Aztec Nonduality

By Leo Gura - February 18, 2019 | 7 Comments

Profound life lessons from Aztec philosophy

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Teeren says:

Hi leo, listening to this video is helping me to connect the dots through all your videos to live a high conscious life. This video is a piece of art.

Jimmy Feiling says:

Leo no!!! Dont leave come get me lol i wanna play endlish flut for you i mwan it meanbit it the spiritual distinction of an abundance of undifferentiated grace. I wanna play for you.u unholy man honest man

Ill do the air flute weed science

Jimmy Feiling says:

Envious atitudes v.s. enthusiasm

david says:

hi leo since i am you you wont mind if i thank myself for this video

Matheus Pereira says:

Amazing Leo!

Donald says:

This video is deep and rich with wisdom.
I viewed the video in 3 sessions but can see that I will be returning several times. I find it incredible the depth of connection the Aztecs had and a shame that the Spaniards as well as allies found it necessary to conquer them rather than embrace their way of life. The fact that the conquest took many years and introduction of disease to finally succeed says something about the strength of their civilization.
The Aztecs were not on my radar so coming across your video has offered me quite a treasure to digest and absorb.
The article uses quite impressive words and concepts but the message is very simple and direct.
I am very grateful for your work.
Thank you.

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