The Sneaky Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories

By Leo Gura - October 6, 2020 | 7 Comments

How conspiracy theories hijack the under-developed human mind

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Dosta says:

But Leo!

You have one million followers on YouTube…

Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is???

JSC says:

Wow, just read the first few YT comments. Whatever.

I’m 60 yo, got the idea that knowing God could be a goal 35-40 years ago. Have been gradually moving that direction, sometimes consciously, sometimes not since then. Six months ago the drive got fierce, and I’ve found what I needed, when I needed it, and was ready for it.

I try to maintain a healthy distance between what I believe, and what I can directly experience. So far, what my experience tells me is that Leo is right on, or very close, to what I directly experience as Truth.

I’m so grateful for what these teachings have confirmed for me, it was the right medium at the right time.

The last few months were challenging. The videos on the “9 Stages of Ego Development” gave me a glimpse of where I’ve been struggling breaking into the construct -aware

Robert says:

You are a blody leftist, not an enlightened being.

robert says:

Leo, I have watched several dozen of your videos and found them to be very intelligent and useful. Then I watched your conspiracy video and am shocked that you think that kuat because there are immature people who believe ridiculous theories that support their own prejudices that this means conspiracies don’t exist. The Twin Towers for example could not have come down with airplanes and office fires at free fall speed into a pile of rubble only 2 stories tall, yet this is what we were told. Explain to us what caused them to come down and restore your credibility which you have destroyed with your unbelievably naive and factually uninformed opinions. The official 911 narrative is a clumsy cover up that does not explain what we observed that day. And neither does your incredibly casual dismissal of those of us who smell a rat and have been working hard for decades to track down the perpetrators who by the way were not Bin Laden and his fellow cave dwellers. You are unbelievably naive, a real liability for such a smart and good person like yourself.

robert says:

The problem with your Conspiracy video is that you are willing to casually smear sincere and dedicated researchers like myself who are not convinced by bullshit explanations of events like 911 because they do not account for what we observe. We get ridiculed for digging deeper by people like you who are oh so smug in their superficial assumptions. You are like the skeptics who won’t be skeptical of their own skepticism. For you to dismiss researchers like myself who apply rigorous critical thinking and hard core deductive reasoning makes an idiot out of you

JFK was not killed by a magic bullet, 911 was an extremely well planned psyop designed by the Mossad and the CIA and the Bush crime family and covid19 is a military weapon disguised as health care. All war is deception and if you don’t think we are all being decieved by sub human control freaks on a massive scale, then you are simply not paying attention to anything more profound than contempt for the truth. How the fuck do you know what happened on 911 when you obviously have not studied it except perhaps to read the propaganda spoon fed to all of us. Your Conspiracy video is a disgrace and you are being very foolish in believing that your skin deep assumptions are valid. For someone as profound as you, someone who has done great work cutting through mountains and centuries of bullshit, your Conspiracy video is way way beneath you. The Scientific Method and Forensic Analysis of evidence is what is needed, not more garbage assumptions based on personal bias like yours. It’s very easy to dismiss depth research as conspiracy madness, but it takes a lot of work to cut through all the information, disinformation and misinformation, but that’s what it takes
It took me 10 solid years of study to understand 911 and it really pisses me off to be discounted by smart people like yourself who don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t done the work.

robert says:

The problem with most people, including you, is that they don’t care enough about the truth to do the work necessary to find out what it is. They, like you, are content to indulge their prejudices and believe what they are told instead of think critically about reality. Your leftist bias has blinded you in the same way rational people are blind to the existence of God. You said this yourself in one of your recent videos, and I agree. You have made the same mistake. You label and defame others, like me, who are so hungry for the truth that we are willing to spend thousands of hours studying, as moronic and stupid conspiracy theorists as if our passion for the truth is some kind of psychological condition in which we need to blame “the Jews” or join a cult because we are so spiritually undeveloped. This is complete fucking bullshit and I am really angry at you for this. I fell in love with your work and your fantastic videos but now you are on my shit list because you don’t care enough about what happened on 911 or whats behind the covid farce and have the gall to criticize those of us who DO care enough. So, fuck you and your bullshit “analysis”

robert says:

Leo, The first rule of, according to you, is no dogmas
Does this include dogmas against hidden agendas and so called conspiracy theories? May open minds and passion for truth prevail!

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