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How To Do High Quality Critiques

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Many people love to complain, but the irony is often they cannot properly verbalize their complaints in a coherent manner. A simple question of why do they feel a certain way and how can their be improvements draws a blank. If a person plays some music and I don't like it, and they ask for feedback and I cannot verbalize my issue then my complaint is a waste of both their time and my own. 

Anytime you want to voice a concern it is recommended to figure out first what is your issue at hand? Next question is why do you think you have this issue? Is this issue just a personal preference or do you see evidence for this issue also being widespread? What are some steps you believe could improve or rectify the issue? What I have noticed since the advent and complete integration of social media we have actually taken a step back when it comes to online communication. In favor of short witty responses without depth, and searching to get attention through creating drama we have lost intelligent discourse.

Learning about what you don't like and why you don't like it is an important skill, being able to communicate it is also an important skill. There is a saying the "squeaky oil gets the grease." If you cannot figure out how to properly communicate a critique it will just be taken often as trolling even if there was honest goodwill backing it. It is the communicator's job to get their message across to the best of their ability, the recipient's only job is to make an adequate attempt at trying to decipher/understand what is being communicated.

Best of luck in all your endeavors.

The same strength, the same level of desire it takes to change your life, is the same strength, the same level of desire it takes to end your life. Notice you are headed towards one or the other. - Razard86

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