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  1. @Leo Gura that's true, but I still have a lot of confusion about your stance on dating and approaching. In your video about PUA you suggest to find a more authentic and non-technical approach to dating. So is it ok to learn the process of dating as you suggest in the quote? Or is it inauthentic and deceitful? I still don't get what you suggested to do with approaching girls with honesty in practical terms. Is it ok to flirt? To plan the logistics of the date?
  2. Noooooooo do you realize that I looked it up and pasted it just for you? I spent almost 2 minutes to find it and write the last lyrics what a waste of my gift. No, it was not to mock you, I've always been peaceful in this conversation. It just came up in my mind while reading the word "paranoid", also because english is not my mother tongue and "paranoid" just triggers my memory of this song and also to make the discussion lighter, you're too tense
  3. No, I just gave you a nice seventies song about it. . . Which you ignored probably didn't even listen to I am also somehow decent at playing it. Maybe.
  4. Yeah, didn't you know? Now the liberal center is the epitome of political extremism and potatoes grow in the stratosphere.
  5. Is this some kind of political flirting? I'm flattered by such a persistent woman (I'm joking, don't get mad XD) I like nutella hazelnut chocolate, which is very popular here in Italy Peanut butter is for lame americans
  6. And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state I tell you to enjoy life I wish I could but it's too late Communists were anti-nazism, nazis were anti communism. Both were insane. These are extreme ends of the political spectrum, not the ACTUAL center. Learn the difference between poles and center much love. Changing political compass has nothing to do with the single ideologies. Ideologies are static. People change according to what is their walk of life.
  7. I'm genuinely shocked by this lol.... Nowadays you can't EVEN be a classic liberal. The historical and quintessential definition of a good hearted, tolerant and egalitarian politician. Motherfucking JFK is a fuckin nazi!!! LOOOOL that's sooo ridiculous!! Ahahahah Tomorrow hippies are going to be called the new KKK, according to the left
  8. Ok, I thank you for all your clear explanations. I really don't like SJWs who scream loudly and can't reason with people. So I really really like your calm minded and logical explanations, thanks. I think you missed the point that a lot of feminists are just plainly sexist towards men in speech and articles. Not all of course. But if you've read the literature you have to know that some are sexist as fuck. You can't run a movement for equality with some big rotten apples inside. And then talking to me about classic liberals being nazis LOOOOOL. If someone is a classic liberal in ACTIONS he/she cannot by definition integrate with far right ideologies. What the heck... This is textbook example of naziphobia from the left. Everyone who disagrees with communism is a nazi. Everybody who says that antifa is SLIGHTLY violent is a nazi and a rapist. What the fuck is going on in the world? I like most of your reasoning, don't get me wrong! But you clearly suffer of naziphobia and project german nationalsocialist values onto CLASSIC LIBERALS like JFK or martin luther king WTF!!! How in the heaven's fuck is it possibile for a true classic liberal to become entrenched in nationalsocialism or the italian nationalsocialist party? (fascist party) That's the definition of insanity! Leftism nowadays is just pure insanity and anti-rational. I just want to be honest, no offense for you. But who the fuck cares if some fake classic liberal in the past changed idea about nazism and joined it? That means he was not really a liberal! This is the exact same insane and hysterical argument we all hear from far left crazies who see everybody, including people following martin luther king and Kennedy, as NAZIS!!! that's literally worth of mental institution!!! I want you to really think about that. Hugs and kisses study classic liberalism and then talk
  9. Lol using memes to debate deep topics makes no sense. There are similar memes about the left and about the right, and about libertarians. You can make fun of every single position because no one is perfect. Centrism has many meanings, and does NOT mean being open to every single political move. A centrist is generally a moderate position where you take elements of the center-left and elements of the center-right. Get your facts straight lol. What you described in your nazi example is the common masses who are ignorant of politics. Not centrists. But it's true that centism changes with the evolution of society. Nowadays centrism is basically classical liberalism from the 60s - 70s adapted to our times. In fact I'm a classic liberal, I like left wing elements like public funded medical care, basic senior welfare for everybody etc, but also I like right wing elements like less economic regulations and boosting entrepreneurship. Centrists also tend to be very socially liberal, they appreciate free sexuality and free speech. By the way free speech was a very important victory of the classical left in the past, but now the left is completely rejecting it lol. I suggest to follow some free thinkers from the american and english political center, not to use examples from the '30 in germany. Today they tend to fall in the classic liberal archetype. Also you're displaying the typical intollerant left behaviour. If one has a slight slight different approach to politics from a left winger... he's a nazi LOL. Centrists are just liberal folks who don't like extreme reformation of society and extreme welfare programs. But they still like a lot of the products of the old left. No, the family court is run by feminists. Men just want to see and raise their children. No one on the conservative party would say that a father should stay away from his kids. That's just feminism. Anyway.... I think that the ONLY solution to these problems, womens issues and mens issues together, is to stop arguing and start doing. I don't care what we call these solutions, but we have to stop arguing amongst political parties and start solving these problems for both genders. And I literally mean BOTH genders, not just womens. Women need to have their issues solved, absolutely, and so do men. By the way I remark again that you see no women caring for true male problems, but there you have all the men caring for women in the left. Including me
  10. The ironic part is that I'm one of the most peace and love people you can find, but that doesn't mean that I like seeing one gender being treated like an evil entity. Otherwise it is called being a doormat. Or a slave. Sorry I forgot a point Another thing that worries good men (I'm not talking about assholes) is that while there are A LOT of progressive men who help womens issues to be fixed, there are almost zero women interested in fixing at the same time mens issues. Men are just thrown under the bus by divorce courts and unjust and unfair legal systems, including the atrocious and inhuman treatment of losing your children forever in divorce. It's NOT a small issue. Men love their children and love being fathers. But women just don't care, while we still care a lot about fixing their issues. Just look at how many men are there in the progressive crowds. It's very sad because I just want both sexes to help eachother. Probably women just care for human issues when it's theirs.
  11. I completely agree. Completely. I totally appreciate your effort, but it's not you the problem. The problem is that if you even DARE to chat about mens issues like suicide, not having purpose in life etc the left destroys your life and attacks you like you were the KKK, and at the same time they want tolerance for terrorists and ISIS. I think the left is in need of an insane asylum. How can you trust such a "progressive" movement? And I'm not from the right, I don't like conservatives. I'm very centrist politically. Another thing that worries some men and boys, in my opinion rightfully, is that we hope that once the womens issues are fixed, which I'm ALL IN FAVOUR and supportive, we can also get attention and empathy towards our problems. And at the end to get a pleasant society where everybody is accepted and not screamed at. Where there is no slut shaming and no "kill all men" and "all men are rapists". Why is it so hard to just care for our own life and let the other live their own? As a very calm and peaceful young man I find it very very cowardly to be classified as evil by the left. At the same time I don't like hearing slut shaming, because it's none of people's business what a woman does in her life. What I'm trying to say is that you can't fix some biases towards women by treating men like monsters, we are people with emotions and feelings and fears too. We love and breathe too. But to the left this is just nazi propaganda.
  12. I'm not anti feminist. I'm just against "only one sex perspectives". Womens issues and mens issues are both important, at the same level.
  13. I generally agree with you. Dating evolves in a more honest and warm interaction. Two people discovering each other. I just don't agree completely with point B. If you completely reveal your intentions of "finding love" or "finding a girl to connect with" to a girl... she will freak the fuck out and see you as a clingy and shady person. She wants you to be slow and hard to get to start dating you seriously. I'm NOT the one deciding the rules of the game. It's women. If it was easy to just say "i want to find a really nice connection" every guy would drop the "must hold myself back before love" thing. I mean nice guys, not stereotypical assholes. I just mean nice guys with experience with women. I tried to be honest but girls don't like it IN THE BEGINNING. They like it after they already chased you. Again... I'm not the one deciding the rules. It would be wonderful if I just had to state my honest intentions of finding love. But if a man does it the girl gets scared as fuck. She has to say it first, then as a man you're safe saying it
  14. @Leo Gura I would really appreciate to hear your opinion on this subject. Do you think that approaching girls in a natural and authentic manner is ok for a full stage green? I don't mean classic PUA style, but just approaching to find a nice girl to date.
  15. Ooooook..... You don't even know me and the values that I have, and you have already decided that I unconsciously spread sexism and contribute to the problem lol. That's so offensive in regard to all the emphasis I put in my life to be accepting and non-judgemental of everybody's sexuality but... ok... I'm the problem. I'm the ignorant bigot. My bad. Thanks for the patience of taking part in the discussion. I sincerely appreciate the exchange. Have a nice day.
  16. I never said that. I just made a point about the actual social freedom you have, but you don't want to acknowledge. Who cares if some old man from the 1930s doesn't like your sexuality? I've been shamed a lot by christians years ago, and also for my open sexuality. WHO CARES. I have the law on my side, and you too. Leave them alone. I'm here to hear these uncomfortable truths, if you please tell me. Still you don't get that I'm on your side though
  17. Yes, I expected it. Because nowadays nobody cares about leading a rich and fullfilling life, loving people and accepting everybody. Now the trend is to scream and hate everybody. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, etc... It's all screaming. It's all about "me me me me". "muh problems". It's not about the gift you can give to the world, it's not about the neutral playing field that we can create together, for world peace. It's all about smashing cars and starbucks windows with antifa. Sucks.
  18. I'm not trying to be confrontational but this just proves my point I don't give a fuck what a muslim or a christian or a jew would say. It's my life. Got a problem with that? Go pray your allah. (not you, it's just an example ) If a christian says that I have a right to believe in what I want he's JUST RIGHT. It's not him defending himself, you're just distrusting people. He's just right on the facts. Who cares who says the facts straight? they are the right facts. If a terrorist says that you have a right to live, he IS right. Even though he is a terrorist. Who the fuck cares what other people think, You care too much. If all people had the same mentality like me NOBODY would shame other individuals. There would be no latent sexism, And no... i don't have blindspots. If i see a muslim guy shaming a woman, I SEE sexism. I SEE IT. I DON'T like it. I don't want these people around women. I don't have no fucking blindspots, sister i just want to encourage people to be empathetic and positive and NON-judgemental. If we start to point finger to eachother... it's never going to end!!! Radical fems have to stop pointing fingers at normal positive guys, because these are the guys who just want women to live a happy and fullfilling life, rich of experiences, love, sex, money and success. Society is shaped by mindsets, and by consensus. The consensus we need is to normalize social freedom for everybody: men, women, gays, heteros, lesbians, trans etc. Normalizing means NOT talking about it and encouraging people to be themselves. What you call sweeping under the rug it's actually called rewiring society with positive values. If we all start to act like everynody has the same value, we will ALL get the same value, The old fashioned peace and love <3 nonetheless I'm still the bad misogynist guy who treats women like property P.s. I think that if you knew me in person you would categorize me immediately as a very very liberal person towards women. But here you are misunderstanding me, since it's the internet
  19. @Emerald even though we're arguing I still love you ahah I'm just saying that it's not by shaming peaceful and caring guys like me that you will fix society. You're just shooting your allies in the head and then complaining that you're all alone in your battle.
  20. I'm agnostic. I was christian in my teenage years, and left religion because I hated so much the christian community for sex shaming, Now that I'm pretty green I'm very neutral towards religion.
  21. I want to be honest, I don't like the finger-pointing energy coming from your posts but I get it that you want to fix these issues, I get it and I like it. But... why are you assuming that I'm the bad guy? Why are you assuming that I'm hetero? Why are you assuming that I've had it EASY in life? This is a HUGE blindspot. NOBODY has an easy life. Not even rich people. Life is harsh to everybody, in different ways. I've always been mocked for being skinny, a little bit feminine, too sensitive to be a boy, and all that crap. Yet you assume that I've had it easier than women. Nobody has it easy. This is true equality, it's called life. Life is hard, and life always finds a way to traumatize you. My family treated my badly, so did a lot of my teenage friends. Stereotyping men as bullies and women as victims is just pure ignorance. Let the guilty ones be judged by their ACTIONS, not their sex. I've never treated a girl badly, and so did a lot of my friends. Are there bad men out there? YES! are there bad women out there? YES! Should we stop it? YES! But the solution is not to shame me because you assume that I'm hetero and that I've had it easy. This shit about having it easy triggers me a LOT I want to be honest I've had a lot of issues in my life and in my psyche, it's very disrespectful to treat me like a privileged noble class. Peace
  22. Oh yeah, that's completely true! @Emerald a trigger warning relationship with you (i'm joking) I think that PUA mixed with compassion and peaceful attitude towards the world is very effective and constructive in a relationship. I'm talking about mixing a deep understanding of female psychology with true compassion and heart. And intimate - caring sex. With orange energy I mean the attitude of excitement and polarizing male - female energy, not the robotic rational vibe of classic orange. I agree with you on that. I'm talking about a healthy mix of the two stages. I've had a very very deep and honest connection with my last gf thanks to this mixed stage I'm in right now
  23. I deeply appreciate the response and I feel sorry and empathetic for your past. I have been bullied in the past and have had a lot of issues with people, so I understand your struggles with corrupted people in the past. I want everybody to feel safe. I just get this feeling that you're treating me like one of those "arrogant" guys out there LOL. It's the same feeling that I get when I talk about TRUE equality with some "feminists". They get triggered. And I don't get why! We should all stop talkin about evil this and evil that, and just learn to love everybody, regardless of their gender. Even all this hetero-shaming is insane. Let gays be gays, let heteros be heteros. What the heck is the problem?!? That's why, even though I AM half green, I don't get what these activists are doing. Just let everyone be gay, lesbians, or hetero. Who cares what you are?! Be what you want to be, be free, be happy! And also let me live my life without shaming my sex and my orientation. I'm not attacking you I just want people to be free of judgement, not to turn the pendulum the other way into an all female perspective. Also I don't like an all male perspective. Just let everybody do the fuck they wanna do!! Without harassing people of course. But let's just stop talking about it like it's a problem of MEN. It's not a problem of MEN. It's a problem of SOME people, of some individuals, who are ignorant and arrogant and intolerant. Let the other men be free and happy. So be the women. Peace