Overcoming Self-Defeating Habits: Finding the Source and Moving Forward

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Last week, I reflected on some personal flaws that I have identified in myself. Here's what I've noticed:

  1. I tend to give up too easily, don't put in enough effort, and have a negative outlook.
  2. I don't stick with projects long enough to see them through to completion.
  3. I often take shortcuts to avoid hard work, like cheating on exams instead of studying.
  4. I rely too much on others to do things for me.
  5. I ask God to make my life easier instead of tackling challenges head-on.
  6. I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone and make mistakes

As a result, my self-esteem is pretty low

I want to get to the root of these issues. What is causing these patterns of behavior? Could it be something I learned in childhood? Maybe I'm just being lazy? Perhaps I need to find a greater sense of purpose in life. Or could it be related to a medical condition, like ADHD?

I'm hoping to identify the core problem so that I can work on a solution and improve my self-esteem. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

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I think you might want to add something pattionate to your life. This may or may not take time. Try to start a hobby. This is a good way. Playing guitar was a good way for me to have a secondary purpose throughout my first year in college. I sat in the studio for hours working. First started with other people's songs as every other beginner, but then worked my way up to an authentic improviser.

With/out that hobby you can add a self help book. is a good collection of books. I trust there. If you have time do both of these, but if you are not decent enough at your lessons, you might want to go for only one, since what you already have(and have to have:)) in life is more fundamental and prior.

These are the two main advices I can give that are self tested. However I can add a bit more than that:

1. Positive Self talk is something I see very often but have not tried that much and can be benefitial for everyone.

2. Listen to podcasts. Reccomends: Huberman Lab, The one you feed(spotifty) etc...


One can list many here but these are what came up to my mind for you. Have a good day my friend

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