to... They also oppressed the feminine in women. Nondually speaking, men rejected women in the past, thus also rejecting themselves. This also happens when a woman rejects masculinity in men, thus rejecting herself. Male and female completion/satisfaction is deeply related to the completion of the opposite sex. The healing of humanity is deeply connected to the healing of femininity in men (also their masculinity). It sounds absurd but it's absolutely true. Because a complete man sees no difference between men and women. That's also the absolute truth. Deep down there are no female/male polarities, it's just the Absolute appearing as opposites
  6. I'm not complete, I still have to learn a lot But nonetheless, this content has grown me so much. I'm just thankful.
  7. Yeah, that's accurate. Of course self help communities attract losers/unsecure people. That's the point of self help. If you're complete you don't need it. But at the same time a lot of people here thrive on the long run, including myself and you. I've joined Leo' s teachings years ago while I was full of shadows, and now I'm such a more positive guy who likes good vibes. It's all thanks to this content (the spiritual one). But the newcomers are always going to be hard cases. And that's good because they need to heal and find some helpful resources
  8. Well yes, that's correct in my opinion. But it's also important to underline that the general male audience of this community is spiritual and advanced. If this forum had a female pickup section it would have a lot of female selfish content as well. Dating and sexuality are survival topics. It's always necessary to remember it.... judging from the dating section is ridiculous. Just like judging Teal Swan's work only from her alien-obsessed fans. That's it. I will not continue the discussion, since this section of the forum is actually very low awareness You can tell by the aggressiveness here
  9. I beg to differ Leo actually tends to attract a lot of spiritual/advaneced self help men. This is not a scammy PUA forum/coaching. is generally targeted at advanced self help people. There's no difference based on sex. That's probably your own projection; maybe because you feel you are a woman who's putting a lot of effort into self help (and that's great. I appreciate that.) while men in the forum are not. But the latter part is just a projection. Men in this forum are working hard to change their level of consciousness and help understand society and existence at a very high level. It's not a flame reply Just a more positive perspective.
  10. This is a "sober" contemplation. Based upon several days of daily awareness practices. I've also had small psychedelic awakenings in the last months, which helped me a lot to realize this as sober. Well.... there's no God. There's just "I". I am observing this body, these walls, trees, streets, feelings, emotions etc..... If I get absorbed in observing thoughts and emotions, I tend to become very unconscious and convinced of being a human. The more I detach from thoughts and emotions, by observing them in the full context of sounds, sights etc.... the more I become aware of a "dream". So.... what is happening here is that I am alone, and I don't know myself. But I am pretending to be a human with problems, hopes and dreams.... And tomorrow I WILL FORGET AGAIN. For some weird reason I am FORCING MYSELF to believe in this story, and it's really really hard to remain connected to the Awareness that I am. Psychedelics help a lot to become instantly aware, but at the same time psychedelics are just a plot-related tool that I have dreamed to help me awaken. It's so weird........ and insane. There is no God. I am the one existing here. I am probably the only one creating all of this but right now, in the "sober" state, I AM NOT ABLE to understand how I am dreaming all of this and how deep goes my power. I can't even feel my own power, to be honest. I can just feel that I am a Formless Eye, eternal eye, observing and becoming asleep and believing in thoughts and emotions. I have tried so hard to become fully awake as "sober", but it seems almost impossibe and I don't understand why I can't use my powers to become 100% detached from the story I am in. But... I am aware that I AM the only presence here. My nature is to observe, that's it. I can just observe. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't perform actions... I can just observe. Yet, I still find it ABSURD that I can't decide right now to become absolutely aware of how I'm creating and shaping everything. I am an absolute mystery.
  11. May I ask some questions about it? I've had several experiences with classic psychedelics and even ketamine. And my sense of reality just shifted from dualistic to nondual, but still from the "point of view" of a human. But never tried a deliriant psychedelic like this one. How did you view and feel the scene? Furniture doesn't have eyes nor sense organs. What kind of visual point of view did you have? From the seat of the chair/sofa? Or from above? What kind of perception senses were active? How can you experience this? And how do you shift from humanness to object-consciousness? Even though I've had nondual experiences, I can't understand the perspective of an inanimate object.
  12. Well, if you had experience of oneness, you would understand. But... You don't even need that. You can notice the nature of science even from a human perspective. Science is just a label, a mental description of a collection of activities and texts and lectures. Science is the same as philosophy, human imagination and mental talk. The material products of science are just gadgets and activities resulted from mental speculation. And at the end it is just perception. Even going to the doctor is just perception. Using a computer is just sight and touch.
  13. Amazing work, thanks!
  14. Just DROP the belief that you need to work hard as hell for centuries to become awake. DROP IT. If you set the clear and absolutely PURE BURNING FIRE DESIRE to awake, you will awaken FAST. The ego's will is the BELOVED WILL OF GOD. I AM THE EGO THEREFORE IF THE EGO WANTS TO AWAKEN I WILL GRANT IT QUICKLY. Just drop that useless belief of pain and suffering. Just follow the burning intention to awaken and it will come fast! Be like the orange robes of monks. They have a hot desire for awakening. But they also have resistance to awakening, because of dogma and fear of LOSING MEANING. DESIRE TO DIE AND I SHALL GRANT. YOU WILL NOT DISAPPEAR AS FORM, BUT YOU WILL LIVE AS EVERYTHING ON EARTH. Sorry for the post, much love ??????
  15. Yeah, it definitely happens that way. Nice explanation ✌️
  16. So, this question was bugging me for several weeks until I started to actively contemplate it, also backed up by the past insights of my psychedelic trips. But the contemplation was in a "sober" state. Since I was hoping that Leo could release a video about it some day, I invite @Leo Gura to read and correct me if I'm wrong on the matter WHAT IS MIND? The shocking answer seems to be... MIND IS EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPERMANENT!!!! The true "core" of existence is NOT mind, but the True I, or Consciousness, or Brahman. Brahman, in my experience, is a formless and invisible texture/cloth which can become the stage of every kind of scenario possible to imagination. But that's not the matter of the thread. Consciousness seems to "create" Mind, which is not a duality but a FEATURE INSIDE consciousness, which allows for creation of perceptions and emotions etc.... So.... the body is Mind. Emotions are Mind. Thoughts are Mind (that was quite obvious for science too ) Existence is NOT Mind!!!! Mind is everything which is Form. And it is also the function to shape and modify Forms. But Mind is ultimately just a formless feature of Consciousness, and in the end Mind is NOT real. But Consciousness is absolutely real. Yeah. It's quite the horror from a human perspective
  17. Thanks for the very nuanced reply I had to read it multiple times to really understand the self deception here. I guess that what you're saying is that I have a limiting belief about the hardship of reaching the feeling of oneness "sober". Yes, I notice that there's a belief that it's really hard and it needs a lot of work and frustration. But I also realize that for some people it was very spontaneous and natural. So I'm pretty sure that there's a way to naturally let go and feel it in "everyday life" The method? I guess I should also let go of finding a method, otherwise I would revert back to the belief of needing a "powerful tool", like psychs. Probably the method is just learning to completely let go of Mind and let reality BE without interference/resistance. As Eckhart says, we have to let the present moment totally free to be, for us to become conscious of consciousness itself. At least that's what feels right for me now
  18. It seems really powerful! How long does a smoked trip last? Leo says that plugged ROA is longer lasting. You mention the disappearing of Maya. What happens to physical reality when you smoke it? Does everything disappear or do you still perceive the room, the sounds and the senses of normal reality?
  19. Yes, that's another way to put it. The contemplation was done by Mind unto itself, but to be more exact it was Consciousness exploring its own facets and features through the ego, or avatar. The avatar is created by the mind, and it is just a costume, a playable character for Consciousness to inquiry about itself. Well, the True I is not Mind, it is the One Absolute. When "I" becomes defined by shapes and characteristics, it becomes the False I, the Ego.
  20. I will try 5-meo-dmt in the future, but right now I'm too scared I've used 1P-LSD and 4-HO-MET to access these experiences. The first one is great for long explorations, the second one is more laser focused and short acting. Did you try 5-meo? Is it hardcore?
  21. Well, yes, there's certainly a lot of resistance to the truth in "sober state", but right now I seem to not be able to completely let go in order to access ego death. It's weird because with psychedelics I start to feel a lot of negative emotions and resistance and then I completely let go and reach "death". From there onwards I generally feel the truth and true happiness. But to me it seems like the "sober state" still needs a lot of manual work, inquiry, meditation etc.... in order to fully let go. Even when I am fully relaxed, I still feel some shapes and distinctions between perceptions. So I guess I need to work on it. Or is there another way? Is it possible to fully let go without "working on it"?
  22. Absolutely yes, Mind is the creator of boundaries. Ahahah I love Batman! My favourite hero. Well, I might be wrong, but in the metaphysical meaning I give to Mind, it seems to make sense. I don't mean the "human mind" or the ability for cognition here. I use Mind in a way broader and existential sense. Mind: a quality of Consciousness, not separated from it, which can create boundaries, forms and time-perception. Mind is completely illusory and it is not attached to any particular form or living being. In fact the illusion of life is created by Mind, which is a "skill" of Consciousness. Mind is not separated from Brahman, it is just an inherent quality. Consciousness to me seems to be like an infinite and transparent cloth, and it is Me, it is the True Sense of "I". Consciousness has the ability to morph and create imaginary boundaries and shapes inside it, this ability is Mind. But I guess this can be taken into the wrong meaning, since Mind is associated with the brain. Mind is basically Divine Intelligence. Mind is like a brush INSIDE consciousness, and it can paint any form and any boundary CONSCIOUSNESS wants. Mind has NO will of its own. It is just like the hand of a human. It is the human who uses the hand and the hand has no separation from the human. What I'm trying to say is that everything is Brahman, BUT the specific feature of Brahman which creates the Ego and the sensory reality is Mind (Divine Intelligence). Of course Mind is just pure emptiness and thus the only true reality is Brahman/Consciousness. There is NO duality between Mind and the True I. I have experienced the absolute/Brahman in four different psychedelic experiences, two were of divine love, and two were of the absolute ghostly nature of matter and the dreamy fabric of reality. Absolute hardcore ego backlashes the days after I'm also working on getting these mindblowing experiences from sober states, with self inquiry and meditation and breathing. But the most I've gotten so far is becoming aware that all sense perceptions are one single undivided block of "inputs" without a real ego behind, but still not a true ego death. I'm working on it and I'm gonna get it sober!!!
  23. Amazing responses, @anaj ! From what I've read, some people attain enlightenment by sudden shock, or sudden realization. People like Eckhart Tolle for example, or some monks from the zen tradition. Others, which are the majority, attain it by constant and persistent use of the techniques and everyday presence in the moment. Can you confirm this second statement?