Relative vs Absolute Truth

By Leo Gura - July 6, 2021 | 6 Comments

Helping you distinguish the domains of the relative and the absolute.

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Hi Leo,
Your videos show enormous range of depth and great didactical skills. But, the way you define “absolute” and “infinite” imposes a definite barrier to ever delve even deeper. Consciousness as-such (whether perceived as all, or as nothing) is not the end. There is a layer below. When the time is ripe, consciousness may reveal a wish to know what it is made of. (Not what it IS… since consciousness and is-ness form a pair, a tautology). In hundreds of ways, it can be seen that consciousness itself, is almost consistent, but not fully.

For instance, 1) what is “direction” made of: pointing, this-seeing-that, this-willing-that, this-later-than-that? 2) Subject-object, even when fused together, paused, no data flowing, is an experience, ever so slight knowing it exists, made from deeper “stuff”, a single principle. 3) Which must be unchanging, have no varying states. 4) If Insight is straight, and taken very far, it sees the back-of-iets-head, as a paraox. 5) There are way to create an illusion of infinity… e.g. a billion pixel movie. Or a 100 year life, which is finite. …)

The deepest layer cannot be experienced. You concluding “consciousness experiencing itself”, this loop, in its entirety… loops in WHAT?

What kind of timeless, absolutely unchanging hardware, could run a software program called “Infinite-playing-Finite”, producing all of your experiences so far?

truth says:

the guy does not know what truth is.
truth is a drug addict who does not hold anything as really holly, as if he was talking about humanity or humanitarian values, all spiritual stuff is only used for him to excert power over people in his small virtual world and beyond. as if understanding one concept makes him advanced before the practitioners of such, if he talkes about relative vs. absolute truth he talks about just one and the same thing, his relativity which is absolute. he really hates on everything non conformative to his beliefs. i always thought it is about shocking people, to zoom out of it, after some years in his forum i found out, he really means it when he says there is no difference between him and hitler. his truth is the absolute.

truth says:

sorry for the misspelling of course what was meant was holy, wholly.

free will says:

conditioning vs learning.
what is the difference between a cue and a pre cue? ofc if you have been through a thought process already, its much more difficult to reset to the unknown. what is the difference between conditional learning and unconditional learning? if that is the question, there is no thing as unconditional learning.

Max Gron says:

As for the dual paradigm, that’s what almost everyone is doing, “finding” “truths” outside of myself, even with my own creation. But they’re wrong, tell me because reality’s present to me and what I can see and because I’m responsible for reality that automatically means my perceptions, what I feel by sensations, and what I experience directly of myself is automatically true! Am I right?

Max Raoy Gron says:

You’re absolutely right, like it or not, you’re very honest, but didn’t you get this from Leo when he referred to “direct experience”? Yes! Don’t argue, your sensations might be real, but also it could be a misperception. Your senses can fool you, you who’s a beige person in spiral dynamics! You act like somebody else, not like myself, you’re an artificial carbon copy. You act like any idiot who misunderstands something. I think you’re very ignorant, you only know what you’re trained to think, it speaks for itself, you sure know how to be sensible without your senses fooling you, you’re a phenomenalist and you know it.

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