What Is God?

By Leo Gura - September 19, 2016 | 144 Comments

Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God)

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Gavin says:

So Bioshock Infinite was right! (Kind of)

Pretty incredible description and moving montage at the end!

I’m sure everyone will have many follow up questions…

Mine are:

– What does this mean for achieving enlightenment – is a couple of years still a realistic goal in your mind?

– Been reading some Integral Spirituality recently and curious as to where on the spectrum this experience falls, sounds like the highest of the highest states. Is it possible for someone to exist in this state of rapture day-in day-out or is abiding non-dual awareness a less intense and therefore sustainable experience?

Fair play for experimenting so drastically!


Leo Gura says:

1) Achieving of enlightenment is another thing. My current theory is this substance can hasten the process of enlightenment substantially — like by a factor of 10x or 100x. I will discuss this possibility next week.

2) Not sure where it fits on the spectrum. It feels like there can be nothing deeper, but that’s dangerous to assume. You’re not going to be peaking 24/7 once enlightened. The mind and body acclimate and you’re left with a sort of residual awareness, in the background (from what I understand). There are also many degrees of depth and embodiment of enlightenment.

Jocelyn says:

So Leo,
Newbie-ish person here. Love your site/ content.Insane video and it really got me thinking. But I feel like I’m stuck right now. should I even plow through your other videos working on actualization or wait until next week to learn more about your experience and determine a plan from there? My perspective on the ego now feels like it’s not something I can ever manage since it’s now beyond what you even imagined it to be…. not sure if this makes sense.

Leo Gura says:

Keep doing the basic work. This video is NOT a get-out-of-jail-free card. If you want to embody these advanced things I speak about, you gotta master the basics alongside it, otherwise your life will become a disaster.

As long as you occupy the dream state, you gotta play by its rules and learn to master those rules.

Gavin says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Looking forward to next week’s video! / Midly terrified what I’m going to do with the information.

Riccardo says:

I really like Leo’s video. I find them quite advanced. But lately it seems that a lot of this material is leading people off track.

Gavin, I’ll just throw in some questions for reflection for you and the users.

– Does it sound wise to set a timeline for enlightenment?
– Who is becoming enlightened? When is he becoming enlightened? In the future? Where is the future?
– The drug state is closer to the truth than your dream-state presenent moment? Wait, what else do you know other than the present moment?
– Leo talks about no self etc.etc. Who is the one experiencing the no-self?
– What’s happening RIGHT NOW?

Good luck

Gavin says:

Hey Riccardo,

Appreciate you looking out for us. Unfortunately I am still very much in the dream, so time is a harsh reality for me, as much as I might logically be able
to grasp that it doesn’t exist outside of my own head. I logically know the answers to your questions, but I don’t think that counts for much, as my answers aren’t based on first hand empirical evidence.

So my question of a timeline regarding enlightenment, was more about how many hours / years of self-inquiry it could likely take someone, by and large, before they could expect start to have any sort of profound experience. Admittedly it seems like it could happen out of nowhere – but Leo previously mentioned reckoning it could take somewhere between 2-5 years, without psychedelic-aid, to become enlightened.

My problem is that I’ve limited time to dedicate to meditation and self-inquiry,
so am concerned about the time commitment and what it would mean in terms
of sacrificing other aspects of my life.

Through meditation over the past couple of years, I’ve had some peaceful, pleasant experiences, and more recently since starting self-inquiry – but these are probably only the faintest glimmers of what’s possible. I feel like I need a more intense, clearer experience of what everyone’s talking about to fully get my mind on board, to be truly able to commit to dedicating my time to these pursuits over the standard pursuits in life.

Do you know if self-inquiry can lead to incremental benefits, like meditation can, or is it more of a – “just keep chipping away until some sort of monumental shift occurs”?

Riccardo says:


I encourage you to read my questions again and ponder them. You have not really read them. You say you ‘need’ some sort of experiences. Are you meditating to ‘get something’ or ‘somewhere’. This is unfortunately some approach that Leo promotes too. Seems you’re all after some ‘experiences’? And then what?
Go sit in meditation. And observe that little pain in your knee. Or that itchy feeling in your head. That’s you reality. that’s all there is. Good luck.

Elahe says:

Your experience reminided me of the following:
According to the Chinese philosophical classic Zhuangzi, the great Daoist thinker of that name fell asleep one day and dreamed that he was a butterfly. When he woke up, he did not know whether he really was a man who had dreamed he was a butterfly or whether he was a butterfly now dreaming he was a man.

Do you think everyone else could have similar experience you had? Or it might depend on our level of consciousness?
Thank you

Leo Gura says:

Yeah, Zhuangzi knew what’s up.

On this substance, most healthy people will experience something similar at a high dose if taken properly.

Elahe says:

Your experience also reminded me of the book ” Embraced by the Light” by Betty J. Eadie.
If yyou have read it, how do you compare it with your experience?
Thank you, I can not stop watching your video!

Wendy says:

I am still trying to process all that you divulged about your experience, I was quite literally blown away! I am early into my self actualizing, but I really believe I have what it takes to engineer the life of my dreams. What I took from this video, after digesting it and writing in my journal about what it meant to me, I came to the realization that, to me, it means I am on the right track. I found the “path” that is right for me, and that whether or not I try this psychedelic one day, I will continue to pursue higher consciousness in all its forms.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me, I am so grateful to have discovered your incredible talent and insight.

Leo Gura says:

Seeing the true nature of yourself and reality may make you re-assess many of your life goals, as they shown to be pitiful compared to the Absolute.

If you ever experience the Absolute, you will probably want to devote your life to serving the Absolute.

Jake says:

“If you ever experience the Absolute, you will probably want to devote your life to serving the Absolute.”

How does one serve the ‘Absolute’ (aka infinity/God/absolute infinity) ?

Jake S says:

“If you ever experience the Absolute, you will probably want to devote your life to serving the Absolute.”

How does one serve the ‘Absolute’ (aka infinity/God/absolute infinity) ?

Leo Gura says:

The same ways enlightened humans have been doing it for over 5000 years.

Jake says:

“The same ways enlightened humans have been doing it for over 5000 years.”

So that is: helping other people becoming enlightened? Like Jesus did?

What then, when all people become enlightened, what do you do then?

Mindblown says:

Awesome video. It definitely could sound like Leo may have gone off the deep end. However…the passion and authenticity in his words makes me trust him. Definitely looking forward to next weeks video!

Unknown says:

You saved my life Leo, thank you.

Ray says:

Hoe Lee Shit. Thank you for sharing.
You explained it very well, but yeah, I get it can’t be explained with words.

Perhaps it’s part of this reality that we’re able understand this truth conceptually. Scientists ponder quantum mechanics after all. But then, you’re saying quantum mechanics juat happens to be part of this reality… Shit yeah.

Fuck. Thanks.


Ray says:

Just as a follow up question to my previous post.

Is this why, the closer you look at into quantum mechanics, into reality it falls apart… Is this the same in every reality like a constant truth, or can quantum mechanics easily and simply not be a thing in an alt reality?


Leo Gura says:

Quantum mechanics is a set of models. Incomplete ones at that. Who knows if quantum mechanics will still even be taught 50 years from now. Scientific models are pragmatic and always open to change.

Whether quantum mechanics supports my experience or not isn’t important, because quantum mechanics is dealing with a different domain of phenomena. What’s important here is that you have the experience yourself. There cannot be any substitute or model of Absolute Infinity! Think about it.

WingWizard says:

I guess the solution to all our problems turns out that eventually mankind should build an artificial intelligence where all humans could hook up their brains and experience their own desired subjective reality from the moment they are born to the moment they die. No more nonsense to be taken form current reality. Yeah, that should do it.

Lynn says:

Hey dream ego, Leo…

Thanks for sharing your memory.
Questions… When you released your dream shell, did you hear, smell or taste anything?
Did you feel any pain (what our dream selves consider as pain)?
Did you do this with anyone else, and if so, were you conscious of their “god?” Did you video the experience? If you did video the experience, will you share it with us?
I’m sure I have more questions, but maybe you can just answer these…


Cheryl says:

What implications does this revelation have for all of us in our everyday lives? We and our limited egos still get every morning, go to work, take care of the kids, deal with stress, etc., etc. As long as we are living on earth we seem to be stuck in this limited state.

Wingwizard says:

FINALLY! Finally, finally. Finally I see one question other than mine that has ultimate pragmatic approach to this whole illusion of ego concept.

Hunter Arrington says:

Know there is something else, and disregard all the bullshit.

Leo Gura says:

The implications are VAST.

Experience Absolute Infinity first, then you’ll start to appreciate the implications. You are in no position to do that now because you cannot think yourself out of yourself. You have to die first. Then things clear up.

The shock of seeing God will turn your whole worldview upside down.

WingWizard says:

So Leo, should everyone take this substance to have the quickest glimpse of ego death?

Leo Gura says:

It comes with risk.

Many people may not be ready to go this deep. It may freak you out.

Jocelyn says:

I’ve been listening to your videos and find them really well done and you know your stuff for sure.
Is there a particular syllabus so to speak on the order of watching your videos for maximum usefulness? I see you have the online paid course geared towards realizing dreams as it applies to careers but do you have any courses or an outline for just maximizing life in general?
Thanks for this site, a true gem.

Leo Gura says:

Nope, just follow your own path. Everyone has different needs as far as what they need to learn on this path.

Elton says:

What do the zen masters or masterful meditators have to say about this experience and the substance?

Won’t taking this substance and getting this God like experience be like you give 100 million dollars to someone and because he got it for free he doesn’t value it?

Does enlightenment mean a permanent state of what you have described?

Leo Gura says:

Try it and see for yourself if you value it.


Cindy says:

Leo, I’m so glad you awakened and discussed all the questions that come along with that. I’d like you to know, that this happened to me the very first time I meditated back in January, listening to your guided meditation in enlightenment part 3. The talk about the no self led me to commit egoic suicide. But I was sober. I didn’t take any substances. So it is entirely possible for this to happen to someone if they are ready, without decades of meditation study first haha. But I am an artist and have spent 13 years or so searching and exploring deep self inquiry.
I’ve had so many silly ego questions since then and no one to talk to, and haven’t gotten back to explore our God truth and what that means for this life further. In the ” moments” I was awake (it was only a minute or so in time, at the same time realizing with the utmost relief that time does not exist, I was afraid my body might die because it was so intense,)I asked myself why I created everything, and then the answer came that I was lonely, because it’s only me. This was crazy and incredible and terrifying. It makes more sense why it comes for me when I’m falling asleep now, though I haven’t had an awakening while I’ve slept yet, though I’ve had some super intense lucid dreaming about being on the other side, knowing the other characters were all my true self giving me a message. I was about to be told about my next mission or life when my boyfriend woke me up lol.
I have a question about souls – are there souls? It seems like there may be, but that they are much more open and transparent that people with bodies, able to communicate telepathically for example, and then at the essence each is still the oneness just like we are now. I have a friend who dreamt we are all gods, infinite beings, and when you remember you die and wake up. I have found the end of boredom!

Leo Gura says:

I would bet you have much deeper to go. Although good job getting whatever you got so far. Some people are naturals at this, and some people are just lucky.

Brandon says:

DMT? You are describing the effects of DMT. It’s DMT right? Who gave Leo DMT??

Oliver Larsen says:

I have been doing research this week and I am pretty sure I know what it is, if its not i have possibly discovered another gem but I wont say yet. Don’t want to ruin Leo’s announcement for next week. Im super excited for next weeks episode!

Oliver Larsen says:

Beautiful music too Leo, what is it?

Kimberly says:

Please tell me what the music was at the end of this video!!!! Also, thank you, thank you!!! I can’t wait for next week!!!

Mindblown says:

Leo, has this experience eradicated fear of death for you? If so, I’m really excited about this possibility.

Neo says:

Leo – do you ever fear that relying on chemicals is taking you away from the real path which is going to free you forever?
I mean – no effort – no gain right?

Also, I now understand why you haven’t got the forum fixed yet – my cheeky smart arse bit

Leo Gura says:

You’re assuming taking psychedelics doesn’t involve effort. That’s because you haven’t really taken any serious doses.

It’s A LOT of effort. You’ll be pissing your pants in fear just weighing this substance on a scale. Not the mention the effort that goes into acquiring it.

There’s nothing easy here. This substance throws you straight into all your inner demons and ego delusions. It tests you to the max. And it scares you to death.

Seth says:

I must say, you do a great job of conveying that in your video. I was quite frightened listening to you describe your experiences. I remember the first time I had even a slight conception of infinity. It really is terrifying. All said, I’m excited for the substance reveal next week. Studying psychedelics was an unofficial hobby of mine a few years back. I’m wondering what it is you took!

Genefer says:

Hey Leo,

Been watching for maybe a year now. It’s been awesome seeing you grow. Your confidence and overall presence behind the camera has surely evolved, and you’ve definitely improved my life!

In your next video I think you should emphasize your comment that as long as you are still living in this dream-state, you still need to play the game. Otherwise, people will end up like me and walking around their jobs asking “what is the point of any of this”.

A lot of people interpret things very differently, so just keep your audience in mind. For those who are not as strong minded, this can easily be interpreted as “life is meaningless, I should no longer be living”.

What I’m subtly trying to say is- try to avoid starting a mass suicide. You’ve gained some followers and all of our ears are open. Don’t take it lightly!

Kimberly says:

Please tell me what the music is at the end of the video!!!! Thank you, thank you Leo!! I can’t wait for next week! I’ve been on the journey right along with you.
Much love and light!!!

Leo Gura says:

It’s not popular music. It has no name. You cannot download it on iTunes.

Jim says:

It may not have a name or be found on youtube, but you did find it. And you have it. So you can share it with us or let us know how we can get the song. Don’t let your ego prevent you from sharing the song the ego is a fiction. Your life is a fiction. So share the song

Bo says:

Leo, I am very new to meditation but I can’t stop listening your video everyday. After this most recent God episode, I was completed transformed but with lots of question. Do you think all death will bring ultimate Enlightment for everyone? I mean will everyone going to that stage at the time of death? Or just enlightened one like Buddha? You would no longer fear of death? Now you are back to “sleep/dream” stage, how that affect your daily functions, productivity, responsibilities, or ambitions? I heard one of your earlier episode about bold change you were consider to became a monk, etc. I really hope not all enlightened people want to ultimate become monks. I don’t know what to think. I already feel I am living in the dream between daily life and your video talk at back of my mind…thank you.

Hasan says:

Hi Leo,

My hypothesis is that your strong experience and shocking insight have something to do with your intense meditation exercise you’ve been doing over the last three years. If we give this substance to a person with very low awareness, I think he will not have the same experience.

My question is what how long meditation practice (and possibly other requirements) do you suggest a person to have before taking this substance?


Leo Gura says:

No doubt I was well-primed, unlike most.

But the beauty of this substance is that it doesn’t give a fuck about you. It’s so powerful it will melt anyone’s mind, no matter who you are or what you’ve done.

The only question is, will you surrender to it? Or will you try to resist it? If you try to resist it, it will get very ugly very fast, and you’ll miss out on the deepest revelations.

Elahe says:

Do you think it might be possible that you were physically died for short period of time and came back to life. Do you know if you lost any signs of life during your experience?
Thank you

Leo Gura says:

No, physically I was fully alive and never lost consciousness. I was totally lucid throughout the experience.

Teags says:

That was beautiful.

Wim says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Leo for sharing. Although it is difficult to explain this topic as you have to experience it, every word resonated with me. I’m really looking forward to the next episode and hopefully one time I will have the same experience as you had

Oliver Larsen says:

Leo, do you consider the ego to include this entire reality that we are familiar with? Rather than just the body and the mind etc etc. Do you think that the ego includes all of this reality and that is why you get stuck back in this reality once your ego returns from the experience?

Leo Gura says:

At some point it’s helpful to make a distinction between the ego and the self. The self is more inclusive than the ego, and basically describes the entirely of your life as a human being. And this self is a construction. Even after enlightenment the self will still remain as long as you’re alive, even though the ego might be permanently seen through.

Oliver Larsen says:

When you say “The self is more inclusive than the ego, and basically describes the entirely of your life as a human being”. Do you mean that the self includes all of absolute reality, all consciousness (‘God’ as you mention) and that the ego includes the illusory localization of consciousness in a human experience and everything that the human experience is aware of?

Leo Gura says:

No, this self is your particular human life.

The Hindu’s make a distinction between Atman/Brahman.

Atman is the self.

Brahman is the Self (Aka God).

And the Atman has an ego. Which actually doesn’t exist!

It’s complicated, and simple, at the same time.

Oliver Larsen says:

Awesome Leo thank you! All that you are saying is compatible with my psychedelic experiences. Interesting how I remember being puzzled at what was at the edge of the universe from a very young age. 6 or 7 years old. Nobody could provide me with a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

Jes says:

Omg Leo! That moment when you realise you created it all, when u see how everything connects from the very begining and you’ve intuituvly known all along. Fucking. Mind. Blowing.

Genefer says:

Hey Leo,

Been watching for maybe a year now. It’s been awesome seeing you grow. Your confidence and overall presence behind the camera has surely evolved, and you’ve definitely improved my life!

In your next video I think you should emphasize your comment that as long as you are still living in this dream-state, you still need to play the game. Otherwise, people will end up like me and walking around their jobs asking “what is the point of any of this”.

A lot of people interpret things very differently, so just keep your audience in mind. For those who are not as strong minded, this can easily be interpreted as “life is meaningless, I should no longer be living”.

What I’m subtly trying to say is- try to avoid starting a mass suicide. You’ve gained some followers and all of our ears are open. Don’t take it lightly!

Leo Gura says:

You can’t do spiritual work and avoid existential crises. That’s the crux of spiritual work! You can’t keep hiding from the fact that life is meaningless. You have to sit down and face that, to work through that. And I cannot do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

Personally, I did that when I was in my teens. Which gave me a HUGE leg up on everyone else who never did it.

Joe E says:

No Leo forget that your coming back. Thinking you can become God is the oldest trick in the book…literally. Transcendental meditation is a lie Leo its not Truth! Put your faith in Jesus and receive the spirit of truth i promise you that you will not be let down! There is a God and he holds the entire universe in his hand. I love you man. Receive the Truth in Jesus name

Genefer says:

What if someone figured this out hundreds of years ago, but just didn’t know how to describe it yet. Instead, they did the best they could, and turned it into a story so that others could comprehend their experience. What if they called this story the Bible?

Same experience, different interpretations.

ersatz says:

But the Bible is nothing like this. It’s not some vague, mystical book about how to become enlightened.

The New Testament is a collection of eyewitness accounts and letters from people who said, “This man Jesus of Nazerath claimed to be God, and I confirm that I witnessed him performing miracles, and after he was tried and killed by Pilate and the Roman authorities I confirm that I saw him alive again, and I am prepared to die as a witness to this testimony” (and nearly all of them WERE killed for professing what they saw).

If all the writers of the New Testament were trying to do was say, “Hey, there was this great guy named Jesus and here’s what he taught us about becoming enlightened,” then they did a terrible job at it, because

1. Lots of people were teaching the secrets to enlightenment, and had many followers. The followers weren’t put to death for teaching, “Here is the secret of enlightenment, we have it and no other group does.”
2. Rather, Jesus taught that he was God, and that’s what his followers were teaching – and that’s why they were put to death, not for teaching some vague idea or values system, but for teaching, “You don’t understand, I saw him alive again after he was put to death. He claimed he was God, and now he’s proved it, and if you worship any of the state gods or Caesar instead, you are worshiping false gods.”
3. There’s absolutely nothing in the Bible that is a step-by-step guide to “enlightenment”. Rather, it says, “You want enlightenment? Worship God and obey His commandments.” We can’t become enlightened by our own works, only through the grace of God.

I mean, Leo is actually recommending here that you take hallucinogenic drugs and that’s how you become enlightened. That’s about as far from Christianity as you can get, which teaches that God gave you a rational mind, so don’t screw it up by taking drugs or getting off your head drunk – as they say, faith and reason are the two “wings” by which we ascend to God.

Joe E says:

I wouldn’t lie to you Leo even though i haven’t watched your site in a month or two, and even though i was laying down trying to go to sleep the Spirit told me to get up and look at your site and this is the video i find. Coincidentally in the past few days my relationship with Him has grown like crazy due to giving up my ego, pride and arrogance to Him. Giving up my life, my will, my health, my heart, my emotions and desires…giving it all up and putting my faith entirely in Him. Its truly amazing. You will receive the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead and the spiritual powers that come with it…prophecy, casting out evil spirits…ect checkmate my friend welcome home

Joe E says:


stephanie says:

Joe E – Watch this video again, so you understand.

OpenYourMind says:

The couple comments above showcase dogmatic brainwashing at its finest. Joe E, I think you need to question things more. Be more open. Just because you were raised to believe something and many people believe the same thing does not make it true. Anyone else agree with me?

Marcus says:

This is somewhat off topic but i noticed that you mention sexual hypnosis in one of your sex guide videos and Im really keen on becoming sexually awesome so to speak. I was wandering if you could do a video explaining this stuff more deeply. Plus I think it’s an interesting topic to begin with. I thought you might be interested as well. Thank you!

Leo Gura says:

I would like to, but that’s a low-priority topic.

philemon says:


Mark says:

I was just curious if you could do a video explaining sexual hypnosis because i heard you mention it in a previous video and really got me keen on the whole idea. Thank you!

Sean Webb says:

Hey man, if you want to know what was happening in the physical brain, let me know. There’s an endogenously catalyzed experience which… yeah, I know it’s impossible to comprehend… but is inclusive of a smidge more. What you experienced was the quantum field beyond space and time in a single point of consciousness with infinite potential out of the nothingness that creates the entire Newtonian illusion. You’ll be able to access it willingly with practice. Please PLEASE be careful you don’t lose grip on your mind in the next couple months. PLEASE! I almost did. You’ll want to contemplate and understand as much as possible, but the mind can’t grasp all of it… be gentle with yourself… although that said… DO definitely challenge yourself to sift through it and understand as much as possible. You can grasp more than you think you can. 15 years and counting. Book forthcoming. Peace, bro.

Scott Edwards says:

Hi Leo,

Great video. I have taken lots of drugs but not this one.

I’m still not enlightened yet. Turns out when you feel
the Self for the first time it’s only temporary, there’s
still a considerable amount of ego left. I think I’ve
got 2-3 months left.

Can’t say I noticed an infinity as pround as what you mentioned. Although I did have a very strong samadhi
experience looking around my room and out the window. What I noticed
the most was a wonderfuly profund peace (nothing normally experienced).
I expect I will be aware of the infinity when mind has totally gone.
Thanks for all this great content,
Looking forward to your stages of enlightenment videos,

Scott Edwards says:


Lucas says:

Hey Leo! Music is a huge part of my life. Are there any songs or artists that you recommend?

I really liked this video. I’m 17 and recently started the path of self actualization so it was a bit more advanced and hard for me to grasp at first. But, after wrestling with it for a little while, I was able to take it from abstract idea to reality which completely blew my mind and deeply motivates me to continue working towards enlightenment. I also really liked the end with visuals and music. I found it very creative, which inspires my question!

Thank you Leo, for everything

Connor says:


If your experience was of absolute infinity, and was not bound to time, etc., then how did you come out of it? Wouldn’t you just be there forever and never return to this life? Love your videos.


Nunzia says:

In AWE,, thank you!

Brett Miller says:


The worst thing about it all, is that right when you started talking about your cleanly cleaved skull/brain falling out, I looked down and re-noticed I was wearing an Eraserhead shirt. Watch that film noir if you haven’t lately. You might integrate a few more insights…who knows?

Great stuff. You’ve never made a boring or non-educational video. I’ve gained to some degree from all your shared perspectives. Bravo!


Thomas says:

How do I know if I had an enlightenment experience?

I had a similar, but less intense experience 2 years, after running in the forest at night. I live in a beautiful area with no people around.
I was extremely fatigued after sprinting, alone in the forest.
The only source of light was moon and the sky full of stars, there was so many of them, so clear and sharp.
I remember the sensation of falling. Feeling smaller and smaller, overwhelmed by planet, sky, galaxy – Everything.
Anxiety, fear and some weird feeling. I began crying and the emotions that were going through me are actually the most interesting part as it was a mix of that fear and happiness.
The most genuine kind of happiness I’ve ever experienced. It should have a different, distinct name for it.
The whole thing took maybe 10 min until I got back home.
I have never experienced anything similar before and after that event. Not even with meditation.

Jane says:

Leo, you are not a person who would ever acknowledge that there is a being in the universe who could possibly be more intelligent than you so God for you is not a possibility.

Thanks for influencing vulnerable people looking for direction to take psychoactive drugs – that’s real wisdom dude.

Brett Miller says:

Remember that our delusion/defiled state means that using judgement is likely an unskilled plan, since we will then unconsciously apply those rules to limit our possibility and freedom. Plus it is a waste of your time.

Now if you look in history, from the hunter-gatherer days 50,000 years ago to obviously today, the path of shamanism has been used by many to gain insights that they claim lead to either awakening, or life changing insights.

Now that being said, using stuff like that for insight isn’t the path for me, I learned that when I was younger…the hard way. Yet please, lets not stifle the greatest thing Leo seems to be offering — Full Disclosure. Honesty…whether you agree with him or me or not.

Patricia says:

Dear Leo, “No one has seen His face and lived” (Exodus 33:20) the death of your ego and seeing/experiencing the truth sums up this quote from the Bible. You have awakened and the old life has died. My deepest love is sent to you and may you continue to serve the Absolute Infinity/God.

Unfolder says:

That, my friend, was extremely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. I know this stuff is ineffable, but I was filled with joy because I’ve had the same experience 13 years ago. After this there’s no turning back. It’s the only thing that’s real. God is all there is. Oh, sweet cosmic joke! Thanks Leo, this is the most important message possible.

Aham brahmasmi

Brett Miller says:

Another interesting thing is that it is quite obvious that post direct-consciousness, he seemed to cognize his encounter with Infinity according to his pre-established Hindu Advaita Vedanta views. And most everyone who has such encounters almost without exception do so according to their own personal paradigms. I can easily admit the very similar phenomenon for me in the past…making for lots of honest and skeptical integration work of subsequent insights. Here I mean skeptical as in what is and what isn’t the path, and how insidious ego can fool you in that regard. It has torn me a new one plenty.

I’m not saying anything negative at all here. I can try self-inquiry right now, in the tradition of Maharshi, or any of my own or others’ variations. Sitting here in ordinary consciousness, its hard to crack open, but I can tip the lid in a few minutes with one sequence that does ok with my mind but it snaps through before breakthrough. When I do, I catch a peak of all of that, and yes, I have had the dreams my whole life…from a toddler onward. Meditation is the way for my mind, but it doesn’t take decades. In the reality Leo has created for himself (or for some poor gullable fool who reads) “Meditation takes decades to achieve results”. Ok. But in my universe, that just not true. I seem to also see lots of others getting great results from meditation, including actual verified levels of realization.

This would be a cool deal if 90% or more of the watchers were as willing to be honest and share and put it on the line as Leo appears to be willing to do in his own pursuits, although manic pursuit of realization can be hazardous to self and nearby onlookers.

James Bunrs says:

Leo, I’m really interested in what I can do to develop a photographic/eidetic memory as a life skill. Can it be developed, and if so what can I do to get it? I have the same drive that you do: to understand the world. I think that it would become a lot easier and I would get a lot more done with that skill. If you have any suggestions or opinions, then I would love to hear them.

Ashray says:

What are you saying Leo? I mean Absolute Infinity is everything possible but it is also nothing? But if everything possible is absolute infinity then nothing is in absolute infinity. We are experiencing nothing but also Absolutely everything?… I think it kinda goes that way. So in a way we are understanding ourself and through that absolutely everything. I mean All there is, is experiencing itself? Right? But how can we Experience ourself if there is only absolute infinity and nothing else? I mean we experience things that are separate from us right?

I don’t understand this. What the hell is this?

Robert says:


Leo, could it be that when one dies has such an experience?

Once I had a rather harsh comment to one of your videos but since then all you posted was amazing. This one now is so profound it almost gave me creeps.

Marius says:

Hi Leo, yet another amazing video and of course shocking experiences. But the more meditation and self inquiry I do, there is something inside me that tells me that your experiences are pointing in the right direction. But man, taking these substances is a big hurdle. I think for many of your followers. Hopefully without it I will still be able to follow and understand you in the future.

Most of the time I listen your video’s in the care using Apple Podcast on my phone. For this video I had to “watch’ again to be able to see what your gallery was about. Nice pictures. But I also enjoyed the music behind it and tried to track down the artist behind it. The usual Shazam did not find it and I could not find the track to be Einoudi although this is the kinda style of his music. Who is the artist and what is the title?

Amar says:

Hey Leo,

Just wanted to let you know I feel you, I had a similar experience on Ayahuasca.

Amazing Video, had me in tears !

stephanie says:

It sounds very beautiful what your are describing and I would like to “believe” that this is reality. I’ve been watching your videos and doing self development work for over a year now and I know how frustrating it can be not knowing the secret to life. I’m hoping you will remain open minded to other possibilities, regardless to your experience with this drug.

Linda Klapak says:

Thrilling message! Your description of the indescribable is beautiful, heartfelt, courageous and touched the core. May you and all continue to drown in love. Thank you!

UMJ says:



it is said in a technique called “samatha” meditation that there are eight levels where you can develop your mind. and in this list the fifth is the feeling that you gain by thinking that the space is infinite.

Samir Karki says:

I would like to apologize beforehand for my extreme skepticism here but I need to say that what you experienced seems to be nothing more than funny epiphanies and hallucinations and all you’re doing is a misinterpretation or a false interpretation of the experience with the drug-induced upon your psyche.
Now the question is how can the mysteries of the entire Cosmos or the universe, entire mystery the of physical and spiritual reality of the world be revealed via a simple substance?How can the mysteries of the cosmos be compressed into this one little chemical substance?And the other question is if that was the case , if the Divine substance contained the world secret of the world then why did no one ever talked about it ?I have never heard in my entire life a person who learned about the entire truth of spiritual Reality by simply taking a substance up untill now.So either it must be the case that you are the first person in the world who has ever used this substance or you should be the first person in the world to have created this substance.
Elsewise how was it never reported ever in the history of humanity? . I am quite confident when I say that many other people before you have also used this substance and I’m quite sure that they too had a similar experiences as you have but the difference in them is that they did not interpret the experience in the way that you did. You are just trying to make a big thing out of your experience so the description of the experience is not rooted on objectivity but on subjective and if it was objective then it would have been reported somewhere in the history of humanity and when I say it should have been reported I am referring to reasonable rational people .
I am talking about scientists. There is not a single scientist or a chemist who claimed about a Divine substance which could grant the secret of the universe. Therefore I believe that you are being delusional and you should not be very very happy because your happiness is based on a delusional experience and a misinterpretation of a drug induced experience.

– a highly opinionated 19 year old

Samir Karki says:

I would like to apologize beforehand for my extreme skepticism here but I need to say that what you experienced seems to be nothing more than funny epiphanies and hallucinations and all you’re doing is a misinterpretation or a false interpretation of the experience with the drug-induced upon your psyche.
Now the question is how can the mysteries of the entire Cosmos or the universe, entire mystery and the physical and spiritual reality of the world be revealed via a simple substance?How can the mysteries of the cosmos be compressed into this one little chemical substance?And the other question is if that was the case , if the Divine substance contained the secret of the world then why did no one ever talked about it ?I have never heard in my entire life a person who learned about the entire truth of spiritual Reality by simply taking a substance up untill now.So either it must be the case that you are the first person in the world who has ever used this substance or you should be the first person in the world to have created this substance.
Elsewise how was it never reported ever in the history of humanity? . I am quite confident when I say that many other people before you have also used this substance and I’m quite sure that they too had a similar experiences as you had but the difference in them is that they did not interpret the experience in the way that you did. You are just trying to make a big thing out of your experience so the description of your experience is not rooted on objectivity but on subjectivity and if it was objective then it would have been reported somewhere in the history of humanity and when I say it should have been reported I am referring to reasonable rational people not pseudo spiritual and ignorant scribes , gurus and pundits.
I am talking about scientists. There is not a single scientist or a chemist who claimed about a Divine substance which could grant the secret of the universe. Therefore I believe that you are being delusional and you should not be very very happy because your happiness is based on a delusional experience and a misinterpretation of a drug induced experience.

– a highly opinionated teenager

Marlen says:

In death, left body ,then left behind this Earth and entered the void. Became aware of a speck ,a glint of light, an unimaginable distance away . A light like no other became larger and larger until it was all consuming. Stopped on the edge of a “plain” overwhelmed by the love and peace coming from this amazing singularity . Knowing it wasn’t “time” , returned to the lifeless body. Over time began to long to go home ,to feel the love again… Decades passed, the ego grew ,then became aware of enlightenment as a way to visit home. Finally one day meditating a door opened and the wish was granted .Quickly closed the door and opened eyes trying to cope with the fear. The ego ,even just a trace is a tough tough foe. Understand now why so many societies and people use/used what nature has given us to suppress the ego and heighten awareness. Do not have decades to master the ego as time is running out on this flesh. Hoping to here many more stories on this journey .
Many Thanks and Much Love

kyle says:

after i watched this video something really fucked up happen leo i tried watching your other video then my body just went into a trances and i was seeing alot of things people wouldn’t normally see i dont get them but i saw some fucked up things i am not joking man i was a wake but a sleep but a wake do u get what i mean i dont know how to explan this it was messed up not same experience u probably had but it was fucked man i couldn’t move i was seeing fucked up things like lines an color and shit when i woke up i felt like nothing matters at all i dont know what fuck just happened i am not fucking with u do u know man what fuck happened laying in my bed knowing what going around on me it was for 3hs straight i was not a sleep i was a wake i cant see what fuck happened i dident take drug yet but i will soon now i feel high but i dident take no drugs i feel more clam then i ever did i dont know this video changed my life but i dont under stand anything of it at all it changed my life but i do under stand how it did its fucked up i am telling u this because u might know what hell happened but i dont i just feel really different more different then 3hs ago i dont know why i feel this way or anything man i cant spell or read well at sorry if i dont make any seance at all i dont know man i feel happy 100% it felt like took drugs to make me happy but i dident not kidding not lieing i have tooken dope in the past but this is the now i was seeing lines and colors all around no space or anything i dont know what it means but i feel like new guy i hope i could get your input on this and u get what i am saying man

linda says:

I feel like I have always had this thought that life is infinite, I have always thought that every thought and every dream etc that one has taken has happened or is happening in a degree or another layer of infinity.
Because I have always felt like life is infinite, and now hearing someone else speak my language it makes me assume that people can feel different stages of infinity. Your mind was blown feel like your ego was gone and that you didn’t exist what happens now that you have had that kind of awakening, I think you just carry on with life or your reality. I have felt this since I was a kid and the thing is now I am 31 and have carried through life not even knowing that that was an awakening because I hit that when I was young. And now that I am an adult I am so deep in the different degrees of infinity that I am operating without being able to express that in words the way you did. That awareness is what I feel I was missing and you have helped me link back to fact that I have been awakened time and time again.

Not sure if any of this even makes sense I have a hard time explaining these things in words. If you were able to just hook up a tape recorder to my brain and have my images explain what I am trying to say it my brain would be a far better ex plainer than my hands typing this.

Steve says:

Brave Leo, thanks for that authenticity!!!
There is no one like my hero Leo!

At first it appears fearful to me, but later absolutely love this sharing!

Eye opening and mind blowing and most beautiful sharing!

I think you will like the Ashtavakra Gita.

Cristina says:

Hi Leo,

How do you think we can evolve and reach the Absolute without these trips? I mean do you believe that at some point we all return “home” (back to the Absolute) via reincarnations and evolution of the self or we remain suspended somewhere if we don’t go for the psychedelic awakening?

Facing fear is it like that scene in Matrix where Neo has to jump on the other building which seems impossible to the mind and eventually he can’t fight his mind (ego) and fails?

If you die outside the matrix, you risk dying inside the matrix, too? Can you physically die while in panic?

How do you see physical death now? do you embrace it? What do you think it’ll happen to you after you die in the matrix?

Hope you’ll answer my questions, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Leo Gura says:

Become enlightened and there you go.

You already are the Absolute right now! You’re just not aware of it. The Absolute is ALWAYS here. It never goes anywhere. It existed prior to the universe, and will exist after the universe collapses. You’re not gonna understand this at all without actually doing the consciousness work required, or taking 5-meo.

If the body dies, what you call reality will probably end. But that’s not what you really are or what reality ultimately is.

The problem is that our convention narrative of what reality is is so wrong, that there’s no way to make sense of what I’m saying without actually experiencing it for yourself. You cannot even begin to imagine how much you misunderstand what reality/self/consciousness are.

Cristina says:

I’d try it, but I’m scared I won’t make it. I’ll have to face the fear of facing the fear once I’m on. It seems there’s no alternative.

Thanks for your time. Will be waiting for your next videos.

Leo Gura says:

You don’t need to make it. You are the problem! The sooner you grasp that, the easier life will be.

Cristina says:

What do you mean when you say I don’t need to make it? I don’t have to take the 5-meo / I don’t necessarily have to kill my ego / I don’t need to make it (survive physically since I’m just trapped in the matrix) ?

I’ve recently seen a video on a session and a girl on 5-meo was acting very hysterically and frighteningly. She was so scared she couldn’t breathe.

I’d take it to get out the matrix like anyone would want (I guess) but don’t want to put myself in danger.

Leo Gura says:

YOU are an illusion! You don’t exist! You’re just a story.

You don’t get to survive the realization of this. You die. Reality remains. That’s enlightenment.

The only thing standing in the way of seeing God is your insisting that you exist. That a close look. Where are you? Point to this thing you think is you. Notice that no matter what you point it, it’s not you.

The woman freaked about because 5-meo basically kills you, and her ego didn’t want to go without a fight. For me, personally, I surrender in like 30 seconds and it’s rather painless. I don’t resist it.

The thing you’re not grasping is that death is the best thing that can happen to you. But of course you don’t realize that until you’re there. And afterwards you just giggle at how silly this whole “death” thing is.

Cristina says:

If I’m God then Cristina never existed. Why did I create her?? What do I need her for? ) it’s so hilarious it’s like chasing myself…. how silly is that…

I really need to take that thing. If what you say it’s true, I really wanna get out of the box. It’s so intriguing…

Thanks Leo

Leo Gura says:

Cause you’re God, you “created” (or more accurately, you ARE) Absolutely Everything!

Why not? What would stop you?

Cristina says:

I’ve been laughing at myself for the last 30 minutes I swear, I have this image of chasing my tail in a mirror… I’m going crazy )

If I created everything why I only identify with this girl called Cristina? ) She’s not that interesting anyway… )

Leo Gura says:

How could there be EVERYTHING without the shiny mirage called Cristina?

That would be less than EVERYTHING.

Cristina says:

Besides the funny part ) the perspective is so liberating

It’s genius how you created such a smart illusion to operate inside the matrix and break the dream. I hope your message will reach as many as possible. Your work’s amazing and life changing.

May You bless Leo

Joakim says:

Let us say that a person becomes enlightened
when she only have one second left to live (in this form?), on the last breath.

Does it matter?
If it does, why?

Alfred says:

Yes, I believe infinity exists, but I’m Sorry this guy is an idiot, and anyone who listens to him is an idiot.

God exists and it is not Leo or you or me, you are only limited in life by thinking like this guy.

All Leo has going for him is the gift of gab, but his intellect is full of holes that just leads to more questions that need more answers, so you keep watching him wanting more answers that will never be answered because he is not God he is an idiot. If he was God he would already have all the answers. So Leo now that you think you are God why don’t you fix everything that is wrong on this planet and why don’t you feed all the poor heal all the sick.
infinite delusion is what Leo’s life is and nothing more. Thinking you are God is the biggest ego anyone can have, and it’s not a good ego to have.
What I do know is that Jesus will come back one day and Leo will wish he would have been seeking him instead of the crap he keeps talking about.

I have no fear because of my relationship with God, and how you build that relationship is by seeking him and learning more about him.

ersatz says:

Yeah, I’m getting rather worried at the replies Leo’s leaving for this girl Cristina, basically telling her that she doesn’t exist, she’s an illusion, the very self is an illusion.

No, Cristina, you DO exist, and Jesus Christ died for you. He died for a real person, not some illusion of Cristina. He loves you, not some illusion of you.

I mean, what is the take away from all this? There is nothing higher than ourselves (except our “selves” don’t exist), we created ourselves (I created myself before I even existed to be able to create myself)… And in another comment, he comes right out and says, “Life is meaningless.” Oh, well, I guess I won’t bother with it, then, I’ll just kill myself and be done with it (since I’m not even killing my “self” anyway – I cannot die! I have no “self” to kill! I stop my heart, escape the limits of this physical body, I enter into the absolute infinity!)

Has Leo thought through the implications of what he’s saying?

Cristina says:

Ersatz you DO exist but you’re not ersatz, you are so much more. Didn’t you ever feel like you know more than you can see/learn/hear/read somewhere? Didn’t you ever feel you’re so much more than a body and a mind? That you could feel/perceive/understand or foresee things you can’t explain?

You might be right in your assumptions. Leo might be right in his. Or you both might be wrong. The difference between you two is that he EXPERIENCED his truth while you THEORETICIZE yours. Not only that you defend religion, but you only identify with a part of it, the christianity. What if the muslims are right? You see how limited your perspective is?

The more convinced you are of your beliefs the higher the chances you’re wrong, for rejecting the everything in favor of a small part you identify with. That’s limiting yourself by wearing those horse blinders.

Maybe Leo is wrong, he doesn’t have all the answers, and uncertainty is better than limited certainty. I am opened to accept whatever expands my perspective. He says I don’t exist, whether he’s right or wrong , it’s all about my attitude and openness to his perspective.

You don’t know the truth until you live it. Direct experience is real, while theory is just theory nothing more. Just think about it.

Caelis says:

Cristina, why are you assuming that Ersatz theoreticized ”his” truth?

I mean it is amazing that you are opening up yourself and your mind so much, I really see that as a good quality, but consider this (and I don’t know Ersatz) but he/she might as well HAVE direct experience with Jesus Christ/God /the Holy Spirit

Cristina says:

Caelis have you ever seen God? Has anyone seen God? I can’t believe in something I don’t see or feel or perceive in any way. It’s just myth. How can someone experience God? by feeling love or a better person? we all do feel that sometimes, even atheists can feel love and offer love and be the kindest and most amazing people in the world. That has nothing to do with that “religious God” living in the clouds.

Religion has nothing to do with experience, it’s just theory. What ersatz experienced we all did at some point/moment in our lives.There are days when I feel I can offer my soul to the entire world, I feel love overwhelms me. That means I “experience God”? No. It means I am God and I can expand my consciousness to a degree where I can feel love like an avalanche, and if I could expand it more and more I might reach what Leo calls being God. It’s all about the consciousness and the level you are at.

Caelis says:

Cristina, one can experience God through the Holy Spirit, and I and many more people I know personally have experienced the most amazing, life changing things/miracles/healings/insights etcetera through the Holy Spirit.

A relationship with God is very personal, but everyone can experience it when you are open to it.

I would honestly recommend you to watch Todd White’s testimony
as well as the short video called “is Christianity too narrow?” by explore God

And Cristina, I am honestly not trying to push anything on to you, neither am I saying that what you say/believe is wrong, because I know the stuff you and Leo expeience is very real. But there are some things about truth we must consider.

Let’s talk about it and share some of our experiences over skype if you are open to it! I am sure we can both learn things from one another

caelis222 is my skype name if you are interested in having a conversation

Good day!

Caelis says:

And don’t get me wrong, this goes way beyond religion. And “that God that lives in the clouds” is kind of a small personification for the wonderful amazing loving just and merciful God I am talking about haha

And I got you on what you’re saying about consciousness, but there is a difference between feeling something with your mind/gut and actually being filled with pure, overflowing physical love & peace from outside !

Cristina says:

I’ve been to many churches in the past, have met different people coming from different backgrounds and religions, I’ve heard those testimonies you’re talking about, I’ve already been through that, I am now looking to evolve, I want a larger angle of perspective.

I’m not an ignorant trying to cling to anything someone comes and tells me,so guys you shouldn’t worry about me and Leo brainwashing me.

I really think he is closer to that truth you’re talking about, because I can see he’s so evolved, you can tell by the way he talks, he searches to expand his perspective, he’s not clinging to anything, he is experiencing/ studying/ researching/meditating/ taking those substances. He’s doing ANYTHING NECESSARY to get there, things so few do but pretend to already hold the “truth” in their palm.

Everyone is free to believe in whatever they want, even in Santa Claus. If it comfort you to believe there’s a God out there and the holy spirit keep doing that. I’m out.

Joakim says:

He? So God is a Man?

Caelis says:

It is easy to put Truth & Honesty above everything when you create it yourself. But that is not what Truth is. Truth is pure, perfect, absolute, GOD. Leo be honest with yourself man. God is available to everyone, and we are God like, but we are not God. And what you experienced right here, I have experienced about a year ago, actually several different times, through several different SUBSTANCES.

Dude your process is real, your experiences, as are spiritual realities. But seek Truth. reality is different than truth. when you say put truth above everything, don’t deceive yourself by creating it so it all fits perfectly into your picture.

Leo man, I think it is awesome what you are doing. You are curious, you ask questions as we all should. But be truly honest, and rethink about Jesus. And I challenge you Leo to open up to what in your eyes is the most narrow minded statement of a preacher. (let me help you out what that staement is): “THIS IS THE ONLY TRUTH”

and now think about it. Think about your past, your childhood. Ever had the feeling someone was always looking at you? Knowing every single thought in your mind?

Spirituality vs “Religion” I chose the “spirituality path”long ago, Christians were narrow minded. I was open minded, ofcourse I enjoyed having conversations with everybody I ran into outside on the street. I was the type of person that wanted to take all the good stuff out of several religions and ways of life, and mix it together, philosophise about it. Later on, on shrooms, being quite a rebel and an idealist you could say I looked at Christ from the Christ consciousness perspective, also thinking later on that I was everyone, everyone was the same person etc.

and again, those experiences and processes are real, and needed also I think. But I want to ask you to watch video’s of people that have turned to Jesus, watch their testmonies and I can promise you, this goes beyond everything.

And sure, through so called self actualization, personal development, self inquiry and taking massive action and being on purpose, you can reach many amazing peak states and have experience that put a your heart and soul on fire and make you cry.

But Leo, do you dare to believe that God has created you? that he knows your every fear, your most painful and most beautiful moments? your darkest secrets? and your deepest love? He knows your heart.

do you dare to believe that God is the brightest light, the purest love, and loves you unconditionally? and do you also dare to believe that giving him control, is the best way and true way of spiritual development?

Do you dare to question the experience you had right here?

don’t try to rationalize it, or maybe do, but let God guide you because it does indeed come down to faith. but moreso to personal relationship AND personal experience.

hear the truth, see the truth, get to know Gods son Jesus. know how he died and resurrected for you and me and us.

actually Leo, call me +31630609296 we can talk about everything, and I am sure there are things that you are way better in than me and that there is way more work and research you have done. But also for the sake of humanity, also from my side, I want to keep an open mind to you, and think everybody should have that for one another, and keep asking yourself questions.

I can tell you my testimony through the phone or over skype, and my experiences are very real, and also there is stuff I haven’t figured out yet (which comes down to your video here as I have had almost an exact experience like this and I am just startung to figure out more about spiritual realities) I really want to ask you to be open to this conversation, but also take your time as this experience you had here isnt that long ago.

Take in mind also that you have to find out for yourself who and what truth is, but there are a lot of people here that really want to support you and each other in this. But at first I think you have the right to know the designer of all on your search. And I promise you he will respond as you ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you into truth. And I know that sounds weird, it did to me as well.

And the reason I say this, is that there are a lot of people that will experience God’s intimate and pure love, but they then will give up responsibillity and they start enforcing their perfect picture/will/perception of the absolute truth on others and say it is all God/Gods will (you have people like this) but meditate on this yourself, think about this for yourself and talk about it with God. What I think is that taking 100% responsibillity AND giving up control to God exists next to each other.

And what you will notice if you look at it more closely, is that you start to become more open and get different ideas about different people.

Cristina says:

isn’t it immature to give up responsibility and control to anyone? why there has to be someone watching over you? loving you? taking care of you? why can’t you love yourself? you can’t you take full responsibility for yourself?

people have invented God for being childish and fearful. There must be someone out there to save us, to take care of us, to love us, right? cause it’s so damn daunting assuming there’s no one to do that for you, that you’re alone. It’s so daunting that even if someone comes and tells you you’re God and you already have and are all you need and more, still you need someone to watch over you. It’s like an adult dependent on his father, who refuses to grow up when it’s so much easier to throw responsibility on someone else. Humanity needs to grow up and evolve.

Caelis says:

No, it is very important to take responsibillity. Most definitely. I won’t ever deny that.

And I understand what you say. I used to look at God like that too. I looked at God in the sense of him being a concept, and something to hold on to out of fear etc.

But I am honestly figuring that that is not what it is about, because yes, we can indeed take care of ourselves without the idea of a God, through taking responibillity, doing personal development etc.

But what you see happening often times is that then we start creating and honouring our own Gods/paths/”truths”

And I understand that you’d think that God, the Christian God we are talking about here was most likely then also created by men.

but that is not the case, God created us.

And yes there are indeed people that are not taking responsibillity/behaving in a childish manner, and rely on God like that. But I think that is absolutely foolish. like, why would you stuff yourself with junk food and then pray to please get healed from cancer for an example.

No we should take responsibillity for ourselves and for the world. We were definitely not made to be lazy.

God loves us so much though. He is a relational being you can be in relationship with. And I know this sounds weird, but things aren’t always as they seem. I just wish for everyone here they can experience the true, pure love of God, but also a progress we can go on together as a nation of people, because every voice matters, and I believe that we are all co creators with a purpose!

Paul Hardy says:

Leo, please consider your next workshop or seminar to-go-to is from the ISHA Foundation, by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev himself. I have a very strong suspicion you will enhance your knowledge (infinitely!!) by meeting this genuine mystic.

I have yet the opportunity nor the means to meet either one of you, but definitely strategizing for it.

Sadhguru experiences your infiniteness only by intent, no need 5-MeO-DMT !

Larry L says:

Hey Leo,

This is only the second video I have watched of yours. Stumbled upon you while looking for a positive attitude video to show to my employees. Have you ever read “The Egg” by Andy Weir? Much of what you describe seems almost exactly the same as what he describes. I love them both. Check it out if you are not already aware of it.

Ignas says:

Congrats on being successfull in impersionalistic path

Caelis says:

dude you already knew this. also substance or no substance, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Renata Hulova says:

Hello, Leo.

I had the same experience. We are the creators of our absolute infinity. In other words, it is only me who create everything, you and this forum etc is creation of my mind. So whatever you reply is actually just creation of my mind nothing else. And even ego is created by me, probably to not get crazy. But i get your feeling of massive shock,cos it feels to me a bit lonely or something like that if i imagine that nothing really exists and it is all play in my mind. So it is kind of nice to put the ego back so feeling like something real.


Anna says:

Hi Leo!

I do agree with your explanation to the point you are creator of your own absolute infinity. But if it wad the final explanation than it wouldnt doubt you any longer. The question in your head is who created you( the absolute infinity), or how you evolved right? And it will only go on and on and on. If you were absolute inifinty you would know it is you who is doing all that energy works together, but you still feel like having doubts, so there is something more. So my explanation is that there is still some higher force which allow us to understand how it works only to certain point…

Vas says:

holy shit man…this made me think of the movie The Lawnmower Man

Luckydoc says:

This is a mind blowing explanation. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

mark says:

Hi Leo, you took me right back there with your description. The shock, the awe, the raw heart breaking beauty of…Everything! I described it as “infinite in every direction”, and “why be one way, when you can be always”, a state of “quantumplation” etc. You described the bursting of the “bubble of niaveity” wonderfully.
The sad thing is that I wanted this experience again, and again, and again. I wanted to spent my life living in that place rather than letting go and accepting being the limited “I”. I returned hundreds of times, and missed years of personal development as an ego.
please be warned, this path is a short cut, meant only for a sharp sudden shock of terrifying/blissful awakening. it can be too much for some, and not enough for others. I am so glad I experienced IT ALL.
but pls leo don’t do what I did. Developing the disciplines of meditation and will are vital, and are missed out entirely by this shortcut. WE NEED BOTH. and as amazing as this might be it can also be a trap for the unwary offing everything and delivering only an alternative delusion if persued to the exclusion of the “life your meant to live”.

please take care all you pychonauts, and come back safely.

Mayur says:

Hey Leo,

It was a nice insight I presume. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and honestly like you, me too is a non-believer of God. I have been going through many religious scripts and ancient writings and I am totally amazed how your insights matches with those. In a Hindu transcript, Shrimad Bhagvad Gita, it says in its first chapter that everything in this universe is energy. What is a man? He is just a biological matter which is born out of that energy. That matter may perish but not the energy/soul and that energy has been described as God which describes you as a God. We should recognise ourselves as a soul rather than our body because the transcript says, “even blind lives and so does deaf. Man without hands and legs too lives and so does a paralysed and unconscious man which clearly implies we are neither our body nor our mind. We are something more and that is energy/soul and we have forgotten that”.

This is my point of view and now I have heard your side too. Please save me some explanation on your thoughts about this explanation of god.

PS: these are just my views and is not intended to hurt anyone feelings. If it does than I am really sorry.

Marie says:

Hi Leo.

I have a simple question about infinite and it blows my mind.

How can it be infinite ? Like, if it’s infinite, it’s so infinite to be, it can’t be totally infinite…
it must be some rules, some cycles that are definining what it can be and what it can not, like dragons in 2017 on earth…

And where are (georgraphically) others possibility, if it’s happening at the same time ? In others dimensions ?
My mind can’t grab this
Thank you if you have time to answer me,

I spread my infinite love to you and the universe.

Michael Emery says:

Thanks Leo,..I believe I had a similar experience back in 1998,..that is after drawing(art work..intense work straight for a week)..I was fully awake..and was over whelmed by a realization..it was “human beings don’t have the ability to describe..”God”…and it was the what we have for so long tried to described…is silly….let alone..how creation occurred…The vision,if you will,I had was that all human’s are instilled with a seed or innate..ability to become..simply aware of God..I been reading Simone Weil’s..”Gravity and Grace”..I believe she touches on it well ,,when she talks of Attention,and Voids(how we must allow the void to be feeled)….Thanks Michael

Frederic Gagnon says:

Wow it was like I was living it.. Like you are me Also seen like a presence like a face with 2 eye at your left then behind you Seen colour changing around the tablet im using to see this video too.. Also its like my heart breaktrough in my throat like if it wasnt passing and its like now my throat is space but its not freeing higher in the brain starting from the eyes.. Also i love you/me whatever.. Its like life bring me to you 5 min after realising my ego was my life.. Like reducing the infinite into this.. Like if ego is condensing infinity and create my life.. Well you are amazing I love you thx for all you doing big love big peace shanti shanti om Even to write this my throat as to condense.. So the part in the brain that is not passing probably create the illusion this life.. If it as to be free I think life would end anyway maybe in going too far lets marinate in the self even more and lets the throat be not condense again.. Its a really nice sensation ive had never live.. Your video going to be satsang for a while I think you are the next level thx you

Frederic says:

im hot like almost sweting and spiritual emotion in the throat.. But there still condensation in the head.. I didnt ever do anything… Nothing ever happen.. Still not the full thing but getting closer if a close/far concept can be added to it.. I love it.. Getting godly but i wont stop there ill never stop till im entirely it/god ? ! The old me would see this as crazinest but the old me don’t exist anymore/never really existed whatever.. Im not forcing anything everything happen by itself isnt it beautiful how life substain itself for itself by itself ? ive had glismpe before using drug ive been talking of it but what is word whitout the experience.. Thats why your word as such power, you lived it.. It is like “it” live for someone fully open at the level to experience it.. Not even afraid to lose it.. Its like it always been like there..Never added, or minus it.. Its me ! All its me only condensation is at the the ajna level and behond.. Amazing lets contitue the path to complete this journey into becoming myself,the infinity again :3

Mahyar says:

Leo, I think explaining god in words really blocks it from achieving. it is not something that can be understood by some set of sentences. it is an absolute being and an absolute being is impossible to be expressed by words. The easiest way to understand it is by taking a moderate dose of good LSD and watching this video on this page. This might sound insane but it is really not the only way but easiest of many ways that you can push through ego filters and unleash yourself to reality. Though, your words have been very helpful for me to grasp it. I can’t deny that too.

Max the shithead says:

Too much dream-state, not enough of the point, reality is infinity, absolutely infinite, it’s as simple as that, that doesn’t just apply to God-believers, but everyone, an atheist can buy into the simple fact of infinity, does it have to be anything but infinity? I just don’t think drugs are necessary to conclude this, drugs are bad and they’ll ruin your life!!!

Max Raoy Gron says:

What’s fun about taking the wrong doses and calling it infinity an infinite number of times, without saying it permanently? It’s bullshit! I have quite a time playing mobile games, outside of this brutal universe, and incase you’re wondering, I’m not getting enough reality, I’m trying to enter reality as if it was external to this thick bubble that can’t be burst, it’s bloody well not a fantasy! It’s restricted by “reality”, whatever that is. Anyone who enters no limits, unlimited life, unlimited ability is asking for a task that can’t be done.

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