Explicit vs Implicit Understanding

By Leo Gura - February 10, 2020 | 4 Comments

What is understanding? How does it work?

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Ammar says:

I think that life is one of the most mysterious phenomenons. It is very hard to understand it if understanding means fully developed or clearly expressed. How can one fully develop and clearly express life? Great topic to research and understand.

Robert says:

Every phenomenon is misterious, only that life is the most intricated amongst all. It is the most evolved one in the whole Universe.

Robert says:

Science and mysticism is like the two wings of a bird, which can not fly with only one, no mather how strong and well shaped is that one wing.

Joel Tepper says:

Take any behavior–playing a song on the piano, for example. Realize the infinite processes of implicit understanding that is required and the infinite difficulties of trying to explicate them.

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