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Setting an intention for 2023

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I know we’re already halfway through January, but I still think it’s worth it

one thing I have done in the past few years is to always set an intention for the year. I got that from Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. It becomes sort of like my compass. 

It is not a goal per se. It can be an affirmation, or even just a single word. 

Some ideas:

- Be kinder to myself 

- Self-negotiate 

- Bond with others 

- Contemplate the meaning of my life

- Emotional intelligence 

- Think less, act more

- Expose myself to new experiences 

- Focus on yourself, and the rest will follow

- Decide quicker

- allow myself to do things imperfectly 

After I choose one I set a timer for 5 minutes and I repeat the intention over and over mindfully. It’s been giving me very good results. It’s almost magical tbh. 

Btw, It’s important to not overanalyze your choice, nor keep changing it all the time


anyway, here’s mine and an explanation:

 2023: worry as least as possible

im a chronic over-worrier lol. Anything that’s out of the ordinary, I start panicking and coming up with all sorts of worst case scenarios.

It’s an inability to allow things to figure out by themselves. It can be related to the collective (e.g., politics, climate change, etc) or individual (e.g., I’ll never get a good job, sooner or later I’ll go downhill, etc) 

I think this stems from my parents divorce in which my world fell apart. Suddenly I had no stability. So I came up with a bunch of low-quality defense mechanisms to deal with the chaos

anyway, this year I want to focus specifically on that, so that when I start worrying too much about something, I go, “oh yea, this year I will experiment with worrying less, so let me give this a try” 

at the end of the year, I’ll remind everybody that replied to this (if any lol) to share their results

doing it on your own also works, but it’s more fun to share it

one day this will all be memories

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