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I'll start outlining the small bets I've taken. First, I started/expanded my backyard garden. It was small but fed me most of my vegetables. Next, last September, I went WWOOFing (volunteering & living on organic farm) for a month. Finally, this summer I am running a market garden (Eternal Harvest Gardens, eternal.harvest on instagram)  on borrowed land. I'm doing CSA style weekly delivery boxes. 

The first time I took the course, I learned a lot about how to have a life purpose, and myself, but I was torn between environmental and healthy food production and psychology (Psychedelics, Jung, Positive Psychology, etc.) I applied to college as a psychology major. I took the course again around 7 months ago, and it became apparent to me that my small bets related to farming were indicative of what I want to do. I've switched my major to environmental studies. I am driven enough and clear enough that normally I wouldn't go to college and would just pursue my life purpose, but I am getting a full scholarship + being paid extra, and I might need to work a job in the winter for a few years to get things started. 

The Life purpose course is extremely high quality and I would have never gotten where i am today without it. I learned so much from it, but it was the actual work that got me here. The exercises were a great start and set up a psychological foundation, which has led me to take lots of action.

At first I was very unclear what I wanted to do. It is not like this simply helped me have a positive mindset. At first I was lost and the two ideas of being a psychologist or farmer came from nowhere but my contemplations and looking at what I enjoyed. The course took me from very confused and yearning for a life purpose to very clear. Now I simply must continue actualizing this.

Some great books I would recommend for anyone interested in this career path are The Market Gardener by J.M. Fortier and The New Organic Grower by Eliott Coleman. They will help you get started on the path to mastery. 

I'm still not sure of the exact details of what I want to do, but that's okay for now. I will continue to work on market gardening and perhaps move into buying 4-10 acres, and also building a permaculture food forest for selling food. I would also like to integrate pasture raised poultry into market garden plots (builds natural fertility, great synergy).


Thanks so much Leo for an amazing course!

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