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LSD trip report, i dreamed up my reality. Access to akashic

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So this is my third trip with a friend, summary of the most amazing things during the trip.

- I made a specific playlist for the trip for me and my friend. (one of the sounds in the playlist is ohm sound)

- I let everything go, and i imagined that i was selfless and that i was being in some kind of an arena as GOD where i could tap into any information i wanted.

- Started feeling intense love, wasnt my ego body anymore. Felt heat on my head like i was tapping into source.

- Was selfless in some kind of an arena, and i could tap to any information that i wanted and it would get channeled from source.

- Realized that even the channeled information is just an illusion on top of illusion even if it had truth in it.

- When the songs switched to meditative "oooohmmmmm" sound, i saw a flash how i dreamed up everything until this point and that there was no time just illusion of dreaming. There was no difference between my sleeping dream and my waking dream, everything was connected in the presence only , no time. Everything that i did during sleeping dreaming was also connected to this waking dream. 

- While i was seeing this how god just dreamed up me and my reality in 1 flash, god gripped me with love and powerful energy. God made me yell "this is my awakening" like 10 times. Then he let my body off the grip and i started crying, i thought i died because even the room i was in looked like heaven after death.

- My friend sitting next to me was inverted in his mind, and was seeing me in his mind as  "it's finally my turn to wake up" , "it's finally my turn to wake up" ,"it's finally my turn to wake up" .

-Next day : I drive my car, and i see some kid holding snowball. I imagined that he would throw the snowball at my car, and after 20 sec he did. Realized that i don't predict things since there is no time, i'm just imagining my reality.


edit: Also the playlist , the songs, the sudden awakening during the ohm sound. I realized that i created this awakening for myself and nobody else

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