The Counter-Intuitive Nature Of Life

By Leo Gura - December 3, 2018 | 17 Comments

Examples of how all facets of life are counter-intuitive

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Dean says:

The last 5 minutes of the audio file wasnt loading for me

Joe e says:

Leo!! Jesus loves you have a good day man

Demetrio says:

I love the information and your work, it is great stuff…. I’m praying for you also and will keep following the videos you share.

Max Gron says:

Do you see the counter-intuitive irony in trying to destroy your religion? By Leo doing that and talking about God he’s attracting more Christians and you force yourselves to believe and make your “beliefs” stronger. It’s a mess on your part, you’re supposed to let it go, not believe, you’re not supposed to be a sheep and believe in religion. The challenge is to believe nothing but, it’s so simple you should drop all your beliefs. It’s counter-intuitive that by believing in an abnormal cult like Christianity you’re a boring, mundane normal guy, you’re too religious, cut it out!

lucy says:

you need a boost

Vero says:

So inspiring! Thanks Leo! Greetings from Germany

Valerie Buchanan says:

Great video

What if he was a alien prince whose hair’s tied to br open minded to acting human

Clare Radcox says:

Born 1970 September 26 Linden Bridge Teacher Mother of 4 daughters 1 Gluten 3

Max Gron says:

This is bullshit, reality’s a literal thing, it’s just not real literally because it’s a deception, it’s a lie. By being a try-hard, by doing things literally, you get results literally, by being the best nobody calls you the best, they’re jealous. You’re living in a false world if you don’t see things how they are. I’m a literal thing, people aren’t taking me literally, that’s just sad. When I do great things, it represents the great, when I’m not perfect, I’m not perfect, people want improvement because imperfection hurts, it’s counter-intuitive only because people make it complicated, I’m what I am literally, my religion, philosophy and wisdom is those things literally, you’re taking things too allegorically, you’re wrong.

Max Gron says:

Misunderstanding, the above comment is my folly and misunderstanding. Even though unliteral stuff is bull, there’s something not obvious, unexpected, mind f’k going on. There’s not any value in counter-intuity, you just don’t know. Strategically sexiness is easier than attracting women, some of the sexy people repel women, it doesn’t convince them to have sex with them. It’s cute and funny when you turn women off and say “good luck!”, but it’s uncute and pathetic to the women you’re trying to attract. I refuse to do crass humour in this comment, I’m not joking. Isn’t it ridiculous the way a man is wise? It’s nonsense. The counter-intuitive thing is at war with your will, perfectness of suffering is necessary, twice what’s counter-intuitive is the suffering leads to excellence and a lot of jealousy, in case you can’t tell perfectionism isn’t “radical”, it’s not about being super-perfect even though it can lead to being excessively perfect, very perfect. Ultraperfectionism is extreme perfection to the point of not being a failure and not making mistakes. If your anti-perfectionism is extremely imperfect it follows that some of your creative endeavours will lead to suffering of men who think it’s not good enough, strategically you don’t create imperfection with perfection, is that not counter-intuitive?

Max Gron says:

Fuck you, selflessness isn’t any fun, it’s more fun to be selfish and it’s a good life that way, truth is what I think, I’m not wrong. It’s evil not to have fun, these videos should be fun, no one takes that seriously, I only live for kicks, I only live to have a good time, I should be watching a movie and having so much fun that I’m fun in everything I think, everything I believe, everything I do, pursue, try to have. I don’t take serious, not fun things seriously. I tried to take self-development seriously, I can’t take it seriously, it doesn’t fit in my view of good times, it’s not acrobats and entertainment. I believe in fun, I believe in having a good time. And if you don’t take fun seriously and nobody does, there’s something wrong with you. Therefore everyone is wrong except for me. I should be so selfish it makes you scream, I should have fun at Leo’s expense.

Max Gron says:

I promise you I will give up unfancy average or normal things to be happy. Your idea of happiness isn’t any fun, so make things fun or I’ll destroy you.

Max Gron says:

I feel better now, I now understand that enlightenment is pointing to a good spirit, and embodiment work. And I think I should be selfless, I should do negative religious stuff that’s at war with other things, and I should think logic is bullshit. Certain things are paradoxical, like being cruel to be kind. It counts.

Max Gron says:

Lemons are actually a pale brown, not yellow, it ripened to the point that it’s red when it looks yellow, like an apple (apples are actually brown), you would think the flesh is white, when really it’s brown, apple juice isn’t white. Some colours look completely different, therefore you mistake them for another colour, you would think a lemon’s not red, but it’s actually red, the same way an orange is red, it’s not actually orange, it’s more of an amber colour. Did you know you’re red like the colour of your heart? Your flesh is red, it’s not the colour you think. People think my skin’s a light brown but it’s actually white, literally white, I’m an albino, you think I’m metaphorically white, but I really am white, it’s like paper. And I agree on the true morality, although I follow moral rules and the ten commandments, I don’t preach what’s right and what’s wrong, and I don’t call people immoral, and crusade my morality, I must have true morality in your sense because according to you, “truly moral people don’t do that”. But what about positive behaviour? Has every modern man forgot about the positive already? Positive means that you DO it, truly moral people do do that, and everyone does what I do do! We positively DO things, people think we don’t do them, no, you don’t do them, most people DO things.

Max Gron says:

I don’t trust a happy artist telling me miserable things are happy, fuck off! Happiness is willingness to do something, if I’m willing to have money then I’m happy to have money, it’s got nothing to do with how I feel, that I’m satisfied or that I’m fulfilled, bullshit, it’s got to do with the fact that I keep having money, that literally means I’m happy. And you need money you idiot, the definition of need doesn’t allow you to not need money, need means you need money. You’re not provided with everything you can hope for without money, fuck off! Money buys you food, it buys you comfort, it buys you peace of mind, you stupid uncool teenager juvenile man! I don’t trust people who are ugly and uncool like fucking teenagers, fuck off, you’re saying no to cool things, fuck you Leo, I’m extremely cool, and if all humans think I’m not cool all humans are wrong, I’m cool even if you can’t perceieve it, so fuck you with your juvenile shit, it’s a piece of shit and evil wisdom. I don’t want to look like a derelict like you!!! You have a spot on your head you won’t remove, you’re ugly! People are suckers for your money-hungry scheme to use double speak, you say you’re not anti-science, you’re anti-science, you say morality isn’t morality, when it’s morality without contradiction, you say don’t be logical, but you’re logical, you’re a fake, you’re not the real thing, you tell the supposed truth but you don’t believe that shit, you’re having a joke and laughing with your stupid friends using logic and pointing out fallacies, being an atheist, into rational, scientific, intellectual things, you don’t care about this bullshit!

Max Gron says:

Lie, it’s a lie! Religion’s not true, I looked up “true” in the dictionary, it says “based on fact”, religion’s not fucking fact, and it’s it’s not fucking true, fuck off! If you think non-facts are true you’re lying, so here’s the truth: whales are of the infra-order whippomorpha, and are todays largest sea animals, after the plesiosaur. The truth is the earth revolves around the sun, the truth isn’t your beliefs or the logic Leo Gura clings to, he’s not telling the truth, he’s just saying it like it is, but not based on fact, that means it’s false, it’s a false reality, it’s deception. I believe in what’s false and I believe Leo, I think it’s not true. God isn’t true, it has to be sciency, materialist, even atheist to be true, not religious. Religious people don’t open up a dictionary and look up proper meanings, they twist the definitions for words to mean whatever they want, that’s why crazy motherfuckers like you are having problems with reality and getting excited with your delusions, do you think I have the truth? Do you think there’s any truth in my religion, it’s not true, you not factual, not in the dictionary person. You teach us to look up true in the dictionary, you’re lying, you’re a hypocrite, you’re a phony. I want your non-truths and hypocrisy, not the truth, I just want what you call the truth, not the truth. Do you think your definition of truth is accurate? It’s bloody well not, nothing religious is true, I just believe in God, I don’t believe in the truth.

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