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2.4 years of skill development. (Leo was right!)

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On 6/29/2022 at 9:52 PM, MaxV said:

Thats awesome man. 

Keep it up! 

I've been producing music for about 10+ years now. And only now do i start to scratch the quality i wanted to reach.
Back then i wouldn't even believe it was possible to reach it in the first place. 

Both Mastery and The War of Art are great books! 

What i did learn however is that every day or every phase will give a new set of challenges. 

I  finally am able to produce something to be proud of. But the world and the style i used to produce vastly changed and i personally struggle if want to continue producing. I love music and i love playing and fooling around with it. But the whole Social media spiel that occured through the years and the rise of Tiktok and the short attention span music really made it difficult for me to progress lately. 

I even had some weird insights about myself not that long ago. We live in a fantastic time to learn pretty much everything. When i started to produce, you where pretty much on your own apart from a couple of amateur tutorials of people who actually didn't knew what they where doing. 

Nowadays there are SO MANY great masterclasses to learn from. This is a good thing! But i noticed myself getting a bit bitter 'because no-one struggled to get better like i did back in the day'. I even noticed myself thinking that i'm actually not good at producing at all because it took me 10 years to get where i am while others get there in a year or 2/3. 

This is all bogus of course. Sometimes its a frustrating grind. Especially the mixdown phase. But nothing beats the moment you can listen to a finished song. And it will be there with you for the years to come (And those oldies will mean more to you the more years pass!)

That is interesting to think of, the sheer shout of resources available in skill building nowadays! 

thanks for sharing your perspective :) 

Music is Love in disguise.

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