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One of the best speculative evolutionary biology docuseries: The Future is Wild.

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This docuseries is, imo, brilliant as a layman's introduction to the field, reach and possiblities of speculative evolutionary biology lense of viewing the sheer branching levels of possiblities of evolutionary adaptions due to shifts and changes happening in the planetary climate overall and geology to the biosphere and ecosystem on Earth, of course, taking for granted that these climate predictions will in fact come to the fruition in couple hundred, thousands and million years time following their current speculated and prognosized trends and removing the possiblities of seveerity of total human activity and pollution impact as exacerbating, accelerating or de-accelerating factor on them or it's lack thereof if we remove it in this hypothetical scenario in the doc almost fully from the equation (hypothesized human colonization or settlement on other planet or solar systems as far as I understood). 

I will post and share here all of the 13 episodes on YouTube in chronological speculated order of future time period and distance from the present second millennium AD date calender centering around the traditional renewed globally standardized and normativized human calculating date starting again from zero after the alleged date of birth of Christ: 

Split in the bulk of four episodes during 5 million, 100 million and 200 million hypothetical years in Planet Earth's future:


0: The Future is Wild Introduction 

5 million years into a hypothesized and speculated projected future world scenario:

1. Return of the Ice Age

2. The Mediterreanean Salt Flats or Vanished Sea

3. The Amazonian Prairies

4. Cold Kansas Desert

100 milion years into a speculated and hypothesized projected future world scenario:

5. Waterland

6. Flooded World 

7. Tropical Antartica

8. The Great Plateu

200 million years into a speculated and hypothesized projected future world scenario:

9. The Endless Desert

10. The Global Ocean

11. Graveyard Desert

12. The Tentacled Forest:


BTW also let me know, whoever got interested in this and has the time to reply and engage in casual discussion regarding this docs topic, if this doc is a good layman's start for someone to bust open a bit through mental exercise in imagination and curiosity in further researching deeper into this subject the ingrained, baked and programmed notions and paradigms of anthropocentrism and anthropoegoism assumptions and expectations from the world from one's mind cultivated, nurtured and reproduced by society and it's cultural and economic systems just for a tiny weeny bit when watching it ??



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