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  1. Open relationships benefit only the woman. It's a manipulative form of relationship. She goes around sucking carrots while you provide her with dinners, stability and as emotional tampon, and masturbate to porn like a loser. And if you DARE to approach a woman you're a cheater while she's and empowered strong wahmen who don't need no man lol. Don't do it. Stay single. Value your freedom and self respect. Meditate and approach people. If you really want a gf, date someone who INSISTS to have monogamy with you. Avoid women who talk about cuckoldry.
  2. That's nice! happy to have exchanged opinions with you
  3. Textbook feminist indoctrination. Using statistics blindly is just... ignorance. Is there a discrimination against males in primary and kindergarten education? The percentage is very low. See? it's the same argument. Free market, free speech, free choices. Free choices. The majority of men don't like teaching to kids. The majority of women don't like politics and dealing with stressing and depressing politics (me neither). Women rarely run for high grade politics, they like to pursue emotional and more warm educational paths. Angela merkel, which has won elections without any discriminations, is HUGE proof of the toxic indoctrination you are victim of. It's not your fault. Universities are huge communist headquarters. I love everybody, and so I love you too stop listening to BS and start living life with passion, and cherish freedom of choices and freedom in general love life, love people, men and women. Cheers
  4. I kindly invite you to re-read what I've written. Also you're evading my question. Which usually indicates not having a valid argument But I'm not judging, I'm open minded for the discussion. Nobody is oppressing women in the west nowadays, since every divorce is stealing off of men, and the culture is all about shaming men on tv. What you seem to NOT understand is that I want a free society where EVERYBODY is free to be themselves. I don't give a F*CK about loser male chauvinists and rotten feminists. I want a society where everybody, male and female, is free, and responsible for themselves, without shaming and manipulating the opposite sex. Do you agree with that? You know that IF you don't agree with that... I have bad news, you're sexist.
  5. Please explain logically to me where exactly is the domination in wanting a world where EVERYBODY is responsible for themselves and men and women are treated as human beings and not sexes. Explain it. I must be very sexist and dominant to want a world where men and women are free to love eachother and to enjoy eachother without one or the other manipulating. Explain your position without shaming, since I'm here respecting everybody and hearing your argument.
  6. By the way I agree and like a lot what Teal Swan says about empowering BOTH sexes. This should be the goal of our societies. Not making EVERYTHING about the POOR WYMENZ (nor men).
  7. @Leo Gura Don't get me wrong, Leo, I love your content and your work, but I don't understand your support of toxic manipulative and dystopian feminism. You should support egalitarianism, not feminism, which is the exact counterpart of male chauvinism. I'm a strong libertarian and egalitarian, and if you JUST look at the damages feminism is doing to men and young sons is disgusting. Manipulating men to get married, and then rob them of all UNEARNED wealth from them. Or sending them to jail over nothing. Also teaching young boys about ONLY feminine values and hating healthy positive masculine ones (not talking about aggression, only about charisma, leadership and independence). Feminism is the embodyment of all the worst of female nature, and is completely corrupting the NATURAL symbiosis between men and women. Men and women should love eachother and complete themselves with they polar opposites, and cooperate. Not in a tradcon way. I'm NOT a traditionalist. I believe in self responsibilities, not in robbing men (or women) or resources and shaming them. I believe in working your ass off for yourself. Women should learn to be responsible and stop fucking men over. Grow the fuck up, women. Men don't want you to be submissive, we just want you to get out in the world and fend off for yourselves without suck our blood. Be free and let men be free. Sorry for the rant, Leo, but I'm sick of this anti egalitarian shaming LOL.
  8. I have had two relationships until now. I'm in the late 20s. My exes were both good girls who cared for me, and were both co-dependent and affectionate. The first gf was very co-dep, as I was. With the 2nd I was less dependent and she too. But still today I have THIS FEAR about girls, even though it's reduced, and more controlled. ...... I like to cuddle and exchange hugs and affection A LOT. My first gf liked it, my second liked it too, but once she said "it's a bit weird for a guy to be this physically affectionate, but I like it. I have this obsession that girls don't like affectionate and cuddly guys. I have this fear of being dumped because of my hugs and affection, and my emotional talking, since I'm very good at empathising and girls notice it quickly. I studied pickup and both exes are a result of knowing how to lead a woman and show sexual intent. But PUA also taught me that soft emotions are toxic to a girl in a relationship, cause you habe to be tough, leader and cold pimp with her. I wanted to hear from the men in this forum what's the truth. Do girls love these gestures or are they disgusting and weak?
  9. I beg to differ, because in my pua experience, even though it was short, I heard a lot of female opinions, and they are often full of bullshit lol. Women are socially conditioned to find beta males as supporting partners, but deep inside they need a confident and charismatic partner. Society tells them that they desire these needy and codependent men, while in fact they find them boring. The female advice you usually hear are just lies that women believe since they are very in tune with group thinking and group consensus (hence society).
  10. Well, I appreciate a lot your perspective The reason why I tend to ask men is because women usually DON'T know what they like, as the classical "i want a nice guy but I chase all the assholes" demonstrates. The problem is that women DON'T like affection out of insecurities and possession. But they like it out of genuine and pure expression, as you said This is why a lot of female advice is WRONG, because women don't understand that nice guys are often affectionate out of fear and possession, and not out of pure bright peace of mind. A lot of men are afraid of showing affection because women turn them down if they are needy. So these men don't understand that in reality affection is GOOD but it HAS to come from a solid and strong place inside. I somehow already undestood this, since I show affection for the sake of affection, and for the sake of sharing my personality. But I had to ask this question because I had this little doubt still stalking me- But in fact both my exes loved my affection and never complained a bit
  11. Yeah, being their psychologist is not good... I know that thanks to pickup. I was talking about revealing my past and my hardships of the past to my gf. I did it with both of them and they seemed to like it. I don't think it's a problem to share hardships and insights about your past. But I never did it as a form of "let's relax on the bed and let's find out the therapy for your psyche". Just as a form of bonding in a relationship.
  12. Thanks, bro. I know shit tests from the PUA community. What's the purpose of this specific one? Should I quit the hugs if she throws the test? can you also explain the second quote?