Reconcilling Success, Visibility, and Psychedelics

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I may have the possibility in the future to be part of a business adventure that will have a large positive social impact + generate a lot of money + brings me some visibility. However, I see that too much visibility might be limiting for me in the future if I want to try psychedelics, especially in the country where I live where psychedelics are heavily discriminated.

I'm curious for the people who have been there: How did you reconcile business success, visibility, and psychedelics? Did your visibility cause issues if you had a lot of it?

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I think if you want anything related to psychedelics then you should consider moving to a more liberal country in Europe. 

If psychedelics are banned in your country you might get into major trouble. 

INFJ-T,ptsd,BPD, autism, anger issues

Cleared out ignore list today. 


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