What Is Reality?

By Leo Gura - July 1, 2019 | 30 Comments

A mind-warping explanation of how everything works

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KAREN says:

This video is a Red Pill Masterpiece! A true Big Ben Alarm going off for the unawakened and a let’s get oriented for those who have awakened but find
“themselves” back in dream land. This is the best ever explanation of the unexplainable! Thanks Leo!

clem says:

OK, let me get this strait.
From my present point of limited observation, I entertain the idea of Oneness. I am You, and You are Me, and We are all together.
The truth is I am the ONE creating a perception of myself by creating a defining contrast within My infinite imagination.
There is no We or You. Only ME
I am that I am
I am infinite consciousness imagining that I am by creating a defining thought.
I am imagining the thought, of being born, having a body with senses and feelings, existing in a time and space physical reality. I call this creation “my life,” then totally forget that I am the one imaging it. I become entangled in the illusion I have created. I am imagining what I have imagined to be as something other than Me. I attach an identity to the unreal, imagining myself as an individual person doing this and that in a world of other individuals. I become lost in this illusion which I have created.
Experiencing an altered state of consciousness my awareness expands and I reconnect with my true nature as the I am. I stop imagining myself to be other than Me. I recall that I am, the source of every “thing.” This dissolves all illusion, all polarities. I can no longer hate myself. Hate does not exist.
All that remains is Love, all things imagined are lovable.
I feel joyful and whole again, reuniting with the Leo in Me. LOL

Margoth says:

Hi, thanks for this comments, I’m new to all this, so I’m trying to still understand this concept of reality, but what I struggle still is: on how is all connected? “all” different conciousness” that are actually one… so I’m trying to picture it as a tree with many many branches, each one being a different conciousness called different people, our children, friends, etc…and they are all me, but different and unknown because I forgot that I created them, is that how it works? like I’m Leo telling myself all this info that I forgot, and I am you, asking myself this questionon the comments here, if so…how is it that me, whithing my imagination, find a particular time to tell me all this, like why do I forget what I created and then remember to continue life that I cannot change, even when I been awake and aware of all this…this is very radical as Leo said it, but also very disturbing, cause even tho is all love, suicide per example can be ok then, since it doesnt exist…so is murder and other crimes, since is all imaginary…this is very deep, and still doesnt respond all questions, but it definitelly does more for me than any religion ever had…so will continue exploring, thanks again for your comment.

Ella says:

No red warning alarm here… Thanks for choosing this path and share insights.

One question; Not everything can be explained by science. Why not imagining that everything can be explained by science? Why this glitch?
(yes a how/where/when/what/… question…)

Joel Tepper says:

Brilliant!! Leo, if my life is a permutation of GOD’s infinite imagination, do I (the human being) have any say in what happens, or do I just totally get out of the way and let GOD do his thing?

Leo Gura says:

What’s the difference? Your will is connected to God’s Will.

Ella says:

I think Leo told us in the video that there are different stages of awareness/consciousness and that we are able to influence at certain stages.

Joel says:

Yes. Thank you, Ella.

Ella says:

Actually it is that those realms visit you. No need to manipulate.
Who is it that manipulates? There is no me/myself/I…

John says:

Leo, such an amazingly complete revelation for all spiritual seekers but, towards the end, when you reveal the final goal of moving out of our ‘incarnated imaginative reality’ of time and space within our binary universe/s..back into the emptiness of the unincarnated Gods that apparently we all are, I did get the impression that you are not overly enamoured of this state of infinite nothingness, all joy, peace and infinite bliss aside. Whilst this state of total oneness/nothingness might be the ultimate goal of our ‘journey’ maybe the journey itself through the realms of space and time experiencing the extremes of opposites in all their myriad forms, although ultimately unreal and merely the imaginative creation of consciousness, is as important as the final destination. Surely, the God head, has a profound purpose in our collective imagining of our material universe/s which, as you have allured to previously, also serves God’s evolutionary process and are therefore for all intents and purposes just as important states of being as arriving at the final state of complete oneness where absolute peace, love and completeness are ALL. What is did for me anyway is create a profound sense of joy in knowing that every last one of us, as incarnated God, are on a profound journey of exploration and full realisation into our true nature as God. Even if I don’t get to experience first hand the profound insights that you, and a few like you, have been able to achieve, nonetheless, you are a profoundly useful guides on the way forward. I feel so much more optimistic and ‘lighter’ now about the purpose and direction of my life. Thank you!

David Turcot says:

You said fear of annihilation. Fear of nothingness.

I don’t think I have that fear, although I must have it since I’m still imagining things.

I fear my imaginary human suffering more. That I want to get rid of.

David Turcot says:

I’ve known this for years rationally. By thinking about it and coming to this conclusion from a human perspective.

This part doesn’t get me nowhere tough, it’s only the tip of the iceberg in how deeper my understanding can go.

This first step is only philosophical and its useless unless I radically change deeper and deeper.

Sophie says:

Crazy and unbelievable that reality is imaginary altough I know that Leo is telling the truth !

Riley says:

As I was watching this video, I actually tried to conceive this matter and to be open to it to some degree. But then all of a sudden I felt this bolt of fear strike and then my mind had basically shut down my inquiries. This had left me feeling mentally drained while watching the rest of the video.

Lauren says:

I can relate. I think it’s the ego trying to survive…? I had an experience several years ago during a weeklong consciousness retreat where I felt my head was about implode from pressure while I was realizing that I created everything. It lasted about 30 seconds, I lost my grounding, and I freaked out so much that I shut it down and told myself I was mis-perceiving what I’d learned and experienced, that it was impossible. Now that I’m hearing something similar again from Leo, I wish I had just let go, trusted, and explored that experience. I hope you keep going even when you’re scared.

Cris says:

Hi Leo,

Are you familiar with the concept of twin flames? Such connections happen in 3D reality to begin the spiritual ascension of the soul, the oneness, God. There are many people claiming that they have reached higher spiritual states and learned unconditional love within the connection with their twin. Is this a way the soul finds to expand and reach God?
Would you shoot a video on this subject?

Aarav says:

I love you.

Pamela says:

Hi Leo,

Everything in this video makes perfect sense. I’ve been delving a bit into ACIM – a lot of what you say in in alignment with A Course In Miracles.

I took some shrooms last night, which were taken responsibly. I did get a little deeper into the layers of consciousness. Thanks for sharing and keeping me on this journey into my own creative power.


Your vocabulary is perfectly imperfect to explain this opaque concept. Sometimes, I am not totally agree, so it forces me to think and develop my thinkers ability. You make me believe the world is on its way to be a better world.
Wayyyyy more interesting than the news! Thank you Leo! Have a good week.

FX Michaud

Girish says:

Thanks Leo

This reminds my good old days where someone said that life is just a long dream and not real because we seem to be functioning in the spheres of the mind which does not exist.

Does it mean to be aware of every moment to moment will eventually lead to the truth? Can someone guide please?

Lauren says:

Leo – Thank you. I realize that the following questions I’m going to ask are because I still believe there is some separation between me and God. You mentioned in a previous episode that God created limitations within itself in order to be able to perceive itself. So aren’t we at least slightly separate or one step removed? Are all limitations only imagined/formless? Or are some of the limitations formed?

How specific, and how minute, and how intentional is God’s creation/imagination? When you say “you’re” imagining this, do you mean that You/the Absolute/God is imagining this life? Or do you mean that the Lauren-self is imagining/creating her life intentionally or unintentionally with or without her human awareness? Think of my question in layers. I’m sure this is too linear but it’s the only way I can form my question. The top layer is God, the next layer is “Lauren”, who God imagined, the next layer is Lauren’s life experiences/choices. Did God imagine Lauren AND her whole life experience/choices, or did God imagine Lauren and then Lauren imagined her life from within her formed human brain? I’m oversimplifying, I know, but I almost picture it as God creating mini-gods in the form of smaller consciousnesses like humans, plants, dogs, rocks, molecules…who then create the mini-god’s experience. I’m thinking that your answer will be that there IS no separation between God and Lauren, or God and plant, or God and rock, except the imagination that we are separate. It just seems so weird that Infinity would give a shit whether I choose paper or plastic.

Does God literally create every single thing we experience in our perception? Is there anything happening in our experience that is unintended by God? Like a random or natural unfolding based on one original creation?

Mind officially fucked. There is no going back.

Thanks again, Leo.

Consuela says:

So, when we die, do we obtain access to these different levels of consciousness? Or do our atoms just un-entangle and we return to the primordial soup? Just wondering if my mom and dad became aware of these different levels of consciousness when they died. Or can we only become aware of these different levels when taking DMT or something like that

William says:

A late reply so I hope you get a notification or something, but based on what I’ve gathered from Leo’s teachings you’re still believing in the individual. There is no individual. “You” as Consuela do not exist. All that exists is the awareness of the many thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that make up the identity known as Consuela. All those thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions are made up, illusory, and have no bearing on what you actually are.

So, as to your question, after “death” Consuela is gone. However, that “awareness” continues on living as something else, it just forgets that it was anything other than what it is at that point. That means right now Consuela is Leo is William, it’s just that we’ve forgotten we are the same “awareness.”

Keith says:

If I’m God and I am imagining everything then that has to mean that nobody else is real and I am imagining them as well as you. This would mean you or nobody else has consciousness but yet you think you do. How do you explain that?

Keith says:

I imagined what you think is reality. The second I did I felt unbelievably lonely as if I was the only being in the universe but worse than that. It was as if I knew the universe wasn’t real and I had a VR headset on but there was no reality if I took the headset off. The loneliness was so overwhelming and complete that I could only imagine it for a couple of seconds before my imagination shut down. I don’t know if that’s reality or I just have a very good imagination but that feeling I got that I can only explain as infinite loneliness is not something I think I want to experience again. If your teachings are actually truth as I’m sure you imagine them to be, then I have to ask why you want to know the truth. Maybe you weren’t supposed to know the truth. Maybe you created this reality to give yourself something different than the actualities of infinity.

Max Gron says:

This is one of the first advanced videos I ever understood without criticism or reflection on its faults of accuracy. I’m always criticising the truth of things, it’s time I stopped that and just accepted that, I had the wrong beliefs, beliefs that didn’t accept reality, now I know they’re not true. I accept myself for who I am and I’m ready for reality, truth and fact and accepting it.

Max Gron says:

As for the social matrix as is stated by Leo Gura in above screen on another video, perhaps the truth’s what Leo says it is, perhaps the truth differs or doesn’t differ from other people’s thoughts, concepts, conceptions, ideas and beliefs. I certainly hope it doesn’t differ from my consciousness of the case of what I’m experiencing. Nothing of reality is outside of my mind. What I think is merely the necessity to escape from psychiatric medicine and to tie up all the loose ends eliminating all of the bullshit. My consciousness requires me to build reality on my very habits, you’re creating reality yourselves, you create it by executing your habits and terminating your off-kilter habits. It’s odd that people let reality remain painful and useless and trying to do something to stop it it never stops when they haven’t even thought to bother swapping over reality, it’s quite odd, and they wonder why their lives haven’t improved a bit. Your consciousness is the creating of any one of this and more. I’m starting off with hot oat porridge with applesauce and cinnamon and a plant-milk-based Turkish-style coffee with brown sugar, reading (on my mobile phone) BBC news, brushing my teeth with a tartar control toothpaste, and writing a book all from 6-9am exactly (even on the weekends) every morning and never giving it a rest, next is showering (without breaking the routine) my body clean every night, brushing my teeth every early nightfall and eating and drinking more healthy foods and drinks and smoking less exactly (even on the weekends) every day and never giving it a rest. Also for the first time of opening the very first packet of this: Parmesan cheese on brown rice pasta for dinner or supper, regular rounds of cheese & lavosh crackers, less frequently chocolate and Mars bars in the fridge and less sugar. Also my consciousness will make a reality wherein I’m always drinking Lipton tea and not another brand of tea, and always drinking tawny port and no other alcoholic wine, I’m also going to be a little bit more wonted, only doing the above every morning, having that breakfast and no other breakfast, having sriracha sauce and no other chili sauce, having burritos, fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, corn chips, Mexican dips and guacamole, and nachos and no other Mexican-style food, having dips and grain-free gluten-free crackers and not without regularly having them, buying Red Rock Deli nuts and dips and not without regularly buying them, having that alcoholic beverage, that pasta, that brand of Parmesan cheese, that particular coffee, without any variations to my routines, and never giving any one of them a rest nor a break from a single routine of mine.

Max Gron says:

Infinite imagination and consciousness is just Leo giving you beliefs, where’s the reality, do ignoramuses of reality even know why people continue saying they’re in a fantasy world? As much as I’d like to think reality is a fantasy, that it’s all my imagination, that it’s not outside of my head, this can get a man in some trouble. How is it a bad thing to live in the real world, e.g. the absense of illusion? And how is accepted belief a bad thing? It’s not bad to me, but I can’t make Puritanism accepted, because it’s unorthodox, why should I bother believing these weird things? It’s weird! Well, to be in the know that nothing is real then this is the case, it’s philosophy, what we have Leo talking about is metaphysical monism and solipsism, just because it’s logical it doesn’t mean it’s not supernatural. I think God is fucking lazy, he just sits there underground with his head sticking out watching you. I’ve never seen any gods that were lazy like this guy, he doesn’t even point a hammer at anything, God does nothing!

Pam says:

Thank you Leo. I think we are an “expression” of God. It’s not that we ARE God. We are all parts of God or the Universe.. We are just a thought/expression. I think to expand the universe.

Max Gron says:

Reality is based on metaphysical monism, I got it, consciousness created everything and it IS everything. God is a bearded man in the clouds, you’re not God, and the whole universe isn’t God, what they and we are is consciousness, our imagination and that we’re part of the universe, we’re in the universe, we’re not the universe, and reality is one, there’s one terrible reality for everyone and it’s absolutely objective, all throughout history reality has been terrible, and even in prehistoric years it’s been terrible. The irony is a bottle of cola isn’t conscious, it’s your consciousness projected onto it. To be extremely conscious is to be so conscious you’re aware anything can happen and that death is a real thing, finding out most religions don’t fit into my life, they’re not true therefore truth exists, truth is what’s in accordance with reality, as Puritanism, pessimism, anti-Australianism, and metaphysical monism is only what truth can be, it’s objective, it’s definite and if I revise these beliefs I’m wrong, everything else is false. People assume reality is physical, but it’s not physical, only consciousness is real, not matter.

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