Life Advice For Young People - Part 1

By Leo Gura - May 4, 2020 | 65 Comments

Advice I would give to someone who just arrived on Earth

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Nathan says:

Supressed inventions water fuel cell , cloud buster , books about suppressed inventions free safe clean unlimited energy , flexible glass , water powered car that only runs on water, electric car without batteries, dimitri Russian unlimited battery , most rare books , time machine, public transport hemp car ,

Nathan Bryne says:

How do you make your own should never stop using the magic of traditional anime so please help all people in every year.

Trapped cbbc come back in 2020 to 2030 we need more saboteurs more freaky factory , fairy trials , two faced liar , fight for freedom , sleep creepers , wicked wardrobes, septic sewers , toad in a hole , witches brew and the voice with purple lips

Megan Lane says:

Watch 12 sai manga anime watch missions of love manga videos watch romance anime how do you live in any country no matter how many problems there are?
How can you talk about suppressed inventions with our future generations to come? Can you talk about how to build suppressed inventions? We need to prevent the people trying to suppress and obliterate every new invention like
Water powered car , free clean energy , cancer cure , flexible glass , Russian dimitri battery , hemp car , sustainable inventions we could have had for everyone to stop worrying about money , fame , relationships.friends, many problems would be preventing


Mitchell says:

How do you become a true inventor have you invented a complicated invention yet as long as it is adaptable I hope you understand how to invent all the lost and suppressed inventions of our century because all lost inventions are unique and memorable we need more water fuel cells for water powered cars , free clean energy to replace gas coal oil petrol diesel have you read this quoteby you should be clever enough to build any unparalleled inventions that were suppressed make every country get inventions to make enough rain to fix out dry drops with rain water and enough food to help every poor person in our beautiful world you have to invent suppressed inventions please you are a genius please

I am hoping you will help everyone get suppressed inventions back everyday how do you share suppressed inventions with everyone without being killed,poisoned,kidnapped or missing Internet iPads printers phones why are they not suppressed inventions unlike water powered cars, free clean energy, water powered rockets, cloud busters to cure the places with droughts and grow food as soon as possible do you believe the illuminati is real do you think human clones are real do you think aliens are real do you think every possible universe is real do you think cartoon characters exist as real as us in different universes since the first humans existed do you care about all who wish the suppressed inventions were available now imagine all the places to visit if water powered cars replaced oil and diesel. Imagine how much money would be saved to protect your babies,children,Future imagine how developed we could have been do you want people to suffer anymore because the inventors were killed or never again?

Jonathan says:

how many inventions can you build by yourself
How many inventors are you interested in learning about How do you build new inventions properly How many suppressed inventions can you build with the most help possible How many people in your life are ready to help you build as many suppressed inventions as possible?how many inventions are we missing out on How many cloud busters can you build after you build one properly?how many water fuel cells can we build properly how many free energy machines can we all build properly how much flexible glass can we build properly Where can we find the source of all suppressed inventions which countries do we need to find all suppressed inventions how many investors do we need to build all suppressed inventions properly How do we improve all suppressed inventions after we found all suppressed inventions

Do you know how to make and control plasma energy a suppressed clean energy
Do you care about every of inventions being suppressed water fuel cells
Are you sad to know how selfish they are to suppress inventions just for money
Are you sad to see how wasteful we are spending on oil car engines instead of water. Are you sad for moms who could have spent more money on healthy habits instead of oil,gas,electricity.Are you sad to see cloud busters and books written about cloud busters destroyed after they fixed droughts for our earth
Are you sad to see starving because still want to exploit them again
Are you sad to see killed, missing because adults are selfish
Are you sad to see being ignored knowingly to be evil again
Are you sad to see how your family, friends could die because of evil adults again
Are you caring about how much time inventors sacrificed for earth to improve

Eve Karpf says:

12 sai manga needs the Handsome,smart,flirtatious,black haired blue eyed boy
How do you write your own manga with all your ideas together or separate Again
How do you become The youngest pilot From England to Asia.are you bilingual?
Have you seen Trapped cbbc, Trapped ever after.Freaky factory, fight for freedom
Have you read books about suppressed inventions do you want me to tell books?
Do you read manga?Do you watch anime?Do you make your own stories famous?
Do you want to be an author?do you want to use distar reading program to help?
Do you tell me how to learn languages from you? Are you a language teacher?yes
Do you want to live in Japan?have you been to Japan before.Have you lived there?Have you spoken Japanese?what is your favourite manga? Favourite anime?
Do you want to be a famous author? Do you want to be a famous actor? Or what
Answer all my questions I know more suppressed inventions need to be built by experts and geniuses hide them until the public is ready like with internet tech

David Bowie says:

Are you helping by writing books to read and understand what will you plan to do

Takao yuuto says:

12 sai manga should be in England bookshops to experience our young love again.

Takao Yuuto says:

girl he loved the start say her perfect kiss With an idol in a theme park pulled to a wall

Takao Yuuto says:

jealous.Steals her first kiss.Knew it was only for her idol.knows it matters to her.
But wants to the only boy to kiss her lips by lowering to reach her short body.

Takao Yuuto says:

He said her first kiss is important to her.It is ok for her to be mad at him

Takao Yuuto says:

He did not seem to react to her first kiss but he kissed her out of jealously to her idol Because he knew how important her first kiss is to her.He wants her love now.

Takao Yuuto says:

After yesterday of them sharing their first kiss with each other.he kissed her first.
He said his first kiss was with her first kiss.He was jealous of her idol kissing her.
He was jealous of not being her boyfriend or loved by her despite being popular.

Takao Yuuto says:

Despite being many girls favourite boyfriend.he only love A girl who saw him as normal.a tease to her.failed to see his special personality.never loved any boy besides her idol.he is who loves a innocent.cute.energetic girl.he teases her as her boyfriend but defends her if other boys tease her again.

Takao Yuuto says:

Heard her sharing her first kiss with a idol.Jealous he said you are saying something typical.why are you acting like an adult.Act more like a girl.laughs at her after she danced.fell down in front of him she glared at him and ignored him.

Takao Yuuto says:

A told him she is sad today because he seems used to kissing girls after stealing her first kiss he knew she saved for a male idol she loved.he knew her first kiss is special to her.Happy to be with A.He defends her when they bully her.Said she is not that person.Says they already kissed each other after He shows he loves her.
A is sad because they can insult their love for each other but Confessed to him.

Ayase Hanabi says:

asked why teases her after seeing him with five girls shorter than him.

Ayase Hanabi says:

Told her She has no feelings for boys like him.But she admits he played a recorder better than her.He wished her good luck for practicing to help him.He praised her.

Ayase Hanabi says:

She blushed.glared at him after he Smiled at her After defending a girl.Asked why her heart is beating for Him.She said because of her first kiss with a faithful boy.
She said not all boys are mean after she saw his reaction of their kiss is the same.

Ayase says:

Boyfriend is jealous of him being my friend and said he will not like him falling for his girlfriend.Stop teasing my girlfriend.only her boyfriend can tease her everyday.

Takao says:

Ate her handmade food.Asks for their first date.Test love for boyfriend seeming disappointed disillusioned Betrayed heartbroken uncomfortable ashamed sad.
Girlfriend said he is her only boyfriend love and he is the best boy in the world.
He ask best in the world with a smug proud handsome devious playful smile at her. She ask if he is doing this on purpose he apologised to make sure for fun.

Hanabi Takao says:

Jealous of a male idol kissing her lips Instead of him kissing her he stole her first kiss maybe the one boy who kissed her first will earn her love and loyalty for life.

Hanabi takao says:

We need more romance manga like 12 sai handsome boys beautiful girls again.

Shamara Lowe says:

She is Betty Cocoa is Veronica to Yuuto.Tsunami is Betty Yuuto is veronica to her

Leo says:

Takao is the savvy guy Hanabi is the energetic girl he is blue she is red together

Leo says:

Cool mature mysterious talented blue boy Brave passionate sensitive innocent red girl Takao is a blue oni Hanabi is a red oni crazy jealous guy clingy jealous girl

Aquarius says:

Yuuto Ayase impersonate your love rivals so everyone will laugh at them with you

Joel says:

I am open to the possibility that the first 29 comments were not made by idiots.

Nathan says:


Megan Lane says:

Why energy corporations want to kill free energy inventors how do we persuade them to accept them being popular like internet iPads iPhones cameras Youtube

Why water powered cars banned Japan Kill oil evil corporations for being Greedy

Fire and Ice Love triangle Hanabi is fire Cocoa is ice to him Takao is ice Tsusumi is
Fire to her.Red A Blue C to a boy Red Tsusumi Blue Takao to her 12 sai love rivals

Connor says:

Ayase as a puppy girl Takao as a black hair prince Wolf girl and black prince story

Connor says:

Ayase as Babs interesting actresses teased scared by cool boyfriends smile after being kissed by them mad at them not using their real names both one brother I

Scarlett says:

Supressed inventions are not paid for by rich people to keep being greedy againso
Expose all rich people for hiding all the money they have for their evil bad plansso
How many autobiographies of rich people are there to read about in any country?
How many Love books do we all need to read about every year to have best Sex?
How do we teach many important ideas never taught in any school university?Get
How can We stop All the supressed inventions from being forgotten forever Build?
All supressed inventions Hot fusion Cold fusion Microscope for cancer cure Flexible
Glass Water powered car Free clean energy Flying Machines faster safer than Most
Airports UFO detector Hemp cars more sustainable than Steel Water Fuel RocketsI
Must prevent evil rich famous people from destryong new sustainable inventions!

Leo says:

Don’t go to a university to find wisdom that is the irony of it.A lot of deaths were caused by not washing hands do you think washing hands were accepted by most
doctors?They were rejected because this is not an obvious fact the way we think!
There’s many hardwon ideas facts seeming clear to us in 21st century but actually
Many had to die Cure The hardest dogma Years ago for us now to be able to take
many Hardwon facts as obvious They seem as if they never had to be won No one
Had to fight for them when truly Many died for facts to be understood Remembers

Midori says:

Ranfor2hoursMystaminaunbelievableliveclosetoTokyoAfterbat Cowsmilks Cute kind momRoughdadHetaughtsoccor3agoHeGavemeasoccorballtorememberhimFamouso

Sam says:


Clare Radcox says:

My gluten free oldest daughter Neetha Radcox blonde hair lives in England withme
My 3 others daughters are younger not gluten free I used to go to a university in England I teach in a autistic school called Linden Bridge I teach autistic teenagers
I do drama I dyed my hair red I eat Walnut Red velvet Chocolate Lavendar Cakes
I drink Cows milk Coffee Sugar Ice cream Chocolate Moose McDonalds SaltyCrisps

Clare Radcox says:

I was born in 1970 September 26 I’m not truly bilingual Grew up in England never
lived in another country.I can’t say another alphabet backwards but English I lie to teenagers in Linden bridge to waste their time on me I tried to sing in GermanI
forgot German I’m white with brown eyes Search for my photo with red dyed hair
talking about my gluten free daughter I can’t get a better job than teaching in this
Autistic school despite studying in a University so I wasted most of my Education I
lost most of my time I’m always an undeservable hypocrite desperate to keep1Job

Live in Epsom with Lisa Bennett my wife Amy Bennett Ellie Bennett my daughters.
Born grew up in England.I’m not truly bilingual I’m teaching assistant in Linden
Bridge school I drink Skimmed cows milk With cereal I spilt milk in school Wasted
I eat hobnob biscuits chocolate Muffins Chocolate cake Red velvet cake Cookies to
Tea coffee chocolate moose Coke Haribo Sweets McDonalds Strawberry milk Again
I think Linden Bridge school doesn’t give me enough money but I keep my jobToo
much time spent in college as a student Art lessons I’m not trained for a new job!
I had operations on my body during school days on my legs I’m bald brown eyes

Cocoa says:

CheerleaderClingyJealousGirlCuteClumsyGirlDamselinDistressADivaAFakeCutieFangirlofTakaoFashionistaFemalesAreMoreInnocentFemmeFataleFilleFataleGenkiGirlToGirlPosseGirlyGirlTomboyStreakGoodGirlGoBadGossipyHensAsEvilQueenGracefullyLadiesWearPurpleHeadTurningBeautyHystericalGirlDarkFeminineMissConArtist Miss Snarker

Eve Karpf says:

want a show of Takao,Ayase,Cocoa,Yui,Kazuma,Ayumu as unfortunates in Trapped
Floor 6 Goblet of ice Takao as saboteur frames Ayumu dancing to move fast again
All vote for him only Ayumu voted for true saboteur but nobody believed him
Floor 5 freaky factory Ayase as saboteur she framed Cocoa all voted for her but
Only Cocoa voted for true saboteur I think She was cheating she must betrapped!
Floor 4 Witches brew Yui as saboteur only ingredients never heard of before 2vote
Yui 2vote Kazuma He’s short draw All saboteurs escaped the floor they sabotaged!
Floor 3 Wicked wardrobes Takao again!He framed Yui! Yui voted for Ayase.Yui lost!
Fight for freedom He answered 5 questions correctly She answer 4 questions right
He’s the winner.Girl how do feel about being trapped!(Sadly silent then)”Thanks!”
I want T to win because he’s the most precocious funny memorable boy in 12SAI!

Eve Karpf says:

Takao who do you think the saboteur was?Ayumu because he was dancing as he’s
stepping on ice he often dances on purpose and ice is slippery so he seems at it!
Ayase?Ayumu because he slipped on ice a few times and he went slower than us!
Yui?I think Ayumi because I saw him step on ice once when He was behind all us!
Cocoa?Ayase she’s clumsy but she seeme more than usual even with goggles on!
Kazuma?Ayumu because he seemed to care more about dancing than helping Us!
Ayumu?I think it was Takao because I checked behind me and saw him step down
You’ve voted for him.I can now reveal the saboteur was in fact…………TAKAO!
Ayumu will not be leaving this room the others are free to pass to the next floor!
Ayumi why do tpyou think the others voted for you?Takao used my dancing as his
excuse to vote for me and most of them trusted him because he’s usually selfless.
Poor unfortunate Ayumu YOU’RE TRAPPED!Ayumu’s dancing lost their trust!Trappd


Ayase do not react you are the saboteur it’s your job to make them fail this task!
You must make sure they don’t complete 5 boxes at the end of 2 minutes Smash,
steal eggs if you like to stop them But be careful you don’t want to be detected!I’ll
guide you!In second right booth She threw most eggs,boxes in front of Cocoa one
in front of her.Stole eggs not boxes until they completed 4 then she stole boxes!
Ayase?I think it was Cocoa because I hear her laughing after most eggs in front of
her were many boxes and eggs.Takao?Cocoa because only she laughed after eggs
were taken from boxes.Cocoa?Ayase because saw eggs from her direction often!
Yui?Cocoa because eggs seemed to be thrown from her booth!Kazuma?Cocoa she
has most of the egg boxes closest to her.The saboteur was in face………….Ayase!
Cocoa why do you think they voted for you?She cheated to frame me I’m digusted

Jim Feiling says:

So if I were to sing 108 names of ganesha “or whatever” in the hymns of the Roman cat church w whoever would that be pettiness a distraction or actually really good if it was to a statue of that guy?

Takao Yuuto says:

What if Takao were a human alien who’s more interesting,funny than the funniest,
interesting human who ever lived?If Ayase were the first and only human he show
his alien secret to.He’s a special alien who’s sperm’s too similar to all alien for egg
to tolerate,unparallelled irreplacable sperm that only works on human eggs Coolly
pretending not to be a prince.Despite many girls thinking of him acting like prince
If he only loved one human girl.If her older brother found out by himself Protects
her in case he may hurt her emotionally.Similar to Urusei yatsura without violence
inappropriate ugly perverted shallow wasteful repetitive cliche creepy filthy ideas!I
saw how Takao Yuuto’s like an alien prince to her,Hard to predict,Knew star names
Families always working,His grandma knows a lot is she a genius?saw how Ayase
interesting,despite being easy to understand.He kissed her lips without asking her
if adults learn1boykissed1girl’s without her consentThey’d scold him or his parents
But he’s never had punishments.she enjoyed his kiss,her brother almost learned I
saw how shy he was to tell him.He’s brave to tell kids school but not her brother.I
saw how he’d be break out boyfriend if Childish boy was originally going to be her
true love.Takao Yuuto so popular he’d be the male protagonist not childhood boy I
want that alien prince human girl romance to be similar to 12 sai romance to see
how unparallelled,memorable,phenomonal,infinite,unpredictable,mature,their love
can be.Maybe half human half alien,shrink Ayase to see her held by Takao again!I
saw how precocious they can both be Strong human girl Smart alien boy romance

Eve Karpf says:

Season 1 What I like:Nikica being the saboteur once not being voted more than 1
Correctly guessed 2 sabouteurs after him answered enough correctly to escape!I
don’t like Montell not voting for Frankie because He lost his chance to draw straws
Frankie looking through conveyer belt to see Nikica she Cheated should’ve heard!I
disappointed in no draw straws in floor 4 maybe Aimen should’ve been saboteur4
Again in Floor 3 because only 1 suspected him or Nikica would be more interestin
to watch sabotage Poisoned Banquent it’s always boring when they pass,are most
detected no matter how hard they tried.I’m disappointed there’s only one episode
of all saboteurs escaping their floors in one episode.always need more geniuses I
hope more trapped episodes will be made with my favourite freaky egg factory!

Cocoa Hamana says:

Class’s Most Beautiful girl in primary class Informed attractiveness Rich in money
poor in sense. Wounded Gazelle Gambit Villain with Good Publicity Dude Magnet
Head turning beauty Girly girl fashionista Fiery Redhead Evil Redhead Redhead is Uncool Rich Bitch Rich Kid Rich Boredom Rich Student arrogant, whiny, entitled child who thinks everything belongs to them. A character cannot or will not own up to their mistakes.most popular and least bearable girl in school. Rich people can’t even grasp simple concepts like lower class people would. Privilege Makes You Evil When being handed a lot of things corrupts a character.most attractive girl in a show’s cast are extremely bitchy (or outright evil A gorgeous airhead. A character is proud of the fact that other characters find them attractive The prettiest, richest most popular girl. She’s also a bully and a Manipulative Bitch of primary School. Break the Haughty character who thinks highly of themselves is broken by circumstance. girl doesn’t tolerate other girls making contact with1boy
character prone to sarcastic remarks in a completely serious tone.

Cocao Hamana says:

A character who attracts a lot of attention from the opposite gender. A feminine girl loves clothes and makeup, takes interest in cooking and sewing, and dreams
The Girly Girl is a little girl or woman who likes things like floaty dresses and perfume and jewelry type of girly girl is very feminine, and has all of the qualities and interests that are traditionally associated with femininity. She is usually not good at any type of sports (other than perhaps dance sports sheis both highly affectionate and dangerously obsessive concerning their love interest. Vanity Is Feminine feminine character who wears pink for their normal attire. is mysterious, worldly, and beguiling.dark is generally devilish and plays with desire. feminine girl who wears purple for her normal attire.shows her femininity/gracefulness by wearing purple. puts flowers in their hair for added cuteness. Character’s focus is fashion. known for being feminine, dressing very nicely and being interested in fashion. known for being feminine, Unlimited Wardrobe A character has a wide range of outfits to choose from, and never wears the same outfit twice.

Hamana Cocoa says:

popular kids are usually not the brightest. Character who clashes protagonist, but isn’t the main antagonist. An antagonistic character who has a personal struggle against the protagonist, but is not the Big Bad. Furs are glamorous, show wealth, and help pretty up a scene. When fur garments are a symbol of wealthstatus.
Someone who changes moods abruptly When bad things happen to bad people at opportune times, and vice versa for good people experiences a bad misfortune due to her bad deeds. Someone is said to be exceptionally attractive when they look like everyone else. Someone is said to be exceptionally attractive when they look like everyone else. Characters in a show of the same age and gender all share a face. Lady in Red character gets easily excited or riled up loud, boastful, and never gives up. Extroverted, short-tempered, and task-oriented. Normally callous and unemotional, but will get angry for personal reasons. Extroverted, cheerful, and people-oriented. Can be more or less empathetic and sensitive towards others.

Hamana Cocoa says:

redhead wants the hero Women Love Cinderella Shoes Anything you can do, another character can do better (even if it’s something you’re really good at).
Changing Yourself For his Love Unlucky Childhood Friend’ long-time friend wants to upgrade the relationship to romance, but the other friend doesn’t reciprocate.

Ayase Hamab says:

Takao’s loyal to his girlfriend forever.can’t bribed due to her moral standards.ask to do wrong when she refuses she’s told she passed a test. trait will prove vital in whatever he is being tested for.shows their true colors in private.makes a private decision that reveals their moral fiber, useful but corrupt act that they could commit, reaping the benefit without anyone ever knowing. If they do not do it, the consequences can be severe.boyfriend always trusted for Boring, but Practical advice. does something unwise in the name of honor or virtue.Doing what’s right, even if it’s foolish.Honor Before Reason Conflicting Loyalty between older brother,
biyfriend but trusts boyfriend more reward is much greater than the action that the receiver did. reward given is much greater than the action that warranted it. Disproportionate Reward

My favourite handsome japanse boy with black hair tied blues eyes Handsomeface
Sense of unpredictable humor,Perverted only to 1 girl flirtatious strong passionate

want to see and hear the most handsome,hilarious,cute,adorable,unparallelled
voice drawings When will more episodes of Ranma be animated with traditional lif
Strong Anma Smart Akane

Love how he grabbed her left shoulder as soon as she looked away from him at a
possibly another boy to see him!Is he jealous of another man seeing her exposed
body in a bathing suit?He glared at Kuno talking about seeing her body swimsuitA
plan to persuade her not to truly swim in swimsuit in a school pool in front of men
Many men stared at how her exposed body fits in her swimsuit.held her shoulders
tight enough to give him all her attention,not releasing her from his hands before
wanting her to say if she’ll give up,quit well?Told her to go for her to swim properl
He saw how strong her legs are before independantly remembering how to help!A
satisfied boy as he heard she won despite being the only swimmer to need floats!!
He stared at her agreeing with girl friends surrounding near her to swim alone SO
Asked her why she said yes to swimming when she can’t even swim by herself IN
school on stairs He told her this tounerment will be a disastar.He glared after hear
vision of her wearing a swimsuit his answers!He looked like he’d defend her from
his body if she didn’t protect herself.Looked suspiciously at her after she won’t do
swimsuit he heard.He placed his right hand on her shoulder smiled told she’s the
best swimmer in school besides she can be her body double if she gets his driftHE
laughed at her needing a body double in swimming pool after he saw her sad face

Heard her change her mind of wearing a swimsuit in front of men he carried ropes
life saver as soon as she drowned in pool held rope in right hand asks her health
alright? he stared at her wet body clothes coughing water worried of her health!A
heavy bench carried above his head as he threw down as hard as possible on his
head!Sarcastically said yeah right behind them he didn’t want Akane to trust him!
He knew teacher made that rule up but asked him anyway to help Akane’s health!
He closed his eyes as he honestly explained he can’t believe she’s being used by
the teacher he hit a bench on!He hung his body upside down above her balcony A
reply to her reasons not to let her disappointment in being unable to swim alone!
glared at her as he calmly told her even if her body’s a little overweight!His head
pushed face down by her foot as he stood upside down.He said cross legged sadly
said he thinks another girls idea of her not swimming or her having a body double
better.He heard her want him to stay out of her independamt swimming time now
Even if she sinks like a rock to the floor of the deepest pool She won’t want him
butting in her swimming lessons.He calmly asks a rock?He do what she didn’t wan
him to do to her and her swimming lessons anyway caring for her safety than her
satisfying plan to have him stay out of her swimming lessons is he a masochist?
He knew she’d physically attack him if he disrespected her body,life,food,privacy!
He saw she was serious about carrying a rock on her back before he not think real
Ranma didn’t believe teacher’s idea of Akane swimming like a turtle will be true!I
like how he fell from fence he sat on after she believes teacher more than Ranma!
He’s say teacher is shark bait.He’s worried as he emotionally asked what she doin
in pool trying to save teacher despite not knowing how to swim by herself propetr
He forgot he’s be a real girl if he got in cold water called her name searched for
only her planning to save her body only to be pulled back before he’s reminded of
his curse he screamed fearing the real shark will physically ruin her body painfully
he jumped once far enough to kick shark away from Akane as hard as he can!Ask
teacher what he thinks he’s planning stood on shark furious at how he endangere
the girl he loves romantically.Looks like he’s ready to fight teacher seriously again
He’s arguing to petsuade teacher to stop Akane being taught with real shark Lying
He interfered because he knew Akane doesn’t understand how necessary he really
is for her most personal life.Furiously asked what teacher thinks Akane truly is So
Some kind of total idiot?Or something?He thought of her as a idiot many times So
Akane’s angry at the boy who she seriously told never to stay in her time butt out
He bent down carefully furiously asked is teacher nuts Shouts Akane’s way too
much of a klutz to learn the ways taught by teacher He offended Akane in public!I
don’t blame Akane for being fully serious of Ranma staying out of her swimming!I
don’t want any offensive conversations of me mainly never in any public place He
furiously seriously shouted IN PUBLIC NO AKANE WON’T 3 times in a row fully!He
was pushed off almost in cold water by the girl who doesn’t want Ranma with her!

He didn’t touch water once told a girl not to worry about him he’s fine He told her
Akane’s done for in a swimming pool with a real shark.He jumped once far enoug
to aim his kick at the same real shark but teacher blocked his jump with a real
tree must’ve hurt he closed only middle and ring finger shoes soles placed togeth
He impatiently waited in cold pool as a red haired real girl “she” can’t wait longer!
Close he almost was caught in his identity as a real girl as hot water pour on him!
he looked at her happily as he sincerely thanks her with her name!He angrily said
Aw man We’ll all be killed bore Akane learns to swim correctly by herself no helps!
FUNNY REPLY well if you ask Ranma,Akane looks more like the ugly duckling after
heard her say like swans on a crystal blue pond.Held head on right hand right lie
on thin fence.Ranma sat crosslegged head on right hand.He angrily shouts Akane!
despite seeing exactly where she is.He’s her tsundere,Experienced,Cool Lifeguard!
walked Stood near teacher asks Come on!How do he expect her to learn like that!
He furiously said this swimming lesson for Akane’s insane He glared at him using
her body as a science experiment in water.He stared at the control teacher heldSo
He thought now what does he do about Akane swimming He acts like he’s her dad
He swum in a polar bear costume hiding his face until he scared her with his face!
tounge out at her wide eyes didn’t mind water in mouth he wants to scare Akane!
Akane physically hurt Ranma’s face in water for scaring her with taunting face SO
Ranma told her he just try to help her Was Ranma trying to give her heart attack?
Ranma stood up patting her left shoulder,asking he guess this means Akane pack
it in right?Not on Ranma’s life!pretends to be a human turned into real polar bear!
Held same signs His dad does as a real panda I love how similar Ranma’s to Pops!
Heard Akane’ll do mermaid project told her good luck squinted eyes(sarcastically?
HILARIOUSLY jumped landed on teacher as hard as possible anger veins on head!
less than 10 seconds of Akane as mermaid going fast He’s overprotective of her!I
love how he insisted on being her lifeguard despite insulting her body in public!He
loves to make her feel negative for fun but he won’t hesitate to watch her actions!
He’s the most interesting,hilarious,realistic,unpredictable,attractive,iconic tsunder

Ranma couldn’t see her as a mermaid in pool ran to her as real girl in bear suit he
saw her drowned in water unable to control her body sat crosslegged on floor nea
Akane sleeping.Ranma said he’s never seen hawaiien swim teacher serious before
he jumped in front of Akane Tendo in male form he wanted to make sure it was
really ok for Akane Tendo He heard her say she’s alright but he ran to her grabbe
her shoulders shouted hey as he pulled Akane Tendo towards him not wanting her
to leave him without his consent he doesn’t want her to quit and walk away So he
still kept his hands on her shoulders to feel her and make her feel his strength.My
favourite manga and episode I love that both are different unique but if I had to
choose one I’d prefer anime Akane Tendo swimming because Ranma’s secret was
still hidden from most people,He had more appearances in defending Akane Tendo
His thoughts of Akane’s choices without Ranma make him want to be her lifeguard
He petsuaded her not to swim in pool until he laughed at Akane needing bodyguar
with another girl.Akane only acttacked Ranma once for calling her overweight So
justified Negative feelings waste time needed to sleep properly they’re together at
night He heard her personal passion for learning to swim correctly more than new
swimsuit being on a beach ocean she values her skills,experiences than her life!
I admire her passion to swim as soon as possible she never took life for granted!I
one thing that bothered Akane Tendo was being unable to swim independantly!I’m
proud of how Akane Tendo’s fully commited to improving herself to risk her life to
be able to save anyone she cares about from drowning!I love how Akane prefers 2
be as independant as possible as young as possible without needing Ranma family
She’s aware she’ll regret never trying to learn swimming independantly possibleso
She trusted a hawaiien man to teach her how to swim correctly alone more than
Ranma because Hawaiien man had marks on hands from making duck costume 4
Akane Tendo She’s observant in unpredictable patterns She’s grateful to his time
spent on a costume sewed just for Akane Tendo Can you blame Akane Tendo for
wanting to ignore Ranma for swimming lessons?He named her klutz unable to see
how to learn from hawaiien man in a furious loud masculine voice IN PUBLIC pool
I usually prefer Ranma over Akane but I won’t ignore Akane’s best personality I’m
thanking all true creators of Ranma manga anime because It’s 1 of the greatest I
can relate to my favourite characters We need simiar stories mainly better stories!

Called Akane a idiot pretending like that after hearing girls call Akane the best!So
Privately told Akane in school she can’t swim tell them no Told her this is not time
to be stubborn of swimming in pool,irritably.He was annoyed at Kuno near Akane
talking of her wearing a swimsuit for him.Akane’s first time swimming correctly is
like a boy’s penis being the first penis to explore her vagina leaving male cum in!
Ranma told Akane to let Ukyo take her place.He called Akane a hammer heavy!So
how can a hammer (Akane)swim anyway? Ukyo rudely say only hammer good for
carpentry work!Akane Tendo’s a passionate tomboy trying to learn feminine skills!
Ranma say good one.She’s more interested in swimming correctly to prove herself
than protecting her body from drowning.Ranma underestimates Akane body skills!
Ranma angily asked didn’t he just make up that stupid rule?Before hitting teacher
with a heavy bench for pushing Akane’s clothes with her inexperienced body in So
Ranma angrily asked her why she agree to let that whacko train her.Akane empty!
Ranma know how Akane feel say not even a new swimsuit can help that figure of
Akane Tendo before having his head stepped on for discouraging Akane Tendo So
Shouldn’t you let Ucchan take over after all.He hear Ranma don’t you dare get in my way.Akane’s doing it even if she has to cling to a rock Ranma asked a rock?
Wow she actually is clingin to a rock!said Ranma”that’s nonsense don’t listen to
him akane.Akane said people in Hawaii are awesome Ranma fell off from disbelief!
So he’s shark bait”Baka She’ll sink like a rock”forgot all about him a girl coldwater
“You dirty..!””That’s enough already!He interfere with training”How can this idiotic training help this hammer girl to swim?!”He furiouusly shouted”Mo way she’l swim
she’s a clumsy klutz!No way No way No way!?”after he landed”That was close”He
said”what’s with that get up?”Stubborn pest!”Jumped out say”Get lost!”Before he
was blocked by a tree in a pool”I can’t go out like this!”but I need air”to Ukyo say
“Yeah I owe you one!”To akane”Akane your trainin’s only gettin people hurt”Reply
to Akane swimming like a swan”That’s impossible for a hammer girl like you!”Said
“She’s drownin!”He thought how can I save her?”I was only tryin to help”Anyhow
now you’re ready to give up right?”Mustard?”HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM
SWAN PROJECT?”shes underwater not good Akane!””you really want it to end like
this Akane?”Coward you wanna run away a loser?She’s got a great kick”she did it”

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