What Is Truth?

By Leo Gura - August 19, 2019 | 13 Comments

The definitive guide to truth

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Joel says:

The man of few words said, “truth is.” When asked to elaborate the man remained silent.

KAREN says:

This donkey looked in the mirror and said “Whoa that’s me!” LOL!

Anthony Wheeler says:


I am writing this here hoping you will see it. After watching about a dozen or so of your videos, I noticed you using the word nothing as if it is a thing. Of course nothing means nonexistence. Which is impossible. There is only EVERYTHING / EXISTENCE / NON-DUALITY. If there were a nothing and an EVERYTHING, this would be a duality. Which there is not. I think it would be helpful if you would remove the word “nothing” from future videos, as it is not consistent with the essence of your teaching. The problem is that normal experiencing is through timespace. The purpose of timespace is to have INFINITE TYPES OF EXPERIENCES. When you have the experience of ONESS, a singular experience, there is no timespace / subject and object. This leaves TOTAL PEACE / NO MOVEMENT, SOUND, OR SUBJECT AND OBJECT. Which seems like “nothing”. Paradoxically it is EVERYTHING / AWARENESS / LOVE / EXISTENCE / INFINITY / TOTAL CONTEXT, devoid of content. It is the IDENTIFICATION with CONTEXT, not with a seeming “you / content, that is the experience of “ENLIGHTENMENT”. This is an explanation that has helped me understand it without actually experiencing it. I am not busting your balls, just hoping to help.



Bernard says:

I feel that enlightenment is the deepening of your acceptance of reality and the more you are able to accept reality exactly as it is, the more you are able understand truth.

This was such a good video

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Oh don’t be annoyed but the truth is that I met not one but 3 donkeys today. I held out my hand thinking that they might think that I had a goodie for them and come close enough for me to scratch between their ears. I don’t think that they thought about it, that is, whether or not whether or not I had a goodie. I didn’t, They knew the truth of it.

Now Leo just mentioned an itch on my ass! How does he do it? The jist of this comment that what I am attempting to get to is that these 3 asses were very itchy and without thinking about it every few seconds their whole hides shivered and the flies on them flew off. No thought involved. This is the God’s honest truth!

See donkeys/asses don’t have language. No language, no concepts, no thoughts.

I am here now. Now remove the concept of location (here). Now remove the concept of time (now). Now remove the concept of I (ego). And that’s the truth. ISN’T IT LOVELY? ISN’T IT WONDERFUL?

Jim says:

Sorry Leo. I have watched several of your videos and have found them very thought provoking and very informative. This one did not.

Truth, like you stated, can’t be put into words. Then you spent over 2 hours attempting to explain it with words.

One doesn’t need LSD to understand Truth. I have spent many years meditating and have become one with the universe only twice in that process. Not once have I felt the need to explain it to others. It is pointless, well unless you can make money off of others doing it. Words will never do and others believe you are either crazy or just very eccentric.

The only way to Truly know God/Truth/Love is to be God.

Peter says:

Appreciate very much your work and share your direct experiences. Please also remember this teaching from Sri Ramana Maharishi:


Question: Is there a separate being Iswara who is the rewarder of virtue and punisher of sins? Is there a God?

Bhagavan: Yes.
Question: What is he like?

Bhagavan: Iswara has individuality in mind and body, which are perishable, but at the same time he also has the transcendental consciousness and liberation inwardly.

Iswara the personal God, the supreme creator of the universe really does exist. But this is only true from the relative standpoint of those who have not realized the Truth, those people who believe in the reality of individual souls. From the absolute standpoint, the sage cannot accept any other existence than the impersonal Self, one and formless.

Iswara, God, the creator, the personal God, is the last of the unreal forms to go. Only the absolute being is real. Hence, not only the world, not only the ego, but also the personal God are of unreality. We must find the absolute, nothing else.

Conscious Immortality

The purport of the statement, For those who dwell in the firmament of consciousness there is no prarabdha, is that not even an iota of prarabdha will exist for those who kio meditate unceasingly on the subtle space of consciousness that flourishes everywhere unobstructed, and which cannot be encompassed even by the vast physical space.

GVK, v 697

Nevena says:

It Is doing you!OMG I cant stop laughing the way he Said it.

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Max Gron says:

Leo’s a shaman, I can tell by his magical eyes (it looks like evil magic, in other words the black arts), is Leo a witch? Not a bad concept but he might curse you. And furthermore there is no truth, the existence of a thing fools me into thinking it’s real, I’m just my mind in a solid image of myself, the real me is a morphing changing form, not a paradox but I’m not real except the most recent me is. Here’s what you are, a mind that fools you, you’re a mental concept. Everything exists, it’s just plastic you constructed from your mind, it’s consciousness. OK so I was wrong, this is the truth, the truth is nothing is real and there’s no real or absolute or universal truth, and truth is objective but it’s all in your mind. It’s not simple what the truth is, it’s not as simple as Leo makes it seem, it’s what I think, based on thinking accurately. The truth is it doesn’t make my life any better, it just makes me solve people’s problems better. Truth isn’t common or ordinary, there’s nothing simple about it, it’s not even unpretentious, it’s not without duplicity and guile, it’s not simple at all. Truth is a deception, truth is found in fictionalism, meaning your version of the truth as with everyone, is bullshit. Leo’s telling the truth, but I have to invent my own truth, it can’t be Leo’s version of the truth. That’s all there is to say.

Max Gron says:

Yes, Max, most people can’t handle the truth. Truth is subjective, and what I need is to still live, conscious as I am.

Max Gron says:

That was the truth at the time, yeah, it’s still true, there’s no absolute truth, everyone has a story to tell. Reality is the preservation of the life of my mobile, my apps and all. Truth’s also the preservation of life beyond life, if my parents aren’t there to look after me their lives are preserved in their cooking, clothes and possessions and the tobacco they have left which I’ll take and smoke. My mother’s got cancer, I hope she’s there to cook me a curry or stew and give me tobacco for years before she leaves this world. This could’ve happened to me if I chain smoke. So the answer is yes, I’m very I’ll and getting boiling liquid in my stomach, also I find it hard to breathe. My body’s artificial and I have to artificially stay awake, I have to artificially have good health and artificially produce a detox and the drinking of wine. Having no natural bodily functions because I keep getting injected I have to artificially make myself think different to the medicine by taking some wine, and I have to push myself into normalcy, to convert it/demand it from other people and produce a reality that I have to create based on the ideal reality. My whole body’s artificially producing the need for food, drinks and wine, the need to think like I do, the need to be accepted, the need to believe, to breathe, to drink, to drop a religion, I have to produce that artificially. So relax, take it easy, and get agitated, get anxious, there’s no good in life especially from stupid, hard-boned forehead old men who are neurotic and who think you’ve lost the plot, not just doctors but these men who tell you misappropriation of everything you do, who think you’re delusional, and who want to punch you because they bloody well think you’re a threat! That includes psychiatrists. It’s cheap and ignorant how these people and yes they’re human, see you as a threat to society and to their jobs!

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