The Counter-Intuitive Nature Of Life

By Leo Gura - December 3, 2018 | 8 Comments

Examples of how all facets of life are counter-intuitive

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Dean says:

The last 5 minutes of the audio file wasnt loading for me

Joe e says:

Leo!! Jesus loves you have a good day man

Demetrio says:

I love the information and your work, it is great stuff…. I’m praying for you also and will keep following the videos you share.

lucy says:

you need a boost

Vero says:

So inspiring! Thanks Leo! Greetings from Germany

Valerie Buchanan says:

Great video

What if he was a alien prince whose hair’s tied to br open minded to acting human

Clare Radcox says:

Born 1970 September 26 Linden Bridge Teacher Mother of 4 daughters 1 Gluten 3

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