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Check your sources

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Just a reminder to people to check their information sources and make sure to get political opinions from qualified sources and not from YouTubers. Don’t get manipulated by good oratory skills, straw-man arguments, circular arguments, spiritual devilry, and high grade gaslighting tactics. They are very difficult to spot and argue with, very subtle and innocent looking, that’s why they are the most dangerous ones - “NEVER ARGUE WITH TOXIC PEOPLE. THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE”

”If you ever meet the Budha on the road, kill him”

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What kind of propaganda is this? "Qualified" sources only when it pleases a certain individual

Truth is

Putin has lost it there's no excuse for killing innocent people

But also he was right about the power in the world, everyone I know in eu was spitting on Russia and praising USA, But what about Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya

NATO knew if they kill Gaddafi a lot of refugees will invade EU, but USA said who cares

From 89-00 USA was doing everything to separate Russian allies like Yugoslavia which is evident, and im grateful for that but it doesn't change the fact it was all political

From the EU and USA standpoint we were supposed to hate Russia instead of trying to help each other to build a better word however we can, but when certain people want power there's always a potential for war

It's all self evident patronizing people won't change that

Do I praise Russia no do I like what's happening no, but there's always the other side of the coin in any political game, but it's not the time for that since Ukraine has been dragged into it

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