What Is Truth?

By Leo Gura - August 19, 2019 | 4 Comments

The definitive guide to truth

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Joel says:

The man of few words said, “truth is.” When asked to elaborate the man remained silent.

KAREN says:

This donkey looked in the mirror and said “Whoa that’s me!” LOL!

Anthony Wheeler says:


I am writing this here hoping you will see it. After watching about a dozen or so of your videos, I noticed you using the word nothing as if it is a thing. Of course nothing means nonexistence. Which is impossible. There is only EVERYTHING / EXISTENCE / NON-DUALITY. If there were a nothing and an EVERYTHING, this would be a duality. Which there is not. I think it would be helpful if you would remove the word “nothing” from future videos, as it is not consistent with the essence of your teaching. The problem is that normal experiencing is through timespace. The purpose of timespace is to have INFINITE TYPES OF EXPERIENCES. When you have the experience of ONESS, a singular experience, there is no timespace / subject and object. This leaves TOTAL PEACE / NO MOVEMENT, SOUND, OR SUBJECT AND OBJECT. Which seems like “nothing”. Paradoxically it is EVERYTHING / AWARENESS / LOVE / EXISTENCE / INFINITY / TOTAL CONTEXT, devoid of content. It is the IDENTIFICATION with CONTEXT, not with a seeming “you / content, that is the experience of “ENLIGHTENMENT”. This is an explanation that has helped me understand it without actually experiencing it. I am not busting your balls, just hoping to help.



Bernard says:

I feel that enlightenment is the deepening of your acceptance of reality and the more you are able to accept reality exactly as it is, the more you are able understand truth.

This was such a good video

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