Cult Psychology - Part 1 - How Cults Work

By Leo Gura - January 8, 2019 | 10 Comments

Exploring mind control techniques used by cults

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clem says:

Hey Leo,
Your definition of what does or does not make an organization a cult is very comprehensive. Thanks!
However, I find your opinion, that the US Army/Military is not a cult, to be superficial. My first hand experience is much different than your narrow evaluation. While today’s youth may appear to have a choice to participate, it hasn’t always been this way.
In 1969 young men were invited to join the Army, but many of us were drafted into the military without consent. We were held captive against our will under threat of prison. Boot camp was a harsh brain-washing indoctrination regime designed to crush individuality and make us believe in the ideologies of the hierarchical organization. The all encompassing objective of this effort is to strip away all ability for an individual to think or act for themselves. Once an individual “snaps in” the boundary between committing murder and killing people in a war is dissolved. This cult has a figurative leader, the commander in chief, but the President is just another pawn in the chain of command. The real leaders of the Military Industrial Pyramid Complex are the faceless corporate billionaires that have the authority to control the banks, the government, and the media. This cabal is responsible for dictating the ideology of American exceptionalism (Gods people), and controlling the propaganda fantasy bubble that motivates their patriotic followers to contribute to the cause of building, maintaining, and expanding their materialistic empire of domination over other peoples of the earth. This murderous military cult hides its true face of destruction and manipulation behind a self-righteous flag that is said to symbolize Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All. This illusion serves the purpose of creating feelings of obligation and indebtedness to the national organization. This group mind construct compels parents to offer up their children on the alter of war as if it was a great honor. Any citizen who rebels against the cult is shamed, imprisoned, or executed for treason. They are lead to believe that the perpetuation of wars is a necessary action for the benefit of the world. Meanwhile the media/entertainment arm of the industry works at keeping people totally distracted in a collective digital fantasy while the cult leaders of the nation deploy their zombie soldiers to attack other nations with the purpose of killing and stealing away all assets.
While the true nature of this military cult is obscured in the modern day version of very sneaky recruiting tactics and hero worship, the ugly truth behind the curtain continues to be revealed.
The big question to be answered is, “when will this cult eventually self destruct?”

Jay says:

Nailed it. I think that’s what we’re all waiting for next. Tensions just keep rising.

michael abitbol says:

hey leo, just watched “American Gospel.” in your words….try not to Gawk….also check out Benny Hinn….gawk if you’d like

dj kim says:

Hey Leo. I’m a Korean guy, and like most Koreans I can read English but am not good at hearing, in fact almost not at all. But I can ‘hear’ you because Youtube provides “auto-generated subtitle”, an excellent function. Unfortunetely, there are some videos which don’t provide “auto-generated subtitle.” I don’t know why some of your videos doesn’t provide it, but anyway I absolutely want to understand your videos, particularly about consciousness, awareness, contemplation and so on. Is there anybody to help me with that?

peter says:

Read carl Young books

Xvearu says:

Really interesting. Thanks for your hard work.

Laszlo says:

Great video, I am surprised that Landmark hasn’t made it to the list. I had been personally involved in it for a bit and, as a result, I suffered a lot until I managed to break off it. I reckon it ticks all the boxes you mention here.
My girlfriend is going to a TM training in April. Should I discourage her about this? I might do some in-depth research into what it all entails to be a TM practitioner.

Laszlo says:

Oh yeah, now it springs to mind that Landmark is actually listed as a cult in France and they cannot operate there.

Luke says:

Is THIS a cult Leo? Are YOU the cult leader?

Wilhelm says:

Do you think that the Roman Catholic Church is a cult? They have the dogma of papal infallibility. As a Roman Catholic you are supposed to believe whatever the pope teaches ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals and nobody can ever change that.

And what about the dogma “extra ecclesia nulla salum” which the Church tought: You can not be saved outside the Catholic Church? Is that the hallmark of a cult? Note that the Church has become more ecumenical and religiously tolerant since Vatican II. It hardly talks about the Catholic salvation dogma these days.

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