How Ideology Works

By Leo Gura - August 21, 2018 | 9 Comments

What is ideology and why does it exist?

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Daniel says:

Leo could you do a video on Cognitive Biases? I believe that would connect well with this video.

Donna says:

The last video will not play for me.

Conor says:

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Wilhelm says:

What exactly is the difference between an ideology and a religion?
I have heard that the ideas of Atheism, Marxism or Environmentalism have been called religions. Are they truely religions? Or are they ideologies?

Max Gron says:

Atheism is a religion, the rest are ideologies, even though Marxism is also a philosophy which does the bullshit materialism it carries on about, I don’t believe that’s how reality works, it can only solve problems to fools who think we should all be socialists and go against capitalism, since Marxism is similar to socialism, but then again an ideology is believed as if it’s a religion. Mohism is said to be a religion but it’s not a religion, it’s a moral philosophy, religions can be anything as long as it’s regarded as a superhuman controlling power, entitled to obedience, you can be classed as a religion if I believed in your superhuman authority.

Max Gron says:

I’m not sure if I’m ideological or not, but as subtle as it is I’m not building a whole identity around my beliefs. Mum says I’m dogmatic, and since when in my antitheism am I dogmatic? I don’t follow dogma, I eliminate dogma, as this is the case I’m not claiming an absolute truth. I’m not holding a belief as such, but I do have sciency beliefs. I think reality is all that I see and feel, simple, truth isn’t out there, behind the scenes, outside of your beliefs, a thing is true because I decided it was true, because I gave my authority away to it. I don’t think in black and white, but in shades of grey. I think you get defensive whenever science proves you wrong, ideology is hard to sustain, it’s a thing people don’t accept, and ideologists have to fight to sustain an ideology, to defend it. My insistence on being a South Australian I have to fight to sustain, I have a lot of defending to do, but perhaps I’ll spend my life being modest and not national, it’s true, ideologies cause suffering, Leo hit the nail on the head, nobody likes ethnic people, ethnic people, patriots, have to defend being Australian, they have to fight to be Australians instead of behaving naturally. I think ideology is overrated along with happiness and pride, I don’t wanna be happy, I want modesty and therefore to be satisfied. On your video the mechanics of belief you’re contradicting yourself, you said I can hold a belief as long as it’s helping me to grow. That’s a licence to be irreligious and believe in science and philosophy. I don’t hold any beliefs, I only have the truth. My answers are simply daring to doubt a cherished belief of mine even if I don’t believe my doubts. Attacking my antitheism feels to me like Christians attacking me with fuzzy ideas, it’s like chest pain to me when a Christian claims antitheism is evil, it feels to me like an attack, if even I’m an ultranormalist calling me crazy every time I believe it feels like an attack to me. Ultranormalism is an ideology, but there’s nothing to believe if it’s an attack that feels painful and bad to me, you have no idea how much attacking my beliefs hurts, it even hurts to attack my irreligion. It’s very likely that if you’re religious you can attack a belief if it’s a claim rather than a claim to God, Christians are very intolerant to people’s beliefs, it doesn’t tolerate other religions, it doesn’t tolerate anything as long as it’s not religion. All the ideological wars aren’t wars of ideology, they’re wars of religion, ideology gets attacked because God-fearing religion seeks to destroy it.

Max the know better says:

Ideologically reinforcing unwanted motivation looks like the slaughter of Hitler when it should be the case that people are ideologists. Ideology’s really the beliefs of your culture, pessimism becomes an ideology when it’s abused and misused when it should be used to solve problems. I think Leo is a cup of tea imaginative madam, and cup of tea imaginative madams should sit there to really think, when my mother is a putdown inequality woman of clinging miserably to the beliefs for years, and my brother is an anti-prospect Hegelian wanker, I think it’s worth a try not to cling uglily to inaccurate perception of ruler shaped amazingly thin longhairs (like me), ruler shaped amazingly thin longhairs are the ones with leather jackets not caring for rules, like me, I lost a lot of unhealth and dropped eating of meat, yet mum doesn’t believe that.

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