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Ross Labby

Is this Zone of Genius specific enough or is it vague?

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Hi so I've been redoing the Life Purpose Course for a while now and I've just done the zone of genius exercise about twice now this time around and it has been difficult for me as it's hard to choose the most accurate answer as my interest is split down mostly between music and film.

And the zone of genius (my unique ability) that I came up with is along the lines of "expressing deep emotions and thought-provoking ideas". Now the thing is that it does feel authentic but I'm not sure if it's vague and not specific enough. Like I could include other specifics in it such as writing stories, making films, composing music, or performing music, but the thing is that I feel as though I'm not ready to incorporate or pick one of these specific examples as I am currently trying some of them out to decide which is best for me. I'm even planning to pick one of these to try out for one full year and then try the other out for a year and then decide after which feels best. So in this case I would try out music and film for a year each.

So while I feel that the zone of genius I came up with is fine, does anyone think that it is vague and should be more specific or is it good the way it is? Also is it possible if I could make my zone of genius more specific over time once I get more clarity after trying some of these pursuits out or should I get it right away? I'm just wondering because I want to get this right and don't want anything less.

Thank you.

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