How can I go meta when the argument is about western medicine vs natural health?

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I find myself in arguments with family when I try to explain how psychiatry - because of my personal process of reducing the drug - and other domains in western health treats our health in a simplified way I cannot agree with.

Also I tried to say how our body is smart and can do amazing things to repair itself, under a correct lifestyle, and sometimes I feel that maybe they don't understand it. Maybe they do, but they didn't respond to that and for sure weren't merely as passionate as I am when I said that.

Responses I get:

1. "The brain doesn't strive to maintain homeostasis. You give it too much credit" (in refering to the tolerance i said the brain developed to drugs).

2. "We can't rely on nature. In nature people lived only until age of 40yo".

3. "You dont believe in science and you are arrogant."

4. "You think you know the best. Better than psychiatrists and better than people who that is their proffession."

Also an elephant can be triggered by these responses.

My questions are:

1. What (the hell is) the emotion they feel inside, which makes them defend the western attitude all the time?

What they feel inside that makes them not want to rely mainly on nature/on themselves but rather put their trust mainly on doctors? I really want to understand the emotion of the other side better.

2. How can I go meta in those arguments and let go of my attachment to the "natural self care" agenda, and make the conversation more constractive to both sides?

I feel emotionally very attached to my view that it feels to me very difficult to really go meta here.

Just to say that I know that western attitude can save lives in acute cases and it has its valid in this kind of things. Also I know that the body can't correct itself in every case.

I still think my view is much better and more true than their, but i want to bridge between me and them and make them understand me better, and to understand them more.

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💊OFF Antidepressants 2020-2023. It takes years because of complicated compensatory changes your body and brain do. 🚫Don't believe doctors say to you its your "disease" back. Just taper slowely enough! 🥝Your body & brain are way more complicated than how western medicine grasps them. Respect them.

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