Content vs Structure

By Leo Gura - November 13, 2019 | 18 Comments

Distinguishing between content & structure can help you understand and master all of life.

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Rebecca Sinclair says:

God is god is GOD is god. I am i am I am i.

Meta (from the Greek meta) – meaning after or beyond is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept that is an abstraction behind another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.

God is i am GOD am i. Am I GOD? GOD I am.

I do not want green eggs and ham. I do not want them Sam I AM!

I only want to say
If there is a way
Take this cup away from me
For I don’t want to taste its poison
Feel it burn me
I have changed.
From Jesus Christ Superstar

Sometimes I don’t have words to express my awe at and appreciation for the work you are doing. Please watch 2 Cellos perform THE SHOW MUST GO ON. They seem very happy no?

Max Gron says:

Yes but your structure is worshipping yourself, my structure is worshipping a God in a book (the Bible), along with a complex structure of aesthetics, buckwheat porridge, cynicism, I’m a Kierkegaardian. I found some easy answers to this problem: stop thinking you’re God, go back to an old-fashioned God when he created the universe and is the object of worship, not the other way around, religion, not man gods. We’re not gods of ourselves, we’re God’s sons and daughters. He goes on about changing the structure, but do you ever question Leo’s structure? The structure should be mixing religions, it should be one God, one soul, and one sageness of religions. To really change the structure instead replace selflessness and selfishness with sinlessness and detachment. I admit I hold a default position, and these are my positions, I’m not God and you’re not God. You’re an interpreting nightmare who never thinks for herself!

Shiso says:

Would you say skepticism is a meta-philosophy? Particularly is terms of suspension of belief as a skeptic practice that transcends the beliefs or doctrines of the various schools of philosophy?

Max Gron says:

Yes the skepticism itself is very much a belief, a belief is recognition that something is true or untrue. As a belief it’s a disbelief, an anti-belief, when no anti-belief existed before, atheism came first, which is a religious anti-belief. If you think skeptically it’s a school of thought and therefore it’s a belief, other “schools” include religion, like the Puritan school, the Scotist school and the Presbyterian school. But on the subject of the structure the three schools are different content of one structure, and skepticism has its own unique structure. It’s not that you should be a skeptic, you should test beliefs, morals, and politics for yourself.

Good Concept but it not have any kind of scienctific explanation.

Max Gron says:

Don’t you realise it’s a different system? What seems anti-scientific which is starting the wars he’s correcting science and tweaking it, trying to improve and enhance science much like Protestants tweak, enhance and try to improve Christianity, still it’s making the wars. If you interpret real Christianity the irony is you’re a fake Christian, this stuff isn’t science, the “proof” of spiritual things is through meditation and direct experience. Christianity isn’t science, Leo’s not doing science, but the two, which are structurally similar, are meta-science, they look into observation, Christ interpreted as a fool anti-wise when he thought he was wise, talking of wise men he’s a fool to talk like an old man he’s never even met, that goes beyond science into observation outside experience, thus we don’t need science, as Leo says we need to go meta.

Lisa Bennett says:

Stood Up Takao as she buys him birthday present with another boy secretly angry
Stood up Ayase after his grandma collapsed as she was wet after waiting outside.

Max Gron says:

Is this a black comedy you’re creating? The structure of a black comedy is somewhat different to the structure of a comedy, what you wrote sounded strange, it’s macabre. Har har har, hilarious joke! She’s to await approaching her wet? I don’t get the joke. Are you talking about the content of water or the structure of approaching women and dating? Is it the content, that she’s old, or the structure that someone’s approaching her? I’m confused.

Max Gron says:

I don’t mean to debunk you but different religions, sects and cults are different structures if it’s something else, Christianity isn’t the same structure as Satanism, Christianity is a sect, Satanism is a cult, it’s not the same. A different timeline of philosophy is a different structure, optimism and pessimism aren’t the same structure as monism, if you make a sect of it it’s different content but the same structure, if you change to ideology you have a totally different structure, within anti-ideological psychology you haven’t changed my structure, try making me a patriot and my life’s a different and rather disagreeable because it’s different, structure. Religions have different structures, otherwise difference of content is the same religion.

Max Gron says:

Catholicism’s not bloody religion, it’s worshipping idols and fakery of Jesus, with some weird content in it.

Max Gron says:

Catholicism isn’t ordinary religion or ordinary Christianity, it’s a sectarian religious cult in the guise of “doing the ordinary thing”. Is it normal considering the violence when Catholicism isn’t itself violent? Probably not, but the structure is a Christian cult, not the religious structure, it’s a mini-structure within the religious structure but it’s still a different structure to other cults. It’s more of a ritualistic structure than a spiritual-religious structure, there are other cults of that structure, when you’re required to drink in the Amazon, or drink ayahuasca, it’s therefore a ritualistic structure, the same way it was done in the Stone Age, since the Stone Age had ritualistic cults, not all religions are the same structure, some are ritualistic, some are without rituals, some are spiritual, some are to do with parables and spirits, and some are without gods. The contents are different, but still it’s not all gods, rituals and the soul, different structure. Furthermore Puritanism is very much the same structure, it would be different if it was Sufism. Christianity is too sectarian, it’s all a war of the true religion. If mixed thus you create a new structure. You’re not Christ-like by literally doing everything the Bible says, but through a sect of Christianity and cherry-picking the Bible. Sam Harris believes in God, he’s actually one of the three schools (Judaism, Christianity or Islam), Sam Harris is a different structure, he’s in the structure of ancient religion, not the structure of modernism. He’s not materialistic, he’s extremely theistic, he probably believes in spirit, don’t kid yourself, ask him what he thinks God is, he won’t admit it’s physical.

Max Gron says:

Leo talks about religion understanding religion, but the way he understands it and the way you understand it Jesus is going to be pissed off and demolish all Leo’s and your possessions and tip the tables and cards over and destroy all the casinos and lottery tickets, do you think Jesus cares about the structure? He cares about the sect and the way you understand it, about following him and losing your life, Leo’s so innocent, Jesus is going to get pissed with Leo’s “false prophecy”.

Max Gron says:

Forget you, Leo! Money is a different structure to poverty. I’m happy with luxury, money, jewellery, which is a different structure to being homeless, skinny and in rags, even though the content doesn’t matter, you still wear clothes, what do you know about structure? Doing nothing and doing pleasure is a different structure, and I don’t like your structure, my structure is to go to America and eat a hotdog!

Minnie Kowalski says:

Leo- You are emphasising structure too much. Circle back around and realize that like everything, this is not a duality. Your preoccupation with picking women up is a massive display of this. You are forgetting the agency she has and over emphasising the influence you have.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m tired of this weird game of a fucked up life, people are forcing me to play this game, I say no, my life isn’t a game, don’t you see the content of a doctor, and the content of my behaviour he’s trying to change, and my structure which you don’t like, even the changing of structure, even the system, because of Leo, and the need to grow yourself, constantly changing, because Leo can’t accept you for what you fucking are, and fucking the world with a prettily wrapped up turd, is a game? It’s all a game, and I’m not playing this game anymore. I’m a full Christian, a Puritan, an extremely regular guy, ultranormal, with a perfect structure of a healthy, vegetable-and-water-based diet, and I’m not changing a thing, messing with the content of my new year’s resolution, how dare you? How do I even begin to describe this?
Changing my structure? I’m tired of this weird, negative game played on me all my life, no more games, no more schemes, no more twisting reality, I’m going to accept myself the way I am.

Max Raoy Gron says:

I’m not about to have the same or similar content, I’m completely changing the structure, the content may be God and so forth, and so is the content different if it’s Buddhism, but it’s a diseased structure, it should be a different structure say within the humanities, philosophy, and hate or love groups, it’s so, I even gave up the science structure, to do this is to change the whole structure which does change the content in the dozens of beliefs within that structure, there’s no other way to change the structure. I’m saying the structure of holy religion isn’t the same as the structure of anti-Semite ideologies or misogyny or misanthropy, the content, which is hating jews (not slavs or gypsies necessarily), is the same structure as hating women or mankind, which are different contents, systems and beliefs of the same structure. Having anything to do with the same old thing in general simply means preserving the structure, which to me is perfect because I’m forever preserving my new structure and I’m not about to ever change it again.

Max Gron says:

I have had enough of you and the darkness. People are going to love my life for what it is because I’ll force them to indulge in life for what it is. In reality things are going completely good, especially when it’s running smoothly me wrangling a decent terror to the dust. I think Leo’s absolutely right, the structure I worked on changing is all the same thing, I do a decent good life then an indecent man starts begging me to make him coffee, for he can’t live doing things himself, and that extends to other yet idiotic people begging me for cigarettes, people who can’t do their own work. Reality being the structure is being so sweet about it!

Max the Know better says:

Don’t kid yourselves over religious structure, do you think religion’s a whole new structure? It’s structured like an anti-invention, like music, it’s an anti-original, anti-modern mindset with old news, old beliefs and gods, the way music is invented and the way religion is invented is exactly the same structure, it’s simply the anti-invention structure, it’s boring, no original ideas of one’s own, and if you think the pantheist god is a different structure it’s not, it’s structured like Thor and Zeus, it’s just different content. If you’re supporting myths or gods you’re still stuck in the same structure, except when you’re atheist or worldly, two different structures of or religions. I say don’t be god, religious, mythological or anything like that, just stop being wrong and be an atheist, I knew it before, religion isn’t knowing, it destroys knowledge, only an atheist knows, and you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know, Leo, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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