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  1. Last week, I reflected on some personal flaws that I have identified in myself. Here's what I've noticed: I tend to give up too easily, don't put in enough effort, and have a negative outlook. I don't stick with projects long enough to see them through to completion. I often take shortcuts to avoid hard work, like cheating on exams instead of studying. I rely too much on others to do things for me. I ask God to make my life easier instead of tackling challenges head-on. I'm afraid to leave my comfort zone and make mistakes As a result, my self-esteem is pretty low I want to get to the root of these issues. What is causing these patterns of behavior? Could it be something I learned in childhood? Maybe I'm just being lazy? Perhaps I need to find a greater sense of purpose in life. Or could it be related to a medical condition, like ADHD? I'm hoping to identify the core problem so that I can work on a solution and improve my self-esteem. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.