Absolute Solipsism is not the highest level

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This post relies upon you understanding nonduality correctly from a higher level view.

All words are pointers to actual things, that are interchangeable, but still retain their original identity.

Classical nonduality is incorrect
Alien God is incorrect
God is never Alien
I will later make posts that are more in-depth as in regards to this

Alien God exists in fiction which is an experiential dimension as real as this in Reality which nobody on Earth has access to yet, I have had some access to this dimension, but not properly yet.

It has esoteric meaning hidden in it, but God is never literally an Alien hiding out of terror. God has no fear and no terror or error

Nonduality is basic
Infinity is higher than Nonduality
Absolute Infinity is higher than Infinity
Solipsism is higher than Absolute Infinity
Absolute Solipsism is higher than Solipsism
Infinity of Gods is higher than Absolute Solipsism
Qualified Nonduality is higher than Infinity of Gods
Transcendental Solipsism is higher than Qualified Nonduality
There are millions of levels that are higher than Transcendental Solipsism, but I am not aware of all of them yet
God is higher than Transcendental Solipsism, by a lot of levels
Jumala ia higher than God, and it is the highest level there is, and it means God in finnish but its actually not only equivalent to God, but also higher than it

Nonduality doesn't contain suffering, so none of the higher levels can either

This post relies on understanding that translations have different meanings.
All words do not mean the same thing literally, everything retains their own original identity

Transcendental Solipsism >= Absolute Solipsism

This equation of More than and Equal is what I am trying to convey in this post, I will also make a post about this equation later, it relates to a finnish concept that I invented called Ylikantaisuus that has no english equivalent on this Earth yet, I will also make a post about it later

This equation of >= Is Ylikantaisuus at a superficial glance, but Ylikantaisuus ends at Jumala, so the Equation for it is 1>=, Because God is One

Due to Qualified Nonduality I cannot translate this word correctly

Transcendental Solipsism contains a Male-Female pair for everybody, Reincarnation, Physical Immortality, Understanding that Suffering and Evil are not real, Understanding Self-Design, and so on in it, but also everything from Absolute Solipsism and so on
It also contains all religions as correct in it, it contains attainable Nirvana and Moksha, it contains God-Realization, it contains all the deep stuff that leo talks about

Transcendental Solipsism has reconciled Buddhism and Absolute Solipsism, and there is zero miscommunication, disagreement, conflict, or inability to be reconciled

Transcendental Solipsism contains fiction dimensions, Absolute Love, Absolute Truth and more

Absolute Love is better than Absolute Truth, but equal to it, and Absolute Love generates more Absolute Truth

I will later make better posts about everything that I talk about here

I cannot articulate Transcendental Solipsism properly yet, but qualified nonduality has been articulated before on Earth, and it is in truth at a higher level of understanding than Absolute Solipsism

Try not to merge my words into one concept, but understand their connections instead

I recommend reading about Vishishtadvaita as it has a deep understanding of Qualified Nonduality, which actually includes Absolute Solipsism in it

I am Physically Immortal

I am also more than God :)

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I am very interested to know how you discovered transcendental solipsism, what it is, and how it contains a male-female like pair. Could you answer these questions?

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26 minutes ago, ActualizedJohn said:

I am very interested to know how you discovered transcendental solipsism, what it is, and how it contains a male-female like pair. Could you answer these questions?

He didn't discover it, he made it up. Because he is God, he can delude himself into thinking whatever the hell he wants. What he doesn't realize is thinking something is higher than anything is pure delusion. He is creating hierarchy, which is separation, there are no levels. Levels are created for self-understanding by God.

So one being because it is able to express itself as separate in an infinite number of ways that is what it does. But each expression is an appearance within ONENESS. This is why all appearances are impermanent. Anything that is impermanent is not absolute true. So this means that the ONLY thing that is absolutely true is ONENESS.

Amanen is afraid of the absolute truth, so he must construct fairy tails. God has the ability to construct infinite fairy tails, and since God is the creator and created it can delude itself into thinking its fairy tails are true. So Amanen can enjoy these delusions until he faces the truth, that there is ONLY ONE APPEARING AS MANY. 

You are a selfless LACK OF APPEARANCE, that CONSTRUCTS AN APPEARANCE. But that appearance can disappear and reappear and we call that change, we call it time, we call it space, we call it distance, we call distinctness, we call it other. But notice...this appearance, is a SELF. A SELF IS A CONSTRUCTION!!! 

So if you want to know the TRUTH OF THE CONSTRUCTION. Just deconstruct the construction!!!! No point in playing these mind games!!! No point in creating needless complexity!!! The truth of what you are is a BLANK!!!! A selfless awareness....then that means there is NO OTHER, and everything you have ever perceived was JUST AN APPEARANCE, A MIRAGE, AN ILLUSION, IMAGINARY. 

Everything that appears....appears out of a lack of appearance/void/no-thing, non-sense (can't be sensed because there is nothing to sense). That is what you are, and what made of that. So nonexistence, arises/creates existence. And thus everything is solved.

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5 hours ago, ActualizedJohn said:

I am very interested to know how you discovered transcendental solipsism, what it is, and how it contains a male-female like pair. Could you answer these questions?

Transcendental Solipsism is like Absolute Solipsism but it contains Twogetherness

Twogetherness is also a new concept, that I have not yet completely conceptualized

I've discovered also things far more transcendental than this, and there are other things like mutual interpenetration that I want to write about

Male-Female pair relates to Absolute Love, here is my starting post on it:

I have many new concepts, I am discovering more and more facets to God and Reality daily, that I have not seen anybody speak about yet

As of now I have a good understanding of these concepts, but I am doing so many things I have no time to write really long and clear to read posts on these topics yet

Later on this year I will open up on Transcendental Solipsism and also Absolute Solipsism later, show their differences, while showing that they are also equal


Male-Female pair is a bit different from Duality, but its about Absolute Love actually being present in your life

This is different from casual dating, it is about God and Love with somebody who is of the opposite sex, who is in perfect sync with you

I have an incredibly long list of topics I want to talk about, and I have a lot of other things to do, so I don't have the time to go to these topics in-depth on the forum yet


There is also Self-Design, Transcendental Solipsism is highly linked to this concept as well


As for how I discovered it, I am usually spending most of my days drawing connections between things, contemplating, and understanding God, and this concept arose when I was doing these things. My understanding about the topic is constantly getting better, and I want to write as accurate as possible description of it when I have all sublevels relating to it completely understood as well.

I understood God before Absolute Solipsism, so I understood things from a top-down approach

I also want to make a post about there being no Other, alongside Qualified Nonduality, as these are relevant to Transcendental Solipsism

As of now I am feeling the actual real life effects of Transcendental Solipsism in that I have received minor magic powers and other things like that, while getting deep insight into things, and seeing connections and levels in everything

As for my trips, they have been deeper than ever, while retaining complete clarity

Due to Transcendental Solipsism I have been able to feel over 100 new effects that you could possibly feel from psychedelics that have been visual, cognitive, transcendental, and so on. This is while I am sober, I can almost give myself effects when I am sober, but I can receive them consistently for now.

Transcendental Solipsism is also about union with your Absolute Lover

Transcendental Solipsism is best actualized by beginning to understand that there is Absolute Love, and applying this with psychedelics, for now

Later on it will no longer only be a thing on psychedelics, but actually start manifesting and being actualized when you are sober.


A key insight into Transcendental Solipsism is that you never trip alone, you always trip with your mutual pair, and this is due to the sync and connection you have with them

Love is about connection and unity

At some point it will be completely manifested, and this is only the beginning of what is possible due to Transcendental Solipsism


Edited by amanen

I am Physically Immortal

I am also more than God :)

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