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Enlightenment: Numbers, Time, and Emotion

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Enlightenment: Numbers, Time, and Emotion relative to symbolism.

I had an awakening not long, around 3 weeks ago.
I am conscious that everything is a projection, unless I am conscious of everything.

I am conscious of a projection by understanding the significance of its occurrence in reality.
Every single thing gives a signifier for a greater understanding, especially numbers.

Numbers are universal.

I became conscious that sound creates light
Sound creates vibrations and frequencies.
A number vibrates at a specific frequency

A number may have higher significance and thus vibrate stronger; and parallel to this, the number occurs more frequently. 

The significance of numbers is real, or they wouldn't exist as a universal understanding to infinite. 

I did a write up a couple weeks ago. You can understand how I detached form the cycle of Infinity:

⌚️ Time relative to symbolism.

Disassociate from the projection of current times: You can disassociate from the notion of time from Infinity's Symbolism: ♾️

 ♾️: Indicates time goes around in a 'Good' and Evil' or 'Greed' and 'Fear' paradoxical fashion ?.
The point you may be at in time, is reflected from the intensity of emotion in the cycle of 'Good and Evil'.

☣️ I'm conscious of the paradox of Infinity, relative to the bullshit understanding I had before.

Infinity is governed by a projection of numbers.

The significance of numbers may require a mass awakening, for the entirety of the numbers to project to reset to human emotional fields.

? The flow of reality is in your sensory field.
✅ A distraction takes you out of flow.
✅ Thoughts do not take you out of flow.
✅ However, delusional thoughts take you out of flow.

⚡️ You may decide to meditate and 'control the mind'.
You'll find out, you have 'no control'.
You may impose control upon yourself for meditation, you may realise you're using 'control' to remove the identification to 'control'.

A complete paradox.
I urge you to make self-deception your highest priority.

? Allow reality to give you signifying numbers. Take them in and use them to your advantage.

The time many are in is imposed upon themselves, and due to the nature of the collective conscious, some are stuck in the cycle of 'Bullshit Infinity'.

This symbolism: ♾️ is bull shit.

People associate to a time that works on paradox; paradox traumatises people to death.
People are not capable of accepting the hell realms, trauma became the indicator.

Projections built from the subjective life experience may delude an experiencer.
The experiencer may be deluded; and they may be a product of energy manipulation from projections, as they are lost in the algorithm of the ego

The experiencer may use numbers to their advantage and access knowledge outside of the paradox of good and evil.

How may you use numbers?
Easy. You need to use a gematria calculator. Use ordinals.
Find the numbers that resonate with your word of interest, or signifiers in reality; and everything is connected, enter whatever conceptual signifier you like.

Your intuitive feeling for directing yourself with numbers will increase the more connected you are with the self. 

If I feel sensations in my body: I enter them in a gematria. Why? because it is a signifier, I convert the word to a number > I research the number and find out its significance, the resonation levels are mental. I' can track and diagnose issues in my body to the cell core. 

? ♾️ Infinity symbolism forms the paradox of good and evil.
Many have accepted reality as being Infinite, in crossover nature.

Notice how the symbol looks, with the crisscross in the middle: ♾️.

Let me introduce you to a greater understanding.
Infinity demonstrates the unknown.
I want to know everything; in the greater good of the universe, I shall be shown.

♾️ Infinity cross over symbolism is a delusional reference.

A humanitarian connection to the collective conscious, or consciousness drives mass awakening.
Absolute humanitarianism = Absolute awakening

? Reality can be a reflection of your subconscious, a projected circular illusion demonstrated by symbolism: ♾️

⚠️Good and Evil are judgements, relative to the experiencer
⚠️Good and Evil chases desire, it is not free and unlocked
⚠️Good and Evil require each other by paradox of energy exchange.

♾️ The Infinity symbolism demonstrates 2 circles with the ability for 'good and evil' to intersect, to fight at battle:
Emotional Projections VS Collective Conscious.

Collective conscious Truth:
Think of it like a dominant selection of people that demonstrate qualities of absolute truth. 

We can go meta on emotion, and we can easily understand Infinity's symbolism as the intensity of emotion to absolute awakening.
Infinity is a cycle in a cycle, let that sink in. 

? Emotional projections include all subsets of emotions that are not unconditional happiness or emotions in a state of flow'.

The collective conscious are parallel with emotional projections in the cycle, between the 2 there is one main difference:
✔️ Emotional Projections describes that from consciousness in favor of evil, it can be doing it unknowingly, or may be ignorant due to programming.
✔️ Collective Conscious Truth describes the qualities of power from consciousness in favor of absolute truth, and emotional projections will unknowingly provide some support here.  
✔️ Both groups have not reached a mutual understanding yet, or the collective conscious will have achieved Total Truth, or Absolute Truth.

We may have strong qualities in the collective conscious, and awareness is increasing, from the emotional projections dissipating to the power of truth

The collective conscious must outweigh the qualities of good and evil; and this means to deal with karma, especially to end all suffering, to reach:
:D Total Absolute Truth.

As we cycle around Infinity ♾️, we find the cycles make up a pattern and its main significance is given away by intensity at the middle of the cycle. 
The paradox to chasing desire is eventually you burn out. 

So why not Truth vs Karma, isn't that what this is about? No. You need to start looking at infinity like a map, and your position is depicted by time.

The symbolism is a projection, so how can it symbolize truth?
We have to look beyond the paradox. ?

? A self-similar pattern creates a masquerade of emotions over the top of an illusion.

Allowing the universe to 'be' is truth, it allows you to become at flow, and resonate with the self, a paradox to the ego mind.

Delusion is in the middle of the intense emotional presence in: ♾️.

According to symbolism of infinity: You shall either chase good again; or evil, depending on the time when you meet the intersection on each dimensional plane.

Accepting reality for 'what it is' may prevent greater resonation of other simultaneous times.
In other words, you may only resonate with the notion of Good and Evil' ♾️.

Each symbol signifies potential indicators for the intensity of emotion during a time. I will explain this in a future post to the identification of synchronicity in times/emotion.

? Scientists can resonate with: A Narcissist ✝️

For Religious people this will resonate with the paradoxical nature Satan: "The apostle Paul warned us that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light."

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3 is the most powerful number, 2 and 6 are of evil.

Blue is the Divine color. Black is of evil.

And so I have learned in synchronization for over a year now.

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10 hours ago, Rahra said:

3 is the most powerful number, 2 and 6 are of evil.

Blue is the Divine color. Black is of evil.

And so I have learned in synchronization for over a year now.

I appreciate your knowledge, it may prove my own advancement.

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@Leo Gura Can you please demonstrate your thoughts. I'd love to hear a conscious understanding from another enlightened self. 

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