65 Core Principles Of Living The Good Life

By Leo Gura - November 6, 2018 | 5 Comments

The core principles of Actualized.org

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Bryon says:

critics can not see beauty. Just as serious people can not see humor. My dog ate crayons once. When he shit it looked like colorfull lava. Beautyfull.

I self analize fears, motivation, etc. as a habit. Thank you for making quality videos. Much better than b.s. t.v.

Tedens says:

Wanna enlightenment? Reject excitement.

ULDIS says:

Round number: 64 !
Case #1 equals #65

bakuri batsashi says:

why did you choose this thumbnail leo?

Max Gron says:

Quality videos? Nothing of asceticism is quality, it’s made cheaply therefore you’re having a cheap life.
I’m happy living a busy, meditative, honest, simple, unpleasurable ascetic life. I’m simple and unadorned, that’s the identity I’ve chosen. If you’re waiting for so much more out of life, something different, something better, you’ll never love life. Loving life is literally not having a better life, but completely accepting it, even your misfortunes, that’s how you enjoy your life, if you were enjoying life you’ll enjoy your money, your happiness, your success, your knowledge and your wisdom, and your work, not the other way around.
Against anti-ideology just accept ideology! Ideology is good, says a stage blue man, are you willing to die on your sword for your negativity?

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