What Is Perception?

By Leo Gura - November 14, 2018 | 8 Comments

Explaining the metaphysics of perception

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Mayur says:

Had an unexpected ego death on marijuana, I think may be it was possible because I had been keeping up with Actualized.org for a long time now.
Unexplainable. Wow !
Now I see how difficult it is to communicate.
Still I have got lots of work to do, need to contemplate and integrate the experience.

Xvearu says:

If the only item in the universe was a rose, the rose wouldn’t be beautiful.

If there is only one universe the universe is not beautiful.

If there are multiple universes what is it that keeps them together?

Universe is Multiverse

If that something is beautiful then there has to be something else.

Beauty is delusion.

Delusion is beauty.

This is a comment box. And speech is trapped inside of this box.
There is a way out of this box, this box is the way out of this box.

Big bubbles are still just bubbles.

George says:

I was on the metro listening to the audio version of this video. Everything was as usual until I did the thought experiment that Leo was guiding me through, in which you imagine that everything is simply being without a perceiver. As I got off at the metro station and walked up the escalator my heart started pounding. For a very brief moment I became the steps on the escalator, the hand-rail, the guy standing in front of me with a boil on his head; I became that too, all of it. Because I realised that all this didn’t need me to exist, it just was. And I felt an incredible yet terrifying lightness of being as everything truly became itself and as such the pressure was lifted of my perception.
This only lasted a minute, though, and I had to close in again because it was too terrifying. Still, it was a haunting experience I won’t ever forget.
I’m curious, though, what should I do in this situation? Should I just let myself disappear even more?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

DEEPTI says:

We are, so we think or We think, so we are is the dichotomy that I am struggling with. This “perception” video has given clarity but I am yet to experience what is explained. I could understand that the there is nothing to be understood and everything else is man made. So the truth is a vast nothing which we need to perceive or which we are but we don’t realise it yet. Thanks Leo for bringing some more clarity and much more confusion

Tom says:

Hi Leo, have you ever tried telekinesis?
Would be could if you tried, and if you succeed, tell us how you did it

chi says:

Thanks Leo so much for the videos. you have answered many of my questions.

Still, let me ask you: even when I am writing these words, there is a writing event and there is no I. Am I on the right track? what I think, what I decide, what my action is, … are just thoughts, decision, and actions without I. The Universe is doing all these and there is no I, right?

Sahand says:

So Leo, another point that I think is needed to be made clear about this topic, is the fact that:

– We’re saying that by removing your self from the equation we get the most unbelievable pleasure we could’ve ever imagine; but as you mentioned it takes a lot of effort and sacrifices, but what I believe is confusing, is that why to put in all the time and effort to achieve something, that as I understood, can be achieved after your physical biological body shuts down and goes to death, so that you again become the One, the Truth, the Everything, and the thing that is the most joyful and pleasurable to be anyways!
Shouldn’t we just wait for that day to come (the death), I mean otherwise it is sounding like one of those cravings for more and more pleasure when you know it’s just not yet the right time for it. and you have to wait for it! and meanwhiles you have other things to do.

– Because I mean, I think I thought another part of the story is that we are sent to these universes (these Bubbles, these Negative Sculptures) for another reason (since everything is for a reason). Isn’t our duty, our prophecy on our Universe to just like do the God’s work like building a Galactic Civilization and stuff. I don’t know maybe just because it tends to prove something.

– so what would be the best implementation of Hell and or Heaven, Good or Bad person in this theory, and why and what to work toward and suffer for; when by just death (like simply exploding our selves and universe (maybe it’s the same reason that many terrorism groups like Al-Qaeda, Isis and other ones tend to do this) ) we get to go back to becoming this unified field of consciousness, which is the God, the ultimate pleasure and joy!?

Could I make my point here? I mean is there something that I’m misinterpreting in this? is there something missing in this article?

Hope you can help,
and Thank you for your great work.

Hi Leo,

I miss you. I have not checked in here so long time, already 1 year. I will catch up slowly and watch your videos one by one

I remember, you were born in Russia… do you know they have self-regulative work with subconscious mind, method called Master Kit? I am just curious to know, what do you think about this Master Kit technique? They are in Russian and English. Is it in one direction with your concept? Or it’s totally different?

I am confused lately….

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