What Is Actualized.org?

By Leo Gura - October 13, 2020 | 3 Comments

The big picture of personal development

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Jim says:

Leo “Speaks Truth beneficially at the right time with a mind affectionate and of good will” perfectly in line with standards of evaluating informational sources and assessment of its tendency to mind poison.

Random College Kid says:

I understand if people have a need to focus on basic survival needs, but people act like it’s a crime if you want anything more than that. You’re not allowed to have anything more than that. It kind of reminds me of Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams ebook that is free on his blog, where he dives in to the straight facts of the history of the current formal education system, and how it’s made to churn out obedient factory workers, rather than innovators, leaders, changers of the status quo, creatives, artists, humanitarians, visionaries, inventors, and so on and so on. I recommend it if you’re willing to read around 100 pages, but it’s written in a way that it is a fast read that you can finish in a day, but even years later, you’ll be highlighting text, and it will still make you think.

It’s made to make you a mastery of memorization, which is important, don’t get me wrong — of course you have to be educated about certain necessary facts like how to count, how to spell, how the basics of the scientific method works, and so on, but to leave it at just that alone is disappointing. So many of us are just grinding trying to copy what was before us, instead of contributing something new and original. The fact that this information on Actualized.org doesn’t seem “practical” is because it’s like an instruction manual of how to make your own original insights and plans for life, instead of just expecting you to just obediently and timidly copy whatever a person is saying, then parroting that. Rather than telling you what to do about a situation, it tells you what the situation is, and expects you to think for yourself based on that information. It doesn’t push any specific opinions on you because everything on this site, you have to validate for yourself. And the point is that if people cannot get a quick answer which they can just copy to make an unoriginal and worse in quality imitation of whatever a successful person has made is just pointless to me.

I’m not saying I even know what I want in my life, or what the hell I’m supposed to do. I’m just saying that I want something more than a routine 9 to 5 job, where you’re secure and comfortable, even considered a success by others, but not anything beyond that, and I think that’s a valid need. Not an impractical need. By “impractical,” people mean that it doesn’t make them money or find them a girlfriend/boyfriend, that’s what impractical to people means. Any other need that doesn’t involve money or finding some way to get laid is considered “impractical”. That’s what it means when people say that most of the time. I mean, even in a relationship, you don’t even grow to the extent of having a deeper connection. It’s enough that you have a date and get laid, asking even more than that seems impractical already to a lot of close-minded people for some reason.

Max Raoy Gron says:

This really is the Dark Ages, all because teachers are making the wars, no, I’m not going to meditate what pseudo-reality is, I’ll use my brains and solve the problem. If I’m looking at a leaf, I see a leaf that turns brown and shrivels up and crumples, no good anymore, I don’t just observe a leaf all day, that’s stupid. If I was looking at a butterfly I’m including its eyes and its wings and legs and colour it is, not just staring at it like an ignoramus genius Leonardo da Vinci wanker, I use my intellect, right-brain thinking, e.g. I free the animals and don’t muck around with its guts. The truth is reality’s a nightmare, it’s watering down your joy and need for fun and it’s extremely difficult to get out of it. I think Leo is right about some things, he’s not wrong about actuality. I don’t see reality as actual, I see it as sageness and consciousness, and a mind that runs down. Once I fall I could lose my bliss and peace, I don’t want to talk about my mind, my mind brings me down, it deteriorates, it’s wrong until I do something with it. I’m not automatic, I need motivation.

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