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I need patience. I need to stop rushing things. Patience is key.

Shortcuts make long delays

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For example right now. Just focus on working out regularly, eating according to the diet plan and limiting crap like reddit, and porn.

Don't worry about programming, don't worry about social skills, don't worry about language, don't worry about toastmasters, don't worry about dating, don't worry about starting a blog or a social media account, don't worry about doing parkour, don't worry about travelling.


Vik, you are always afraid that you are too late, that you need to urgently make up for the wasted time, but it only causes you to waste more time, can't you see that?!

You are still relatively young, you still have time, you can afford do things step by step and gradually transform your life into something amazing. You are not missing out, you have plenty of time, everything is fine!

Add one building block at a time and you will actually progress faster than ever!


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