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My First Video! Enjoy

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Let me know what you think!  

There's still some editing parts that I think I'd like to tidy up, like parts I think could be shortened, cut with more seamlessness and harmony with the music, etc... but the general sense is what I was looking for. 

A comedy



What did you like/not like?


I'm trying to start just creating more stuff.  Period.  And "shipping" as Seth Godin talks about.  

I've also been so heavily convinced that my life purpose revolves around psychology and spirituality, that I've not tried or considered other routes much.  So making videos is definitely an experiment in new forms of art.  And it FEELS GREAT! lol.  I love doing this kind of shit.  Just like messing around, playing etc.

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"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down"   --   Marry Poppins

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