Life Is A Maze

By Leo Gura - August 29, 2018 | 5 Comments

You are inside of an organic, non-linear maze

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vicki says:

Can you give me a list of the books?

Xain says:

WE aren’t really inside of a maze but more of a dance. Life isn’t a maze but a dance or a song. Aside from that you could say that life simply IS. But it is not a maze.

“If youre a rat its a maze if your a jerkoff its love if your a soldier its a field (not really)but what if youre just a moutain someone gave. A moutain that never cries.?”

Hoyeon Lee says:

Leo I’m waiting for my Video of The Week!!

Why aren’t you uploading a video this week?

Sari says:

Hi Leo,

I’ve been trying to contact you for a tech support for about two weeks now. I think there is a problem with the email, the emails I send may have not reached you. please contact me on this email so I make sure I can reach you.

thank you very much

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