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Like it or not,but sometimes my intuition tells me there are no others,I'm playing some Game with me to play this game of life.

Experiment to perform,first try to use lucid dreaming techniques ok,then what -once u are in lucid dream,try to focus on space or try to project a hologram or an idea using your mind -thought based or imagination upon the dream.

Try to focus an idea of living being into existence, u will see a living self conscious being will spring forth out of nothing and there is no limit to how many times u can repeat this process. SO,my point is why can I cause self conscious, self aware beings to come to existence in my dream out of nothing,but it's me who is dreaming them in my dream and they function on their own as if they exist independent and outside of me and they exist and are real and self aware,but I know in my lucid dream,no matter even if they are self conscious, I know they don't exist, it's all my dream.

So ,why do I have this ability as consciousness to give rise to unlimited beings which seem to be aware of themselves and have function of memory,but they in ultimate sense -unlimited beings are equivalent of one being,since I'm the only real being in my dream,I know it's an ego personality, I wake up and become true personality which in turn is another ego consciousness, until u become true consciousness-eternal one.

So,u can try this experiment in lucid dream,the experience will be burnt in your deepest cores of memory as mine.

That's all.......

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