How To Harness Your Intuition

By Leo Gura - October 24, 2016 | 51 Comments

The 3 biggest obstacles to reconnecting with your intuition


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Ramona says:

Just imagine this scene: an incredibly talented writer writes a novel so beautiful, so intricate, so complete, so flawless that the main character has a panic attack and decides to modify the plot, to judge his emotions, his thoughts, his actions, to improve himself and he even aims to change the end of the book. After picturing this, please explain to me this spiritual purification crap! Thank you.

Leo Gura says:

Notice how you keep being ideological.

Ramona says:

I notice everything with deep love and compassion. I notice the one who is kinda proud or something like that because of doing this. Nothing personal involved. There is nothing else here but love.

Kevin Dunlop says:

Hi Leo, Iam really glad that you posted this video, I feel like we are getting on the same page now. Way to go, this is really honest, and for me anyway, a completely accurate description of intuition. Remember I posted in the forum this year a topic. What is Intuition and How does it work. And I was also discussing it with Emerald at the time and getting confirmation about the points you touched on too. I like how you are thinking of giving up on all the worldly things and success. Its not that you wont be ok without them or end up with nothing. You just need to stop following your identities definitions of what things are…. success, buisness, whatever you are calling these goals… are not accurate goals they are just weird definitions entrenched in your identity from before.
When you practice letting go of all that identity stuff and realize that those words you are chasing dont even mean anything youll be able to experience percieving without the ego. Following intruition also has a huge benefit – no more regret. If you do go for it, and follow its illogical advice, youll know you did your best. The weight of regret and not knowing if you had done the right things is gone so you can actually enjoy life giving the drivers seat to intuition.

George says:

Ramona, you don’t make sense to me with that main character dying because the author wrote a good novel, but that could be from my inability to understand native English speakers.

Instead, you say you notice everything with deep love and compassion. During this notification you have enough time and rationale to qualify someone as proud because of this or that. That is a sign that your deep love is not yet as pure as it can be. So the natural step you need to do is to improve your spirituality . So that’s the sense of improving, you better look in yorself than in other fictional novel written by fictional authors in which fictional characters dies at the end – or not.

Ramona says:

It’s okay if it doesn’t make any sense. In my experience, there is nothing to be improved, to become more pure, but thank you for your suggestion.

Drake says:

Why is it that Intuition leads certain people down seemingly contradictory roads? For example I know someone who had an intuition (who says its from God/Jesus) to ride his bike with a cross on the back across the United States but for you you were told by your intuition to start and “seek” Enlightment. You both describe this intuition as the same, like a still small voice but why would this “higher power” send people on contradictory paths? Is it just the filter, is there in a sense multiple higher powers, or what?

Dominic says:

What kind of miserable Paradigma makes you lead to believe that Intuition is same for everybody? That seems utterly hilarious to me and implies deep misunderstanding.

Its like asking “why is it, when people follow their own Taste, that some people like sweets and dislike bitter fruits; and some people the other way around? Isnt that contradictory? I mean, thats Taste”

And if that is your understanding of Taste and Intuition, you are bound to ask such questions

Somones Intuition may lead one to make lots of money, another one may become a Monk.. for every one Person comes one Intuition; an inbuilt guidance System particular for that Person. Its not like a navi in your car that says the same for everyone – same road and stuff.

As a Christian one may ask “but isnt alls Intuition, to jesus? Isnt it to, god?”

Just joking here ofc with the last thing, pardon me

“BUT IF MY TALENT IS MAKING RECEPEIS, isnt that the same for everyone? Doesnt Talent imply that? My Talent, your Talent?”

Hope that makes the point. I got some more in ma pocket;

Only someone disconnected from his/her Talent, Style, Intuition and suxh stuffs asks such questions (stuff for reflection).. given that Intuition is foreign to most people in this world because they are deemed to ignore andive against it basically as a “Status Quo”, it is forgiven and may be my sarcastic undertone be forgiven also, ill selfhelp on it x-)


Leo Gura says:

It’s not the same for everybody, but you underestimate at this point the deep existential motivations that fuel ALL human beings, and how they’re all just escapes from one true desire: unification with Truth.

Intuition is not merely a matter of taste. True intuition will never lead one to chasing money or sex or success for example. Those are all ego distortions. The only reason one chases those things is out of ignorance that there is something way better.

Dominic says:

Well, in the core I can see that; but purpose stems from Intuition, and its like an onion: you first have to scrap (to be honest, you don’t “have” to, but I personally, I “want” to) the outer layers of purpose.. for you, these were studying psychology, Quittung your job, your successful Business and starting actualized. They were not ego distortions;

And besides that, in my Meditation practice so far I come to – probably a transisatory stage – realize that truth, right now, is nothing more than truth-fullness – with every moment; thoughts Intuition emotions etc. That it’s a way of living and not a destination; ofc – maybe its not so ofc as I think – but it seema that there’s more to that also, but going for these deeper onion layers before shedding the other layers (for me these are doing my own Business, vids, writing my books about Meditation and minimalism and other Personal development stuff and atleast try to help fix Society into a more healthy Direction)..

In spite of the “deepeat Layer”, that also seems irrelevant,but man, we are here for the Dance, may as well enjoy the dance before we move on. And enjoy all the Dance. I couldn’t bare sitting in a forest in Solitude as a Monk for years unless it IS my clearest Intuition; and deny me this Dance

Drake says:

Dominic what I was trying to say (which I didn’t do a good job of doing because I thought it would be interpreted differently) was why is it that intuition, with the assumption that it will lead towards Truth, will have one person talking of God and the other of Enlightment (these meaning the same thing) and why this intuition will have one person calling it and treating it as a God and the other as something else. Is it just the persons interpretation, is it because intuition wants to be known in other ways to fit a specific group of people, or something completely different? And by the way I’m not saying intuition CANT be different for everyone but why if it is ultimately suppose to get you to Truth would be seen in so many different ways.
-Thanks for the reply though

Cristina says:

Intuition is like love, you don’t have to wonder if you love someone or not, you just love them for no reason, it’s a FEELING that stays with you no matter how hard you try to ignore it( sometimes you feel it’s not that strong , then it comes back in waves,but it never leaves you, at least to some point). The more you try to forget that person and start a new relationship (that might seem more “convenient” for some logical reasons) the more you realise you look for pros (logically) to like that new person. This might illustrate the difference between real intuition and fake intuition.

I learnt to pay close attention to my inner voice when I make decisions; right now I find myself in a deadlock and watching your video I realised it’s been a few months and I still can’t make up my mind on a certain thing I’ll have to decide sooner or later. The older I get the longer time it takes me to make decisions, because of the past good or bad experiences and previous “feelings” I ignored and could connect the dots only later, sometimes when it was already too late.

The usual symptoms I have with fake intuition are anxiety, fear, doubt, some odd feeling of being strange to myself (that I sometimes confused with evolution or change, which was not the case), the urge to build a plan B just in case, the feeling that you have to sacrifice something or leave something behind to make it (which I also confused with getting out of the comfort zone which again wasn’t the case) , in a word a bunch of anxious feelings you feel you have to combat with those pro arguments in order to follow the plan. It was just a matter of time until I gave up and it took me some years to realise I wasn’t a failure (for keeping changing plans and starting from scratch), I was just wandering in the look for my place.
We live in this era where it’s all about being tough,fast, pragmatic, adaptable, immune to stress, body’s signals, inner feelings, perceptions, etc. The tougher you are the better.

I have a friend, she’s a pediatrician and she recently had a burnout for ignoring her body and her emotions and the stress and pain she was going through at work. She became so anxious she walked out the house at midnight to buy a couple more boxes of sleeping pills just to make sure she was going to sleep that night. Eventually, she shaved her head and quit her job, she couldn’t take it anymore and her body collapsed. I talked to her and could simply not understand how she got to that point, how could she ignore the strong signals her body and feelings gave her, and she said it’s society and all its pressure, her ambition and all the shit. She’s a smart girl, logically she understood what I was telling her but it seemed that emotionally she was so disconnected with herself.

Another strange thing, once I was talking to a cousin and he was going through a similar experience and told him you need to love yourself, you harm yourself cause you simply don’t love yourself and it’s so wrong what you’re doing to yourself, have no compassion to your body,heart and mind, and what he told me totally shocked me – he says – it’s so easy in theory to love yourself and all the cheap psychology, but in real life it’s so damn hard to love yourself. I’d think that the core problem of this disconnection is the lack of self love.

Loving yourself is not egotistical, but a way to protect yourself from suffering, from wandering, from wasting your years, from trying too hard on something useless or worse, destroying.

As usual, Leo, you’re an inspiration. Thanks for this video.

George says:


Please don’t even think to cease helping people. Please stay so impure as you are now, since if not, some people who value you will not advance, so the overall result would be worse than you advancing alone.

Sevi says:

George, would you like to join us? You might like it actually

Tim says:

Not sure if this is serious, but Leo convinced me to meditate and opened my mind for Spirituality. At least for some people he’s doing a good job.

Nate Jaxon says:

I truely appreciate you showing us your growth, man. that’s love. I was hit with a random phrase one day while working at my fast food career. it was something like a voice, but more of a feeling. it said :”you’re wasting your LIFE” and i started to shiver from the feeling of all my hair on my body standing up. due to the fact that this happened, just a week or two before that. I was chilling in my back yard, contemplating on new kicks to try; then the voice hit me. it said: “i like stories” this then was followed by an extreme urge to study the bulding blocks of storytelling. I always subconciously knew what i wanted to do with my life; make movies, and music. this video had such impeccable timing. regarding the fact that it’s still very fresh in my mind, and now i know what it is. and what to do with it. i honestly couldn’t thank you enough for the silent contribution you’ve had on my world veiws and awareness but.. thanks

Genefer says:

Hey Leo,

Currently working on your life purpose course. During the visualization, I encountered much frustration, as I could not catch the “rare butterfly”, or the important lesson that I was supposed to learn. The lesson I learned was negative, and I cannot see a positive lesson to be learned or to be proud of in that situation. Now I just feel angry. Not sure what to do.


Leo Gura says:

Try it again.

You can do it as many times as you like.

You’re just experiencing resistance. That’s natural. There’s always a positive lesson there.

Genefer says:

Will do.

Kevin Turner says:

Hey Leo,
Just finished watching the Intuition episode, very nice work. I have a question though, what is the difference between living a life (authentic life) following your intuition, and being Enlightened? I’ve heard others refer to this state of being as Enlightenment.
You basically come to a point where you are connected to the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Universe 24/7, and you drop the identification with your ego, and your attachment to material things, which allows you to come from a place of Unconditional Love. Isn’t this what Enlightenment is?
I would really appreciate some clarification.

Ragnhild says:

Hi. I’m kinda working on the same project here from Norway. I do videos and coaching for raising other peoples awareness till the degree of enlighment. If I honor your name, may I translate this video into my language? PS. I so love your work, your person and how you deliver the truth. Wow!

Ragnhild says:

Hi. I kinda working on a simulair project as you, here from Norway. I do vidoes and coaching with the intension og raising other peoples awareness till the degree og enlightment. I wonder if I may translate this video into my language and publish it, offcourse honor your name. Ps. You have been one of my biggest insipiration for my work., thank you. Wow, I love you!

Freyah says:

Dear Leo,
I dont normally write comments but I intuit that I should ….. I see from what you said at the beginning of the video that one of the things you are considering is abandoning…. maybe because you consider it as an ‘attachment to success.’ Please don’t. I think you (and your intuition!) are able to articulate what humanity needs to hear. I know monks take themselves away and ‘renounce all their wordly attachments,’ I see the freedom in that IF you don’t have the fetters of family responsibilities, but what they end up doing is working for the benefit of others anyway. Is that not what you are doing already?
I certainly have benefitted in hearing your videos. It has led me to wider reading, and kind of a ‘steamroller’ of a journey that I have to keep persuing. I have a family, but i see the appeal in long stints of contemplation- not exactly family friendly though so I cant consider that long term. When you look at what is on offer from a buddhist perspective when seriously pursuing enlightenment, the reader is always anticipated to be a male monastic. Im sure enlightmentment should not be a pursuit exclusive of parents…..surely?? I think what you offer is an accessible way to have insights and realisations- maybe because your videos challenge us to contemplate and read further. This time last year (and prior to then) in my rationalist mentality, I would have thought that Richard Dawkins had it sussed. I realise now, that there is something important he was missing…. some form of ‘qualia’ that cant be measured.. like colour, and taste and emotion,…that you get from meditation. All I know now is there is bunch of stuff that I dont know that I dont know. If you want to help people, can you please keep doing what you are doing??? Your ‘verbalisatons’ of your learning and experience enables the fanning the embers of those with the flame just starting! It has a knock on effect too…
Everything else ‘available’ seems to be shrouded in some kind of (eastern) secrecy- even my friend, a monastic for 20 years, was not able to articulate too much more to me than ‘people are so addicted to their senses’… although I understand what he means now- you offer something people making a transition can access. The internet seems to be the way this ‘mass awakening’ is happening, without trying to sound too new age-y… you have the articulatory skills! Anyway, in two weeks I will do my first 10 day vispassana, so Im hoping to channel a bucketload of intuition then Thanks Leo, for inspiring me thus far….. you should come to NZ, lots of nature, birds, quiet, unpolluted sea, ridiculous blossoms, natural springs….. if 5MeoDMT has not tipped you over the knife-edge, then this environment could! ..


Leo, the way you see it, would we have a life purpose within the world of matter (as you mentioned in the video, communicated through divine force/intuition) or would we be here on earth simply to develop higher awareness towards awakening (which would result in all activities within the world of matter be looked at and experienced as a game we may decide to play so as to attend to certain material needs)?

Hunter Arrington says:

Leo, has drinking alkaline water proved/not proved to be beneficial from your extensive research? THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR WORK.

Dave says:

Leo, has drinking alkaline water proved/not proved to be beneficial from your research? THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK/STRIVING/DEDICATION.

Jake says:

Hey Leo,

I’m the pursuit of raising consciousness, do you think that there are any inherent dangers/limitations of westerners pursuing eastern traditions and practices?

Jake says:

Correction: in the pursuit, ahaha I don’t quite feel like I’m consciousness yet

Leo Gura says:

Not unless you plan to do something totally stupid.

Elton says:

How do i ignore my intuition ? by rationalizing it away.
many answers to the work sheet are blank will have to ponder over them again and again…

I’ve just creative an intuition incubator (a note book) where i’m going to write down every intuition journal about my feelings as i take steps to execute them.

Hengame says:

I enjoyed and got important points, will take these points and keeping in my daily life first to clean conflicts on my relationships overall. The video is really helpful I am talking from myself. Thank you for sharing and bring those important points in my head.

C says:

Hi Leo,

Words cannot express how happy I am for you and your spiritual growth. I completely understand if your intuition is guiding you to leave. . . To end this journey on and to begin your soon to be enlightened life. I remember you mentioning in the forum you wanted to live out your life in the woods, in a cabin far away from it all. I’m sure your intuition can be heard loud and clear out there, without any interruptions and distractions. I love how mother nature has that effect on us. The cool breeze and the rustling of the trees instantly transforms me, and I can hear absolute infinity, our intuition, aka God so clearly within my super subconscious mind, which is how we are chosen to be communicated with. This same intuition that guides you is the same intuition that guides all others.

I hope that you know that the hard work and knowledge you have shared is appreciated by the universe. It means more than you will ever know. I just hope you leave your videos up so we can continue to learn when you are gone.

I will miss you, and many others will feel the same. But all of our journeys have the same ending . . . enlightenment, whether we accomplish them during this life time or there after. We have absolute infinity to accomplish enlightenment. I hold you with the highest respect.

Jiminy Cricket from the Disney movie Pinocchio once said. . . Let your conscious be your guide. . . . We now know that he ment our intuition.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who LOVE
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
Your dreams come true

Even Cinderella says the same thing… A dream is a wish your heart makes… and a few others too..

Leo, let your conscious be your guide.

With Love, Light, and Many Blessings,


Lucas says:

Leo, have you ever read Baruch de Espinosa? I find your ideas very similar to his philosophy.

Leo Gura says:

Spinoza was a pantheist, so sure. Seems like he had some direct spiritual insights.

steph says:

Your timing of this video is right on for me. Lately I’m considering dropping everything that I have set up (volunteering, working out consistently etc). It’s an inner voice that tells me I need to be free and open for the spiritual journey. The voice is becoming louder every day and I know it will be just a matter of time until I have/will to let go. There is one video where you say that the tasks we take on ultimately are a distraction. That’s what it feels like now. And I don’t understand why I am fearful about it at this time, to be where I need to be, maybe because it will feel selfish.

Virgile says:

Are you telling that all ideas of contribution to the world cannot be motivated by love ? So what are we doing except stay sitted meditating ? (without joke)

Leo Gura says:

No, not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Ricardo says:

Hi, Leo
Do you improvise most of what you say in this video, or you have a sort of script to guide yourself?

Alison says:

Another great video Leo. I’ve been following my intuition for the past eight years and I’m finally in a place where I want to be. It’s been a difficult path because of all the false intuitions you describe leading me down rabbit holes. When you talk about the magnetic like force of it it makes sense. As I’ve been practising meditation more and more in the past 2 years my intuition seems to have become stronger, and I feel more aware of the logic and justifications of other feelings I get which has taken me off my path at times. What has been interesting though is my genuine intuition has led me to love, success and gratitude which I wasn’t expecting, so it’s almost like you don’t exactly know what’s going to happen but you know it’s going to lead you to a higher place. Only problem I have though I like to know the future so this has been a battle (for example I love reading my horoscopes!). Highlights the complexity of it I guess.

Christina says:

Hi Leo

How can you say that running your business is wrong?Since your intuition led you up to this point how can it be wrong?Is wrong an incorrect word or is it about being afraid of getting comfortable with this state?

Leo Gura says:

It’s not wrong, it’s a just a matter of hitting maximum alignment with my highest purpose.

kayla says:

Hi leo, I appreciate you so much; the consistency thats given as well as the change. I also appreciate your honesty and if you see yourself leaving actualized down the road then I respect your decision. If im being honest though my stomach dropped and i felt scared of your videos going away.

Thanks for another great episode!

brian says:

I confuse deficient mind set and impulse with intuition often. Self aware. imperfect.

mark says:

hi ,leo many, many thanks for the work sheets.
On intuition: when I was younger I got deeply involved in channelling which set my intuition lose in a big way. Its quite advanced work and you need to be a very stable person to start with (careful with those hand grenades son!). I found that you need to be able to drop the self to access it fully, and yet be able to ground yourself back in ego-space on re-entry. these days whilst not being any kind of tradition Christian at all (god is no-thing) I say to myself many times a day “thy will be done”. M

Robert says:

Does intuition and logic align at times?

Leo Gura says:

Sure, don’t create a false dichotomy. Balance the two intelligently.

Jim says:

Leo, thank you for the great relevant advice about following intuition. Ive always been really intuitive but have sometimes been scared to follow it especially when it was more of a drastic one or a radical one…

Natalya says:

When you said you’re considering no longer pursuing success and possibly terminating, I died on the inside. Please don’t. You provide the most overarchng and straight-to-the-core coaching I’ve ever encountered in my 20 years of self-development. I will have to spend another 20 years looking for someone like you.

Layla says:

What is the role of our emotions in our intuitions? do they help or distort our ability to hear the intuitive voice? Are they themselves a form of insight or intelligence?

Heather Crespi says:



I am a highly, highly sensitive intuitive person, but cant follow my intuition. How can I follow my intuition and listen? (Ideally without creating more pain and suffering)? Thanks for your help!

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