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Kundalini Cataclysm

On the issue of suicidal ideation

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What's up people, I thought I'd share something that may provide a tiny bit of relief to others aswell as it has for me. I've come in contact with a spiritual teacher (Artem Boytsov and his works on who really acknowledges the issue of (sometimes obsessive) suicidal ideation on the spiritual path. He went through it himself and states that it's not uncommon, since the crazy ego mind deep down just wants to die. I'll link some of his stances on this here directly:

I also got to talk to him live in a yt broadcast about this and some issues, I'm on for the first 20 minutes or so:

So, the bottom line I want to bring across is: If you happen to be dealing with suicidal ideation on the spiritual path, know you haven't necessarily "fucked up" or are necessarily heading in a totally wrong direction. It's all going on in the mind, the body has nothing to do with it. If you don't do anything about these thoughts, you'll be fine, sooner or alter.

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