The Many Facets Of Awakening

By Leo Gura - October 7, 2019 | 6 Comments

List of top 30 enlightenment insights

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Constantin says:

Congratulations for this wonderful video. I like how you polished these facets of the most precious jewelery ever. Infinite Love.

Joel says:

Leo, if you go on a year long retreat for self exploration, I can already tell you what you will discover: Everything/Nothing. So now that I have saved you a year of your life, please stick around for a long time. The videos are totally life affirming.

Praveen says:

Sir spiritual philosopher like – Rumi, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Ravidas, Bullah Shah etc. HAVE Talked about light and sounds in inner regions. Kindly do research on this… Help us. Thank you.
Your’s faithfully,

Rebecca Sinclair says:

Oh. I get it. But I haven’t got It. Now what?
I ask, I trust that this too shall appear. I probably have to go back to L.A. huh? Oh Brother. I thought It was just around the corner or another lifetime away. No song, no lyrics, no title is coming to mind. I’ll listen to your cults video next. Cults sneak up on me. If I gotta find another teacher, I don’t need no more cults! If it will help to do psychedelics, it would be nice to have a guide. And a safe place. I’ll listen to your psychedelics videos too. Oh Brother. It’s been so long and I used to do acid and mushrooms so recklessly. Let’s see what happens next.

Oscar says:

Hi Leo
Thank you so much for your videos. I go to sleep every night watching them and they help me , gradually, to face and overcome this surreal life experience of mine.
Im stuck on your suggestion that the past never happened but we are imagining it in the Now…. this would mean that , say, tomorrow or in a couple of seconds we could easily deny that this Now moment never happened, yet we know is happening…. but …. if only the Now exists, then the future is as illusory as the past, so… the future cannot deny the Now …. is this correct?? Any light you could shed on this topic would be appreciated… I noticed you have no video solely dedicated to the crucial subject of TIME… relative time v absolute time…. would be an amaziing video that i would like to see.
Oscar Moya

Max Raoy Gron says:

Multiple awakenings, pfft! Give me a break, do you think navel-gazing is going to lead you to truth? Use your brains and look at the truth, look at things you’ve never experienced, the truth is reality is sensible, what you see and feel, anyone without some well-developed senses deludes themselves into thinking they have the truth, truth is things, like spirits (God and the grim reaper), a table, a lake, people, the earth, Mars, outer space, heaven, death (lights out, it’s over), life, that’s reality, no meditating in the world will get you to the truth, the wise people who think their ways to truth are fools. I don’t want these old-fashioned spiritual traditions that aren’t useful anymore as Leo teaches, that’s old school, I just want an attractive, entertaining reality. I won’t listen to all this bullshit, I refuse to think like that, the only awakening on this list that I’ll follow is awakening, waking from this nightmare, I must be dreaming if my idea of the truth is being laughed at, I’m literally a laughing stock thanks to this stupid belief. Yes spirituality is stupid, it makes you sound like you have no brains, as for mind f’s, I’m not up for one, awakening as I mentioned, leaving the matrix if you will, is the only reality, everything else is fairy tales, if spirituality was intelligent, it would be understanding, theoretical, and not practical, that’s what intelligence is, I should stop believing in stupid things, there’s a line to draw here: stupid things like nihilism, thinking you’re God, thinking everything is nothing, paradox, that people don’t exist, that I existed forever, infinity, eternity/no time, that’s ignorance, if you don’t know it means you know nothing, you can’t know by guessing forces you can’t understand, it’s bullshit! I only accept one spiritual thing: my awakening, that I exist, that I’m in a dream, it’s the only sensible thing there is. If you contradict yourself you don’t know what you’re talking about, if you talk of reincarnation you don’t know what you’re talking about, like glasses to go over my eyes, that’s how you should be treated, so I know you know what you’re talking about, and if spirituality isn’t as good as glasses I’ll reject it.

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