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Rafael Thundercat

Resources to be better with language

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I use to be more nerdy long ago and I remember studying a lot about origing of language, semantics, information architecture and overall uses of language.

Last years coming in terms with my own use of language and my thought process I gave myself space to play with language more and not take it so serious. But still as I see all around, language can be a source of confort,inspiration or sometimes the oposite, can cause distress and even depending of the situation and people involved lead to tragedy. 

So, apart from reading a lot and self-reflection. What sources there are available to use language better and with precision, and less confusion. My aim with this post is  not to rely on the members here to serve me with answers but with links to valuable resources. And I will edit this adding what I find too. 

The first is the link of this audiobook I found on YouTube. The Boof The Tyrany of Words. 

I am ready listening the part 1. In velocity x1.75 

Yes language is tricky but can be very interessanting to explore the structure of it. The way one explore how to use tools. Language can be a tool, what you create or destroy with it is up to you.

What a great list of minds to learn from

If you know some great notable name in the field of General Semantics let me know. This field is amazing. 

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