Understanding Relativism - Part 1

By Leo Gura - June 17, 2019 | 6 Comments

What is relativity? How does it work? Is science relative?

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John says:

All your lectures are extremely useful in coming to terms with the nondual godhead. Your deep thinking and eloquent exposition ensures that your lectures are truly riveting in their academic rigor, scope of material covered and overall coherence. A priceless university course and you offer it to all with eyes to see and ears to hear free of charge. This is truly counter intuitive as you are so fond of saying Leo. Wouldn’t it be true to argue Leo, that from the perspective of the divine, god head, absolute whatever you want to call it, all relativity ceases to exist, ergo the material universe has no objective reality whatsoever and relativity as we conceive it has no meaning?

Max Gron says:

The relative will never cease to exist, death is relative to the loss of brain function and loss of the working of the heart. Medical intervention will prove to you that saving lives, keeping you alive, is what’s needed to prevent death, through the narrow perspective of the doctors, as every doctor will tell you to stop smoking, and to eat a balanced diet, do you see why people die?

lin says:

understanding survival , only part 1 & 2 ?
no part 3 to discuss how to deal with the driven power for survival ? thus one can choose to follow life purpose more peacefully ?

Jo says:

No wonder my preferred way of communication is total silence. I couldn’t create better guru for myself Thanks Leo, love you lots

Max Gron says:

Witchcraft is bad relative to Christianity, from the frame of reference that it sends you to hell. If reality’s relative, subjective and I think it’s not subjective, then bad is what’s unpleasant or harmful relative to what the dictionary says. This is an objective reality the same truth for all based on variation of perspective, but it’s more complicated than that, all relative things are there, they exist, so just agree it’s sitting there, which is the absolute.

Max Raoy Gron says:

Wait a minute,I might’ve been incorrect getting all sceptical/cynical with Leo, the one thing interesting about this and relative truth is that I understand that in literally being the thing it is relative to what’s seen in a time and place, no belief is “wrong” per se, but I think one is absolutely correct in saying that what a thing is is like that to you. My sleeping is therefore sleeping relative to my loss of wokenness, relative to breathing. As I took truth from how to discover what’s true, I follow the Traditionalist School, that perennial philosophy is of the relative and absolute on the one hand, and mystical concentration on the Real on the other. Tradition is the relative truth, not without the interpretation of a worldview I might hold.

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