What Is Actuality?

By Leo Gura - October 8, 2018 | 11 Comments

How to distinguish concepts from direct experience

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Pat says:

I’m having trouble with this one. Why is what is actually here depended on physical sensation? What if we could see nano particles, would that be actual then? Why do we all have the same imagination (on things generally accepted).

It is also difficult juggling this with non-duality. You did hint the subject matter would deepen, and I confess my practices are not enabling me to grow with you.

Daniel says:

Leo I believe you should open your own school. You have a gifted mind and I do believe actualized.org isn’t enough. If you really want stage Orange to understand, create a campus. Like the x-mansion in X-Men lol

Daniel says:

Make it actualized not concept

Andrew says:

This episode jolted me out of my philosopher’s armchair with a much needed kick in the nuts! Leo, the stunning immediacy of what you call “true” spirituality left me dazed but invigorated. Amazingly, the day after watching this, I was lying in the grass watching the falling leaves with my kids and focusing on the pure actuality of this moment, and for a second everything in my field of awareness was God- everything became so excruciatingly beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes!

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Tom says:

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Tom says:

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