Understanding Duality - Part 1

By Leo Gura - April 16, 2019 | 7 Comments

Master list of 250+ dualities

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John says:

Most profound lecture I’ve ever watched.
Thanks muchly Leo.

KAREN says:

Identification with “my understanding” which is “better” than those “red pill prejudiced people” happens. Those people need to be in “my” reality so that “I” can be “beyond” them. This identification with “me” is suffering. “Me” lives in the illusion of time and space. “Me” is imaginary. “Me” imagines that someday it will be so purified that it won’t even be prejudiced against people that are prejudiced!
Me just keeps on trying to be better. That is the dream of becoming. To become better someone else must be worse. Consciousness creates “me” and “them” but Awareness is the only real subject- it is prior to consciousness and is the real “I”.
Awareness doesn’t need consciousness. It is beyond the concept of existence or nonexistence. So for now, be kind (divine feminine) and have courage (divine masculine). The rest will fall into place.

Shelley says:

I am thoroughly enjoying your site. I’ve been following for 3months now as I’m in recovery. Thank you so much.

Max Gron says:

This philosophy’s pure ignorance, Leo doesn’t know what a thing is, yes he’s lacking in knowledge. Knowledge says that the billions of cells, blood, bones, flesh, skin, hair and nails makes you a human, and outside of the sky surrounding Earth is outer space, except that a plane’s already in space when it’s flying, as long as you’re in either of the two skies: Earth’s sky and the sky above it, you’re in space, also the Earth is floating in space. We’re not in space, we’re surrounding space, an alien would probably think we’re in space and they’re not, and they call us earthlings. Of course, but there are no aliens, and there’s no UFOs, it’s all a fantasy, plus that stuff’s spooky. And furthermore, the distinction between man and machine is an easy one, we’re biological things, we have no metal inside, who said meat contains iron? What is this, a robot? Meat doesn’t contain iron, we’re not made of metal, at all, we’re made of sperm, we’re produced by penises, including women. We’re highly developed eggs from vaginas, yes we’re disgusting, we’re not made in a clean way, how do you think an owl is made? Knowledge, not questions.

Max Raoy Gron says:

The system of duality is wrong, we need something stronger, e.g. nonduality.

Max the Know better says:

It’s a funny name, Max the Know better, what was I thinking? I was smoking cigarettes and feeling terrible, it’s an unhealthy lifestyle, tobacco when you overdo it doesn’t even taste good. Who decided, as a North American Indian, to invent cigarettes? Cancer sticks! Most of the smokers are going to get ill. Duality is a simple process of opposites attracting, if you didn’t speak English it would be very hard to understand, it’s English that makes it understandable, if you talked that way in Italian the Italians won’t understand what makes it related, it doesn’t make sense, you talk this way because you’re in an English-speaking culture, only a difficult language talks about difficult things, yes it’s a joke, in Italian it’s simple, things are just easy to understand. You wouldn’t get away with this talk if you weren’t speaking English.

Max Gron says:

Yes, we talk about difficult things because of the Germanic structure of our difficult language, but what was I talking about? This hard-to-understand talk can also be said in Italian, especially complicated talk that merges with the things being compared. A lot of what I say is imaginary, it’s not true or reality like it seems at the duration I said it. To get in reality and not my imaginary fantasy of subjectivity and magical elves I think he’s saying that the dualities aren’t so simple and that the boundary between outer space and earth isn’t clear in science. Of the popular things it’s certainly not questions of duality, and it’s not Leo with his bald head talking about teachings that don’t make any sense, religion in any language, as with English, never made any sense, it’s got rules and exceptions to the rules making it complicated, where do we draw the line between what’s OK and what’s not in religion with these exceptions, do we have to distinguish a category? Of course I can understand what I write because my brain’s structured to recognise my writing, even though there’s a distinction between one of them and the other. I have no projections of my issues onto Leo, but duality is the reason for these distinctions. To be fair, I’d say the unpopular things are good for individual people if not people as a group, and to be fair, the duality between white and black is when black is dark and white is light. But enough of all that rubbish, I think the thinking of dualities is something I can use for a better life if not practical.

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