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Life purpose questions

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Hey @Leo Gura, I have a few questions for you on Life purpose I've been wondering. I base these questions on what I've spoken about with other people who understand the general idea of a Life purpose but may or may not have a detailed understanding of what you describe as a Life purpose. Given that people's values, goals (ideally directed by values) and interests can change over time, is it also possible for a person's life purpose to change or have many Life purposes? If this is the case, I assume your or another person's Life purpose could change to something completely or slightly different from what it is now and/or you would create another one. Or is it just that people don't know themselves well enough throughout some part(s) of their life, so they change, modify and/or create a couple or more Life purpose(s) to eventually create a/a couple of Life purpose(s) that align(s) with their most developed self or at least a self with a decent level of development? I feel like because life is so dynamic, it's hard to pinpoint one life purpose that you will stick with for your entire life, and thus, it/they may change or be modified.

Thank you.


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