Your most valued advice for University starters and advice on my position please ?

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I have been in education (started with zero qualifications) for almost 3 years already, working my way up to university. As proud and elated as I am for getting this far, I am feeling somewhat fatigued of academic work. It's been non stop graft for 3 years already. Managed to secure myself a place at University studying psychology. However, the course I did last year (fast track to university course) was so demanding, pressure some and fast paced (I was also doing therapy alongside this which wouldn't of helped with the regular stresses of the course) it's knackered me for what I am about to endure. I feel so tired from it. And scared, scared to have no life like I did with the last course. It drained me and zapped me of any free time whatsoever. 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Could you provide me with some motivation? 

Some of your key ?️ advice for University starters? Trying to motivate myself. 

Muito apreciado

Merci bien

Sehr geschätzt

Очень ценится

बहुत सराहना की



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Study hard, read the suggested studies to score well in exams! 

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