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Florida governor Ron DeSantis being criminally investigated for human trafficking

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Besides showing what a despicable human being Ron DeSantis is, this is also a good case study for how the SD-Red/Blue doesn't understand SD-Green.

Tldw; DeSantis misleads and then strands migrants seeking asylum as part of a political stunt for his racist Voters, and is now being investigated for human trafficking.

The hope was that the progressive community at Martha's Vineyard would show themselves to be hypocrites by reacting in the same way that Republicans would when someone needs help; slamming the door in these people's face.

Apparently it didn't cross DeSantis's selfish mind that the folks over at Martha's Vineyard would go actually out of their way to help these people.

On a related note, I could also mention the disturbing parallels in the contemporary far Right to attitudes common in early 1930s, when Hitler announced to the world that Germany would happily oblige other European countries that wanted to import Germany's "criminals" (ie its Jews). Which was intended to imply of course that it was hypocritical to criticize Germany's cruelty, because of the supposition that everyone else shared the Nazi's contempt for the people it was being cruel to 


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