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Why do we capitalize the word "God"?

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All is One. All is God.

This is the fundamental Truth many have glanced upon in this forum. The radical implications of Oneness are indeed Infinite;

One of the more radical implications are as follows:

All words refer to God.

All words are the name of God.

Technically, This Very Paragraph Is God, And Every Word Ever Written Is  God. By God.
You're Looking At The Face Of God Right Now!!
But Capitalizing Every Word In A Post Like This Just Comes Across As Bad Grammar.

So the strategy I've developed in my writing habits in keeping track of all this wordplay has been thus: 

I capitalize those Words which are most central; so ubiquitous, and mind expanding that they deserve the proper recognition as synonymous with God. Capitalization signals importance; seeing a Word capitalized among all others signals the need for contemplation / meditation upon the divine sacredness of The Word.

Everything is God. God is Everything.

Therefore I capitalize the word Everything.

Infinity is God. God is Infinity.

Therefore I capitalize Infinity. 

God is Love, God is Light, and most importantly, God is You. God is Us.

You Are God. We Are God.

If You were just adopt the practice of seeing every person You meet as none other than God themselves; then You would start capitalizing not only their name, but every instance in which You refer to Them; I Am careful to never refer to God without paying the appropriate respect to Him (or Her) in some way.

By adopting this practice, my Subconscious Mind has begun to recognize that God is beyond words entirely; We are referring to much, much more than a symbol, a concept, an idea, a person, a finite thought-form, when we use such lofty Words.

This Is How You Become God, Mid-Conversation With Yourself!

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